Best External Speaker For CB Radio – In-Depth Review, Pros, Cons & More

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There are multiple external speakers that work seamlessly with CB radios. Every single one of them has its own unique perks.

Due to this reason, we are reviewing different CB external speakers to see which one performs the best.

Following is a detailed review along with some tips to help you make an informed decision.


This compact CB external speaker is designed with a noise filter. It has a shockproof rugged exterior casing. It also comes with a protective mesh grill to keep the dust particles out.

Runner Up

This CB radio external speaker comes with an adjustable mounting bracket. It can be placed anywhere using screws. It has a long cord for your convenience. The cord also features a 3.5mm headphone jack. 

Also Great

Made with a sturdy body, this speaker can survive moist conditions with ease. It has a high-powered speaker inside it with a control dial for changing frequencies. It also has an adjustable mounting bracket.

Best External Speakers for Cb Radio - Top 3 Reviews

#1. Best Audio Quality CB External Speaker - Cobra HG S500 Review

This CB external speaker is designed to output crystal clear sound without any distortion. It has a high-quality speaker inside that can perform for extended periods

You can easily mount and orient this speaker anywhere you want with its adjustable back mount.

We tested the build quality of this CB radio speaker and found that it is completely resistant to shock damage.

Furthermore, it features a smooth talk-back feature. You can talk without any delay or distortion in your voice.

Features of Cobra HG S500

  • Easy to install
  • Good power rating
  • 3.5 mm audio jack
  • Heavy-duty speaker
  • Compact size

Best Audio Quality CB External Speaker

The best audio quality CB external speaker is the Cobra HG S500 because it has a powerful CB speaker inside it which can project audio with zero distortion. Furthermore, it has a noise-canceling talk-back feature.

#2. Best Budget CB External Speaker - Astatic 302-VS4 Review

This external CB radio speaker is designed to provide you with good features but at an affordable price.

This speaker has a 5 watts power rating which means that it can project high-quality audio even on low power input.

We tested these CB speakers on multiple volumes and found that they were consistent in their output. These speakers showed us no signs of distortion or delays.

Furthermore, it has a 10’ power cord that enables you to place this speaker wherever you like to get the best audio quality.

Features of Astatic 302-VS4

  • HIgh-quality extension speaker
  • Multiple CB radios compatibility
  • 3.5mm plug
  • Swivel bracket
  • Good sound quality

Best Budget CB External Speaker

The best budget CB external speaker is Astatic 302-VS4 because it has all the good features of a universal CB extension speaker and it comes at an affordable price. Additionally, you can use the extension cord to set the speakers up anywhere you want.

#3. Best High-Powered CB External Speaker - Uniden BC23A Review

These Cb extension speakers are specifically designed for high-output. It has high-powered hardware inside it. 

Because of its 15-watt power rating, you can plug it with big batteries without worrying about any short-circuits due to power overload.

We tested the power-handling of this speaker on multiple levels and concluded that it was quite efficient in power distribution.

Even though this speaker has high-quality hardware, the exterior body is quite prone to vibrations and interferes with the output.

Features of Uniden BC23A

  • Easy to handle
  • Compact design
  • 3.5mm plug
  • 15-watt power-handling
  • Adjustable mount bracket

Best High-Powered CB External Speaker

The best high-powered CB external speaker is the Uniden BC23A. It has great sound quality due to the heavy-duty speaker and is highly-consistent over extended periods of use. Furthermore, it has an adjustable mount for your convenience.

best external speakers

Buyers’ Guide

There are many features that directly contribute to the performance and durability of CB speakers. Some of these are stated below that you should look out for. 

Audio Quality

When it comes to a speaker for CB radio, the sound quality is a crucial part. Most of the time there is a lot of static noise inside the output. 

We suggest buying external speakers that can minimize the noise and produce crystal clear audio for your listening experience.

Mounting Options

Many of the options available on the market come with their own adjustable mounting bracket and hardware

We recommend purchasing a speaker that has a smooth yet durable mounting bracket. It will enable you to orient your CB speaker in any direction so you can get the best audio quality.


Given the number of CB radios available on the market, each of them has its own compatible ports and options

It is good practice to buy a CB speaker that can be plugged in with multiple CB radios. This way you can use your CB external speakers with different brands rather than buying a specific one that only works with a single radio.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What sort of plug is preferred in CB speakers?

A universal 3.5mm mini-plug is the best suitable option for CB speakers. They are compatible with most of the CB radios available on the market. Additionally, they are quite easy to replace and repair in case of wire tear or any sort of signal distortion.

What sort of power input do I need?

In most cases, an external CB speaker doesn’t need a power source. You can just plug them in with your CB radio and it will run smoothly. However, an external CB speaker with a higher power rating might need an external DC source if you want the optimal output from it.

Final Verdict

Buying a high-performing and durable CB speaker can enhance your overall listening experience.

After using and testing multiple CB speakers, we have determined that the best external CB speaker is the Cobra HG S500 HighGear speaker. It comes with a sturdy and durable exterior casing. 

We were pleased by its ability to cancel and reduce any unwanted noise in the output. 

With this, we come to the end of our review on Best External Speaker for CB Radio.

Do let us know which speaker you think is the best.


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