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    Speakers are essential for students but finding a good quality compact sound system is difficult.

    To save you the trouble, we have made the effort to test them out for you to see which one is the best of the best.

     Today, we will look at some of the best dorm room speakers available in the market and determining which one could be most suitable for you.

    Top Pick

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    This product is incredibly sturdy and completely waterproof. Furthermore, it has an incredible battery life of 24 hours.

    Runner Up

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    This speaker comes in 14 different colors so you can really pick what your aesthetic is going to be. It’s extremely easy to use and provides high-quality sound

    Also Great

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    Made from high-quality materials, this speaker is going to last you an extremely long time. It’s also quite affordable and is great for listening to music on the go.

    We can now move on to look at the other best-reviewed speakers and understand why people are raving about them.

    Best Dorm Room Speakers -Top 5 Reviews

    #1. Best Environmental Outdoor Speakers - Bose 251 Wall Mount Outdoor Speakers

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     We saw that it has a simple yet sturdy model with a matte finish and clear buttons. Moreover, it has rubber feet which enables it to stay in one place even while playing loud music.

     Its exclusive battery technology can provide an astonishing sound for 24-hours without you having to worry about charging it.

     Its lightweight design enables it to be extremely portable. We could barely feel anything in our bag when carrying it around.

     Features of Anker Soundcore 2 Dorm Room Speaker

    • Bluetooth range of 66 feet
    • Bluetooth version 4.2 
    • Built-in microphone with voice control 
    • Can connect to Apple and Samsung devices
    • Waterproof – IPX5-rated casing

    Best Environmental Outdoor Speakers

    The best environmental outdoor speakers is the Anker Soundcore 2 because its lightweight model provides clear audio quality for 24-hours. It can be used both indoors and at outdoor parties and it’s available at an incredibly affordable price.

    #2: Best Trendy Dorm Room Speaker - JBL FLIP 5 review

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    The cylindrical model of this product has radiators at each side which radiates extremely crisp sound. You can also get this product in a variety of colors.

    You can easily hang this device in the shower. It’s extremely durable and can handle water and even dust, making it perfect for any adventure.

     Features of JBL Flip 5

    • It is a battery-powered device with wireless Bluetooth streaming
    • Its side radiators allow for premium sound quality
    • Connector type: 3.5-millimeter stereo
    • It has the ability to be joined with other speakers to boost the sound
    • Waterproof IPX7 rated casing

    Best Trendy Dorm Room Speaker

    The best trendy dorm room speaker is the JBL Flip 5 as the variety of color options available in this speaker are unlike any other. The pulsating radiators enable it to produce deep and clear bass tones even when played at a high volume.

    #3: Best Durable Dorm Room Speaker - Sony XB-12 review

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    The Sony XB-12 has a small model but provides powerful beats. We tested this model and saw that this waterproof casing is also dustproof and drop-proof.

    The strap attached to this model allowed it to be hung anywhere. It has a weight of 8.6 oz so we could hardly feel it in our bags.

    This speaker’s repertoire is great for any student’s needs and it can be connected to both Apple as well as Samsung devices. 

    Features of Sony XB-12

    • Bluetooth version of 4.2
    • Bluetooth range: 10 meters
    • The audio can be upgraded by attaching another XB-12 speaker
    • It comes with a matching carry strap and a charging cable 
    • This pocket speaker can be used as a full-range speaker at home and outdoors.
    • This model is available in 5 colors

    Best Durable Dorm Room Speaker 

    The best durable dorm room speaker is the Sony XB-12 as it can withstand any rugged environment and this model can fit into even your pocket. Given that this small device can provide a clear and powerful sound. 

    #4: Best Smart Dorm Room speaker - Echo dot Review (3rd gen)

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    This smart speaker is unlike any other. 

    It provides incredible sound quality and the LED ring on top of it looks very aesthetically pleasing.

    It features Alexa-integration so you can use voice control to control it and even use Alexa’s skills.

    For students, this product can be helpful in various ways and can also protect their privacy even while you are away from your room.

    Features of Echo Dot (3rd gen)

    • It has 4 microphones
    • Works well with other echo dot devices
    • It can play music, set alarms, read the news, open lights, and has endless option
    • Responsive voice integration

    The Best Smart Speaker 

    The best smart speaker is the Echo dot (3rd gen) because it is great as an indoor speaker but also provides additional capabilities like Alexa which can help you around the house. It is distinct from others and can be great for someone who prefers to spend more time in their room and needs privacy even when they leave.

    #5: Best Waterproof Dorm Room Speaker - WONDERBOOM 2 Review

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    This speaker has a metal body which provides amazing audio quality. 

    We also took it out to check its drop-proof claim and noticed no damage to the speaker.

    This floats in water so even if you drop it in the pool, you will be safe. At its price point, it definitely provides a huge number of features making it worth the investment. 

    It comes with a 2-year warranty so you know they are claiming what they say. You can pair this with any speaker to enjoy loud music at parties.

    Features of Wonderboom 2

    • Great, rich and deep bass tones
    • Has an outdoor button that adapts its function to provide loud sound
    • Playback-enabled during charging
    • Waterproof

    The Best Waterproof Speaker 

    The best waterproof speaker is the Wonderboom 2 because it fulfills what the advertisement claims and provides one of the best sound quality. Its small design makes it so convenient to carry for parties.

    best dorm speakers

    Buyers’ Guide

    What size of the speaker should I get for my Dorm Room?

