Best Floor Standing Speakers Under 300 – Top 13 Reviews, Tips, FAQs & More

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You will agree with us when we say that finding and choosing a floor standing speaker can be a hectic and time consuming task.

To find a speaker that matches your home theater is quite difficult.

To save your time, we have gathered and reviewed a list of standing speakers.

In the following article, you can find our top 13 picks on floor standing speakers along with some key features to look for and a couple of frequently asked questions.

Top Pick

Polk Signature S50

Equipped with all the right materials and items needed for optimal performance. This speaker is extremely consistent when it comes to sound output.

Runner Up

Klipsch RP-4000F

Designed to be elegant yet a high performing audio speaker. It will amaze you with its range of sound and music effects.

Also Great

KLH Quincy

A warm and sober design to elevate with your room with great sound and aesthetics. It has no problem producing a variety of sound effects.

Best Floor Standing Speakers Under $300 - Top 13 Reviews

#1. Best Overall Floor Standing Speakers Under 300 - Polk Signature S50 Review

This modern design pair of tower speakers from Polk Audio is outstanding in its sound quality. It is outfitted with high quality speakers for enhancing your listening experience.

The surround sound speakers installed in it make sure that your sound effects are genuine and realistic sounding. It also provides deeper bass for your music to make it sound rather organic.

The curved edges on it provide the aesthetic to match your home theater system. The elegant design makes this tower speaker an eye catcher.

The bottom of these speakers is designed to channel airflow for the bass. It has an opening so that the air flows out which reduces excessive thumping and bass distortion.

Features of Signature S50:

  • Modern design
  • Durable build quality
  • Built in dome tweeter
  • 2 way speakers
  • Subwoofer compatibility

Best Overall Floor Standing Speaker

The Best Overall Floor Standing Speaker is the Polk Audio Signature S50 because it is designed with a modern shape and equipped with highly durable 2 way speakers. It is great at producing sound effects for your home theater system and just music in general.

#2. Best Design Floor Standing Speakers Under 300 - Klipsch RP-4000F Review

This elegantly designed pair of floor standing speakers is made to enhance the look of your home theater system. The sleek straight design matches the aesthetics of your TV system.

It is equipped with high quality speakers with durable build quality materials such as Titanium. This makes sure that your speakers last quite some time while performing at an optimum level.

The bass emitting cavity is located on the backside. It ensures that your music and sound effects are deeper sounding and don’t seem forced on your ears.

The exceptional power handling on these standing speakers allow it to perform well on different power inputs. It can produce high quality sound on low and high power alike.

Features of RP-4000F:

  • Hybrid Titanium tweeter
  • Sleek design
  • Rear bass opening
  • Flexible and detachable magnetic grill
  • Dual posts for bi wiring

Best Design Floor Standing Speaker

The Best Design Floor Standing Speaker is the Klipsch RP-4000F Speaker. It is designed to be eye pleasing while matching and complementing the overall look of your home theater system. It has great sound quality and consistent sound output.

#3. Best 3 Way Floor Standing Speakers Under 300 - KLH Quincy Review

These floor speakers are outfitted with a pair of 3 way speakers. The 3 way speakers ensure that you are getting and listening to all the sound effects you see on your TV screen.

The warm and sober color scheme makes the tower speakers blend in with your home theater system easily. It also provides a variety in contrast rather than just adding to the dark dull color.

The bottom stand of this tower speaker has circular shape for increased stability. The vertical design makes these speakers easy to fall but this speaker handles that quite well.

The superior build quality materials used ensures the longevity of these speakers. The speakers remain consistent in performance even after regular use.

Features of Quincy:

  • Eye pleasing color scheme
  • Great sound quality
  • 3 way dual speakers
  • Exceptional build quality
  • Great power handling

Best 3 Way Floor Standing Speaker

The Best 3 Way Floor Standing Speaker is KLH Quincy. It is equipped with an outstanding pair of kevlar bass driver and aluminium tweeter to provide you with the best sound effects. It generates every sound effect with precision and clarity for your listening experience.

#4. Best Performance Floor Standing Speakers Under 300 - Elac Debut 2.0 F5.2 Review

This pair of tower speakers is equipped with all the best speaker materials. It can easily handle elongated and regular use with ease. The speakers are highly resistant to wear and tear.

The great frequency response on these speakers is phenomenal. It can easily produce clear and organic sounding effects on high and low power input.

The consistency of sound quality remains the same on high and low volume. The fiber bass driver and soft-dome tweeter makes sure that the quality is the same on all volume levels.

To further increase the performance, it has internal bracing. This makes sure that there is no excessive thumping, vibrations or even echoing of sound.

