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Component speakers are basically a type of car speakers that come with multiple sound & music customization offers. 

Such speakers are usually a permanent fixture as they’re fitted into your vehicle to replace factory speakers. So, to ensure that your investment gets you the best product possible, we have a solution.  

So, in order to help you pick from the best of the bunch, we’ve covered the 10 best component speakers for cars in great detail. To further assist you in making an appropriate decision, we’ve prepared a buyer’s guide for your convenience.

Now before we get into any detailed, let’s quickly cover 3 of the best component speakers for cars, based on our review of the products.

Top Pick

Our top pick is suitable for all vehicles thanks to its 3 way component system and mid range drivers, ensuring top quality sound delivery.

Runner Up

The runner-up comes with Plus One cones, providing greater bass than most similar products.

Also Great

This entry’s highly recommended for automobiles, due to superb sound quality, way better than standard OEM Factory Speakers.

Best Component Speakers - Top 10 Reviews

For this part of our article, we’ve decided to go into detail about each speaker’s best features, their positive and negative qualities and our short suggestion regarding the product.

1. Best Mid-range 6.5 Inch Component Speaker for Cars - JL Audio C5-653 Evolution C5 Series 6.5" 3-Way Component System Review

JL Audio C5-653 Speakers is a 3 way speaker system popular for its top quality sound. This is thanks to its built-in mid frequency driver which provides great vocal clarity & a musical experience far better than rival component speakers.

Best Component Speakers - Main Features of JL Audio C5-653 Evolution C5 Series 6.5" 3-Way Component System

    • 6-3/4″ Woofers with Cast Alloy Frame
    • Our review of the woofers showed that they deliver a strong and considerably good bass 

    • 4″ Mid-range Drivers
    • We believe this to be the best feature of JL Audio C5-653 speakers, as it gives them unmatched mid-range audio clarity.

    • 2 Tweeters
    • The tweeters give the speaker system a strong high-range audio, thus giving you a satisfying full range experience.

    • Two External Crossovers
    • JL Audio C5-653 speakers also have two external crossovers, that direct sound to their correct drivers.

We concluded that JL Audio C5-653 Speakers are an ideal choice for automobiles as you get both a great musical experience & crystal clear audio.

2. Best Component Speaker in Sound Quality for Cars - JBL GTO609C Premium 6.5-Inch Component Speaker System Review

JBL GTO609C has garnered a lot of positive approval for its excellent sound production, which can be credited to it’s high-end materials, especially its soft dome tweeters, carbon injected woofer cones and great power handling, ultimately giving smooth & well-balanced highs.

Main Features of BL GTO609C Premium 6.5-Inch Component Speaker System

    • Soft Dome Tweeters
    • With standard quality tweeters, the product delivers strong and efficient highs that neither boom out nor sound too strained.

    • Carbon Injected Plus One Woofer Cone
    • This useful feature allows for greater air flow compared to similar products, thus ensuring deep and rich bass production.

    • Dual-Level Tweeter Volume Adjustment
    • This feature allows you to manually adjust the tweeter volume, thus compensating for inefficient speaker placement. 

    • I-Mount System
    • Whether you’re looking for a flush or surface mount component speaker, this feature gives JBL GTO609C flexibility and thus makes it a good choice.

After reviewing JBL GTO609C, we concluded that they’re a good choice for all vehicles & automobiles thanks to their flexible design & beautiful sound.

3. Most Durable Component Speaker for Cars - Polk Audio DB6502 DB+ Series 6.5" Component Speaker Review

Polk Audio DB6502 benefits quite a lot from its rich bass production and durable materials. Supporting a chrome look, the speaker is made from water & dirt resistant materials, which ensures a better & and a longer sound experience.

Main Features of Polk Audio DB6502 DB+ Series 6.5" Component Speaker

      • Durable Materials
      • Polk Audio DB6502 is both water and dust resistant, especially the polypropylene cones that have a waterproof interior.

      • Polypropylene Cone
      • The cones themselves, deliver an excellent high-range performance with clear audio.

      • Drop-in Installation
      • This feature adds versatility to the speaker, making it suitable for a variety of vehicles, and even boats.

      • Built-in Crossover
      • We came across one minor inconvenience in the crossover feature, as some speakers didn’t have their crossover connected properly to the drivers.

Despite a few connection troubles, the speaker’s durable & flexible nature definitely makes it worth considering for your vehicle in our opinion.

4. Most Flexible Component Speaker for Cars - Massive Audio M6 6.5 Inch, 300 Watts, 8 Ohm Pro Audio Midrange Speaker Review

Apart from being incredibly flexible, Massive Audio M6 holds up to its name, as it delivers fantastic highs without any audio crackle. The speaker also produces a clear audio thanks to multiple features which we’ll discuss in detail below.