    The college dorms are relatively small hence you should make sure you have a device within 5 inches or smaller woofers. A bookshelf speaker or tower speaker with a 360-degree sound could work perfectly. In case you have a bigger room then, going for options with 8-inch or larger woofers could also work. Here are a few examples to help you choose the one that can meet your needs perfectly.

    1. JBL Flip4 Bluetooth Speaker.
    2. Ultimate Ears Wonderboom Portable Speaker.
    3. VicTsing Waterproof Shower Speaker.
    4. Oontz Enhanced 3 Portable Bluetooth Speaker.
    5. Anker Soundcore Bluetooth Speaker.
    6. DOSS Touch Wireless Speaker with HD Sound.

    What is the best loudest portable speaker for a Dorm Room?

    Every college student loves listening to music whether it is in their dorm room or at a movie night with friends, hanging it in their shower, or even for parties to pair them with other speakers. You can pay attention to this detail while looking for the loudest speaker out there but that’s not the only thing that should be taken into consideration the efficiency and the quality of sound also matters. Wonderboom 2 might be the option for you as the 360 degrees sound it provides gives you an amplifying effect making it louder.

    Which portable speaker has the best sound quality?

    With so many options in the market, the JBL Flip 5 has the best sound quality even at the loudest volume with almost little or no distortion and having a good bass. At its price, it is definitely worth it as the radiators on either side of the speaker make it sound clear. It has a rugged body that is also water-resistant making it perfect to take in the shower and also pool parties. There are plenty of pair-and-play devices out there too if the best Bluetooth speaker for you has a simpler setup. 

    What should I look for when buying speakers?

    You should look at the range that the speaker can reach that tells you the ability of the model. It should feel solid, not empty inside. The Bluetooth version should be 4 or more and long battery life is also essential.

    What are the Different Types of Dorm Room Speakers that I can Buy?

    A good set of speakers has become a necessity for students if they want to listen to music to relax or even watch videos for your online class.

    While looking for a speaker to match your needs completely, your lifestyle plays a huge role. If you need it for indoor use with a little more functionality, then you might enjoy something like the amazon echo dot which is more than a speaker. It is a smart speaker that can switch on the lights when you need them or play music even from the other room but something like this will not work outdoors. 

    If you are an adventurous person, then something rugged would meet your needs. You will need at least a waterproof and a dustproof device. The JBL flip 4 or the Wonderboom 2 could be more suitable for you. 

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Are Jbl speakers the best?

    When you search for a portable Bluetooth speaker, JBL will definitely come to the top. The ones that are best should have the qualities like having the best audio quality while still having features like being portable and rugged to withstand any environment it is taken to. JBL speakers are known for being tough and dependable. They are used by experts as they thrive outdoors as well as indoors for college students

    What are some reasonably-priced Bluetooth speakers?

    While looking for something that is budget-friendly you should also consider investing in something that’s more durable.

    1. Wonderboom 2 is one of the most affordable Bluetooth speakers with a weighty sound and a good battery life 
    2. Tribit Storm Nox is a small speaker yet it delivers great bass. It is below 50 pounds so, it’s perfect if you are on a budget
    3. Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Gen). If you are looking for a smart speaker, there could not be a better choice 

    Anker Soundcore Bluetooth speaker and its functions?

    The Anker Soundcore Bluetooth speaker has an exclusive battery life of 24 hours while providing exceptional audio quality. This speaker provides no distortion and great bass even at the loudest volume. 

    What is the best waterproof speaker?

    While looking for a waterproof speaker, one should focus on it being rated IP6 or higher. This makes it not only waterproof but also dust and drop-proof. 

    The Wonderboom 2 is considered the best waterproof speaker because not only can it be hung in the shower but it’s also a great option for pool parties.

    Which is the best party speaker with great bass?

    For a party, the loudest speaker will take the lead. The Anker Soundcore Rave Mini is known for being versatile and it has a beautiful design with light effects and an 18-hour battery life. Hence it is rated the best for college students.

    Which portable speaker is the best?

    The new era of portable speakers has set such a high standard for speakers that now, the users opt to take the speakers with them wherever they go. They provide durability, profitability, and fantastic audio which keeps students engaged. 

    Sanos move is considered the best portable speaker in the world with it having a battery life of approximately 10 hours. This speaker changes to the environment it is playing in to provide the best possible sound quality. It works as a multi-room speaker as well as the perfect outdoor speaker. It comes at a price tag of 399 pounds but is said to be worth the price.

    Can you play music on Wonderboom 2 while it is charging?

    Yes! Wonderboom 2 can play music while charging. 

    Best Bluetooth speaker under $100?

    1. Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2. This solid little unit is our pick as the best Bluetooth speaker price for under $100.
    2. Tribit Storm box Micro.
    3. Amazon Echo Dot (3rd gen)
    4. JBL GO 2. 
    5. JBL Flip 5.

    Final Thoughts

    After looking at each speaker’s features, we think we have come to the conclusion that the speaker that stands out is the Wonderboom 2.  Unlike other options, it can switch from an indoor to an outdoor speaker in seconds, making it all the more appealing to audiophiles and casual listeners alike.  This product has gotten very impressive reviews and satisfied most of its customers. Many of them were surprised by the crisp and clear sound that filled their houses. I would highly recommend getting this if you are a music lover.