Features of Debut 2.0 F5.2:

  • Modern sharp design
  • High quality speakers
  • Amplifier compatibility
  • Exceptional power handling
  • Multi channel setup

Best Performance Floor Standing Speaker

The Best Performance Floor Standing Speaker is the Elac Debut 2.0 F5.2 because it is equipped with the best speakers available on market. They are longer lasting and durable. They can easily produce a wide variety of sound effects for your home theater.

#5. Best Budget Floor Standing Speakers Under 300 - Polk Audio T50 Review

This speaker is designed for people that want a consistent performing speaker on a fair price. It has all the basic features of a good floor standing speaker.

It is equipped with two bass radiators that help your main speakers and produce organic sound effects. It also allows this tower speaker to produce even sounding effects.

It has the compatibility to be connected with other Polk Audio products to create your own home theater. It can be connected with bookshelf speakers and center channel speakers.

It can easily fill in a small to medium sized room without the help of an amplifier. The high quality speakers make sure that the sound is evenly distributed around the room instead of just one direction.

Features of T50:

  • Affordable price range
  • High quality speakers
  • Good sound quality
  • Durable outer casing
  • Multiple connectivity options

Best Budget Floor Standing Speaker

The Best Budget Floor Standing Speaker is the Polk Audio T50. It is equipped with high end speakers from Polk audio to make sure you get organic sounding low to mid range output. It also has compatibility with other speaker types from Polk Audio.

#6. Best Bass Floor Standing Speakers Under 300 - Yamaha NS-F210BL Review

This particular set of home theater speakers is equipped with the exceptional sound balance speakers. It can produce quick and precise bass effects with ease.

The slim and sleek design is made to match your TV and home theater system. It is designed to fit right in your setup without taking much attention away from your screen.

The dynamic balance dome tweeter ensures that the sound effects are crystal clear and are distortion free. This allows you to hear every single bit of low to mid range effects easily.

The consistent quality sound output makes this speaker a good fit for a home theater. The high end aluminum cones outfitted in it increase the durability of the speakers

Features of NS-F210BL:

  • Balanced sound output
  • Great bass reflex
  • Slim modern design
  • Easy portability
  • Steel base anchor stand

Best Bass Floor Standing Speaker

The Best Bass Floor Standing Speaker is the Yamaha NS-F210BL. It has all the right equipment installed in it to produce deep and even sounding bass effects. It can easily produce balanced sound effects for your home theater of general music audio listening experience.

#7. Best Multiple Speaker Floor Standing Speakers Under 300 - Sony SSCS4 Review

This floor standing speaker is equipped with more than two speakers to elevate your home theater experience. The multiple speakers are made from high quality materials.

The optimized internal components in this floor speaker allows no obstruction in the sound’s path. It allows it to directly send the sound output to the listener’s ears.

The reinforced woofer installed in this speaker provides a lot of resistance against unwanted vibration. This makes the sound quality crystal clear.

The hi fi system outfitted in the speakers produce organic sounding music effects. The speakers from Sony can produce movie and music effects with pinpoint precision.

Features of SSCS4:

  • Mica Reinforced Polypropylene cone tweeter
  • 3 way quad speakers
  • Surround sound
  • Great power handling
  • Cut edge design

Best Multi Speaker Floor Standing Speaker

The Best Multi Speaker Floor Speaker is the Sony SSCS4 because it has 4 speakers to output a wide range of sound effects without any drop in performance, quality or volume. It has surround sound in it to give you a rather immersive and deep listening experience.

#8. Best Cabinet Design Floor Standing Speakers Under 300 - Pioneer SP-FS52 Review

This tower speaker is a special Andrew Jones designed product outfitted with the best Pioneer hardware. It is a mix of two household names when it comes to the speaker world.

The curved edged design is based on the cabinet construction in order to reduce the internal vibration of speakers. This results in a solid and immersive sounding output.

The soft dome tweeter installed in it gives the bass effects deepness and organic touch. The blend between bass and treble is exceptional due to the high quality tweeter.

The modern design of these speakers greatly enhances the overall look of your room. Even on their own they look quite eye pleasing and futuristic.

Features of SP-FS52:

  • Modern curved casing
  • High quality speakers
  • Durable material build
  • Exceptional power handling
  • Consistent performance

Best Cabinet Design Floor Standing Speaker

The Best Cabinet Design Floor Standing Speaker is the Pioneer SP-FS52. Powered by Pioneer and an Andrew Jones designed outer casing provides the best of both worlds. A high quality pair of speakers with a fine finished outer shell makes this a complete package.

#9. Best Dual Speaker Floor Standing Speakers Under 300 - Dayton Audio T652 Review

This tower speaker from Dayton Audio is made to provide the best quality sound output using only two speakers. Two six inch speakers to give the optimal sound performance.

The big speakers installed in it produce deeper sound bass. It also enables your home theater system to elevate your listening experience as a whole.