Main Features of Massive Audio M6 6.5 Inch, 300 Watts, 8 Ohm Pro Audio Midrange Speaker

    • Copper Voice Coil
    • We found that this feature is mainly involved in delivering excellent audio with little interference.

    • Steel Basket
    • The steel baskets are an important addition, as they provide Massive Audio M6 a longer shelf life than most competitors.

    • Paper Woofer Cones
    • Another crucial component of Massive Audio M6, are the woofer cones, which help provide a considerably rich bass and efficient low-range performance.

    • Foam Surround
    • The cones also have foam surround, which gives smooth movement, thus allowing for steady audio production.

We concluded that Massive Audio M6 is a worthy candidate for your vehicle if you’re in search of component speakers with a rich bass and powerful highs.

5. Best High-range Component Speaker for Cars - Rockford Fosgate T2652-S Power 6.50" Aluminum Component Speaker System Review

Rockford Fosgate T2652-S truly stands out from the bunch due to its crisp & clear highs that are simply unrivaled. Supporting a couple of high-end tweeters, a standard woofer & efficient power handling, this speaker delivers in high-end music production.

Main Features of Rockford Fosgate T2652-S Power 6.50" Aluminum Component Speaker System

      • 6.5 Inch Woofers
      • We concluded that the woofers deliver satisfactory bass without any issues whatsoever.

      • Aluminum Dome Neo-Tweeter
      • This feature is especially important, as it gives Rockford Fosgate T2652-S its unparalleled high-end performance.

      • Audiophile Crossovers
      • For the most part, the crossovers ensure efficient sound production without any interference issues.

      • Mounting Hardware
      • The Mounting Hardware makes it easier for you to adjust the speakers according to your liking.

      • Billet Aluminum Phase Plug
      • Finally, we came across this component, that improves the cooling in Rockford Fosgate T2652-S, thus preventing the product from overheating.

We concluded that when it comes to great sound quality, durability & reliability, Rockford Fosgate T2652-S are a good choice for your vehicle.

6. Most User-Friendly Component Speakers for Cars - Image Dynamics XS-65 Component Speakers Review

Although Image Dynamics XS-65 delivers an overall satisfying full-range performance, it’s emphasis on delivering excellent high frequency audio is clearly evident from its innovative tweeter design, which we’ll discuss in detail below.

Main Features of Image Dynamics XS-65 Component Speakers

      • Ceramic Fiber Woofer
      • The ceramic design makes the speakers quite durable and also helps them produce a deep bass.

      • Silk Dome Tweeter
      • Aside from producing top quality high-range music, the tweeters come with multiple mounting options, allowing you to easily adjust the speakers’ position.

      • Crossover Features
      • This feature ensures efficient sound production, so you can enjoy the speakers without any interference complaints. It also comes with a custom tool case & multiple mounting options.

Image Dynamics XS-65 receives a lot of online approval not only because of its good sound quality but also due to its user-friendly features, making them a good choice for your vehicle.

7. Most Stylish Component Speakers for Cars - BOSS Audio CH6CK Component Car Speakers Review

Supporting a beautiful look, the best qualities of BOSS Audio CH6CK include their easy mounting features, excellent sound production drivers & efficient power handling. To summarize, they both look & sound great.

Main Features of BOSS Audio CH6CK Component Car Speakers

      • Polyurethane Cones
      • We found that the speaker cones are made of strong materials, which adds durability to the speakers.

      • Voice Coils
      • Not only do the voice coils generate unfatigued audio, but are also resistant to overheating, further adding to the speaker’s lifetime.

      • Rubber Surround
      • Instead of generic foam surrounds, BOSS Audio CH6CK supports rubber surrounds which allows for greater usage without any damage.

      • Piezoelectric Tweeter
      • We believe the tweeter to be the most integral feature. Made from tough & resistant materials, they work efficiently even without a crossover.

After reviewing BOSS Audio CH6CK in great detail, we concluded that their durable nature makes them a suitable choice for automobiles, especially if you’re a fan of high-range music.

8. Best Low-range Component Speaker for Cars - Kenwood KFC-P509Ps 5.25” Performance Series Component Speaker System Review

Kenwood KFC-P509Ps hold an edge over their competition due to their simplistic design, great low-range audio & affordable rate. The speaker system consists of standard sound production drivers & deliver a good full-range performance.

Main Features of Kenwood KFC-P509Ps 5.25” Performance Series Component Speaker System

      • Polypropylene Cone Woofer
      • The woofer, as our analysis indicates, helps Kenwood KFC-P509Ps produce a terrific low-range audio & strong bass.