The slim design is space efficient. Despite the big speakers installed in it, it is quite smaller in size compared to other tower speakers of its caliber.

It also has the compatibility to be connected to other Dayton Audio products. This is to increase the versatility and utility of these speakers.

Features of T652:

  • Heavy duty dual speakers
  • Great power handling
  • Multiple speaker connectivity
  • Small height and compact design
  • Polycarbonate tweeter

Best Dual Speaker Floor Standing Speaker

The Best Dual Speaker Floor Standing Speaker is the Dayton Audio T652. It has two large speakers installed in it to give you all the sound effects needed while using minimum hardware. The speakers are highly durable and longer lasting even with regular use.

#10. Best Paired Floor Standing Speakers Under 300 - Dayton Audio MK442T Review

Some standing speakers work fine on their while some work in pairs. The audio quality and overall output of paired speakers is always better than the other.

This pair is installed with two 2 way speakers each. It gives optimal quality sound effects for your home theater system. It produces low to mid range effects with ease.

It can be paired with a Dayton center channel speaker to give you a complete 3D sound experience. Even without it, the surround sound of these speakers is exceptional.

The slim design makes it lightweight and space efficient. It can easily fit on either side of your theater system or your bookshelf tables.

Features of MK442T:

  • 2 way speakers
  • Transmission line enclosure
  • Good frequency response
  • Multiple pairing options
  • High quality casing finish

Best Paired Floor Standing Speaker

The Best Paired Floor Standing Speaker is the Dayton Audio MK442T. This pair works in superb fashion by producing surround sound effects for an enjoyable listening and watching experience. It can be easily installed and hooked up with your home theater for convenient viewing.

#12. Best Bluetooth Floor Standing Speakers Under 300 - Rockville One Tower Review

Designed to be more than just a home theater system, this speaker can be used for multiple purposes. It has multiple input options to suit your desired choice.

It has built in bluetooth with USB compatibility. It can be used separately from your TV. The bluetooth allows you to connect your bluetooth device and use it as a music audio system.

The big 10 inch subwoofer installed in it greatly increases the sound output and quality. It can easily produce high quality sound effects on low to high range frequencies.

The tri speaker setup is powered by a built in amplifier. The cabinet material used in it reduces the echoing and excessive internal vibrations on high volumes.

Features of Rockville One Tower:

  • Multiple options to connect
  • Convenient pairing and setup
  • High quality speakers
  • 4 inch silk dome tweeter
  • Built in equalizer option

Best Bluetooth Floor Standing Speaker

The Best Bluetooth Floor Standing Speaker is the Rockville One Tower Speaker. It has the bluetooth compatibility to be used for more than just a speaker for your home theater. It can be used as a bluetooth speaker by connecting your smartphone, laptop or any bluetooth device.

#13. Best Detachable Floor Standing Speakers Under 300 - LHIABNN Soundbar Review

This speaker is quite uniquely designed and versatile in its utility. The bottom stand of this speaker can be detached to use it as a wall mount speaker.

The bluetooth compatibility also allows you to use it as a separate audio music device. It can be mounted on a wall to give you the best sound projection and audio experience.

The multiple modes on this speaker makes it very convenient to use. It can be used with a wire or without one. It is totally based on your personal choice.

The LED light indicators installed inside the grill tells you which mode is activated with just a glance. This allows you to change and decide the playing mode with ease.

Features of Soundbar:

  • Detachable bottom stand
  • Built in wall mounts
  • Good frequency response
  • Multiple input options
  • Remote control compatibility

Best Detachable Floor Standing Speaker

The Best Detachable Floor Standing Speaker is the LHIABNN SoundBar. It can be used as a floor standing speaker or a wall mount speaker. The multiple input options allow you to connect multiple devices besides your TV. The surround sound system provides you with a variety of sound effects.

Buyer's Guide

There are a lot things to look out for when it comes to buying a high performing and longer lasting floor speaker. 

For someone who is experienced in this field, the number of options available can get a little overwhelming. 

To ease your process of finding and choosing the right floor standing speaker, following is a list of key features you should look out for:


When it comes to floor standing speakers, their design plays a huge part in how you perceive the sound. Since they are supposed to be used with your home theater, it is given that you want to hear every single thing that is going on your TV screen.

The design helps in the sound projection and some other little factors like vibration, echoing and distortion. This also plays a huge part how the sound travels around your room. A lot of speakers focus on this factor a lot.

It is recommended that you look for a speaker that has its bass opening and all the speakers facing front. This ensures that the sound is directly positioned towards you. This also avoids any loss of sound effects due to travel distance of the sound. 


One of the main factors that contributes directly to the overall performance of a floor standing speaker is the actual speaker hardware in it. It is responsible for the sound and effects you hear coming out of your speakers.

The material used and the overall hardware build is directly contributing to sound quality and its output performance. Some speakers have a balance dome tweeter installed while some have cone tweeters. This impacts the travelling of sound and its clarity.

It is good practice to buy a speaker with a silk dome tweeter or a soft material tweeter. These two types enable the speaker to produce organic and immersive sounding effects. This enhances and elevates your viewing and listening experience.


This one factor indirectly affects some other features of your speakers too. It is a natural thing that a high priced speaker will provide you with better materials and better speakers. It is true in most cases.

But more than often that high price is usually for the aesthetic features and the outlook of the speakers rather than the hardware inside it. Some brands charge extra price for the looks and shape of it. 

The design does impact your speaker’s output but not enough that you pay almost the double price.

It is recommended  to buy a speaker that is just not designed well but also has good hardware to back it up. A speaker in a fair price bracket will often provide you with the same features and quality of a stylish speaker.

Bottom Stand

This one is often overlooked when buying a floor standing speaker as most people don’t think it is important. A standing speaker’s stand plays an important role in its stability and overall sound performance.

The internal vibrations of a speaker often tend to escape through its casing and it causes minor distortion and echoing. A good bottom stand makes sure that the excessive vibration is dispersed into the ground and you get crystal clear sound quality.

It is recommended to buy a speaker that has a 4 legged bottom stand. That way your speaker will perform at its optimum rate without any disturbance. It will also keep your speakers from any internal damage due to vibrations.

best bookshelf speakers under $100

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are floor standing speakers used in pairs?

Most of the floor standing speakers are sold and shipped as a one single unit. There is no compulsion for you to use them in pairs of two or more. 

They are only used in pairs to enhance the sound projection and output as a whole. A single speaker cannot cover the entirety of your room with its sound that is why they are used in pairs.

Are floor standing speakers easy to install?

For a first time use, the installation might prove to be a little difficult. It has specific ports for specific wires that connect the speakers and your TV. It is recommended to get a professional do that for you. But it is good practice to learn it also for future use. 

Can floor standing speakers be used with batteries?

A floor standing speaker requires more power than a conventional counterpart. The power source has to be stable and consistent. 

A battery with big enough output can power a standing speaker but it is not recommended. Always use an AC input for your speakers to avoid any damage or short circuiting.

Is my floor standing speaker Bluetooth enabled?

Not all standing speakers are Bluetooth enabled. If one has it, it will clearly be mentioned on its user manual or on the speaker. Most of them don’t have this feature because they are supposed to be used with your TV or home theater system.

Is an amplifier necessary for my floor standing speaker?

An amplifier is recommended to greatly enhance the output of your speakers. It boosts the sound output and the quality of effects produced by your speaker. It also helps in producing distortion less music if you wish to use it for that purpose. 

Some speakers also allow the option of bi amping. Although, bi amping isn’t necessary in most situations.

What type of wire should I choose to wire my speakers?

The wires included with the speakers are usually enough for heavy use. 

But if you choose to select a third party wiring, it is recommended to get a PVC coated high quality copper wire. As the wiring affects the signal strength and sound quality of your speaker’s output.

How many floor standing speakers are enough for my home theater system?

The number of speakers required for your home theater system is totally based upon the size of your room where your theater system is. 

If the room is small, a pair of speakers can easily handle it. But a big living room might need two pairs or even three. Multiple speakers can be placed in different places around the room to get an immersive sound experience.

Should I put my speakers on stands?

Putting your speakers on a stand is often a good thing because it increases the overall sound quality and performance of your speaker. 

It reduces the internal vibration and distortion of sound. It also protects your speaker from falling over and any damage to its bottom surface.

What size is the best for floor standing speakers?

Choosing the size for your floor standing speakers completely depends on your personal preference. But it is recommended that you get speakers tall enough to match your ear levels when you are sitting on your couch or sofa. 

This way you will get all the projected sound without echoing.

Is a two speaker better or a three way speaker?

The difference between two and three way speakers is that a two way speaker has a woofer and tweeter built into its speaker. But a three way has a separate speaker, woofer and a tweeter. 

A two speaker is preferred for watching movies, shows, documentaries and such. A three way speaker is used for music purposes.

Final Verict

Purchasing a one good pair of floor standing speakers can give you a lot of long term benefits in terms of viewing and listening experience.

After testing and reviewing multiple products available on the market, we have concluded that the Polk Signature S50 is the best floor standing speaker. It has a sleek modern design and is equipped with high quality speakers. 

The crystal clear sound quality can enhance your home theater’s experience by a lot. The overall build of the speakers is durable and longer lasting.

This brings us to the end of our review on best floor standing speakers.

What speaker do you think is the best? Do let us know.


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