      • Rubber Woofer Surround
      • The woofers consist of rubber surrounds which allow for greater movement, and hence, better bass production

      • Soft Dome Tweeter with Swivel Mount
      • The tweeters not only deliver good high-range performance but can also be adjusted easily by the user.

      • In-line Crossover Network
      • Last but not the least, this feature allows for accurate sound production, thus helping Kenwood KFC-P509Ps deliver a considerable full-range performance.

The cheap price & good sound quality of Kenwood KFC-P509Ps makes them a suitable choice if you’re looking for a factory upgrade.

9. Best Component Speaker in Power Handling for Cars - Infinity Reference 6030cs 6.5” Two-Way Component System Review

Infinity Reference 6030cs has received quite the praise for its affordable price as well as its fantastic bass production. The speaker system also supports 270 Watts peak power handling, thus making for efficient sound production.

Main Features of Infinity Reference 6030cs 6.5” Two-Way Component System

      • Plus One Woofer Cones
      • With top-end woofer cones, the speakers produce excellent bass, a characteristic that Infinity Reference 6030cs is very popular for.

      • Rubber Surrounds
      • The rubber surrounds further improve the woofer’s performance as they allow for increased bass output. 

      • Textile Dome Tweeters
      • As for high-range sound, the tweeters deliver efficient music with minimal sound distortion. Although, it’s important for us to point out that sound distortion issues with the tweeter increase overtime.

      • Passive Crossover Networks

        Lastly, the crossover further adds to the speaker’s efficiency & also allows you to adjust the tweeter’s volume.

Despite some minor complaints with the tweeter, Infinity Reference 6030cs holds out for most part thanks to its good sound production, thus making the product worth considering.

10. Best Full-range Component Speaker for Cars - Alpine SPR-60C 6.5” Audio Component System Review

Alpine SPR-60C holds quite the reputation for being one of the best component speakers when it comes to mid-to-high range audio production. The speaker system comprises of top-end sound production drivers & a pair of crossover networks.

Main Features of Alpine SPR-60C 6.5” Audio Component System

      • Two Woofers
      • Alpine SPR-60C supports a pair of woofers, which give consistent low-range audio and excellent bass.

      • External Crossovers
      • The speaker also has two external crossovers, which ensure near perfect sound production at any frequency.

      • Two Silk Dome Tweeters
      • Top-end tweeters allow for great high-range audio production, which gives the speaker system one of its popular attributes. 

      • Mounting Brackets
      • We did find one glaring issue & that was the fragile nature of the mounting brackets, which could be a potential problem while installing the speaker system.

Overall, we concluded that Alpine SPR-60C hold up to their reputation as they deliver a great full-range performance, thus making them a popular choice for a factory upgrade.

Buyer’s Guide

Buying the best component speakers for your vehicle requires some smart decision making. This is because these speakers are supposed to be a permanent fixture to our automobile. So, testing out every feature carefully to find the best choice is crucial.

So to help you in this decision making, we’ve enlisted some of the most important features that you should take into account while looking for component speakers.

  • Speaker Sensitivity

Sensitivity is a very important thing to look for when purchasing component speakers. It basically measures the sound production of the speaker when a certain amount of power is applied to it. 

If your car has a low powered stereo, a high sensitivity component speaker would be the best choice & vice versa. If you take this into account, you’ll get the best performance possible from your purchase.

  • Power Handling

Power handling tells you much power your speaker can manage. When checking a speaker’s power handling, it’s the rms power that you should consider, not the peak power.

Now if your car has a standard low powered stereo like most vehicles then a component speaker with low RMS power would be suitable. However, if your car stereo is high powered, then a component speaker with suitably higher rms power is necessary.

  • Woofer Materials

Woofers are responsible for bass production & low-range musical delivery in all speakers. The best component speakers usually carry woofers made from tough, durable & lightweight materials.

Usually the best woofers are made of polypropylene & mica, which are both strong & generate an impressive bass. Woven fabric woofers with titanium & aluminum coating are the most durable & efficient.

So, the best way you can tell a good component speaker from a bad one is to check the woofer materials.

  • Surround Materials

In addition to woofers, a speaker’s surrounds are important for efficient bass production, as they allow the woofers to move freely thus giving them more room for a stronger bass.

Although foam surrounds are quite efficient, the best component speakers have rubber surrounds, which provide greater movement & are more durable. So, if you want the best product, a speaker with top quality rubber surrounds are a safe bet. 

  • Tweeter Type & Materials

When it comes to the most high-end tweeters, the ones made with soft poly textile blends or silk dome tweeters give the best result.

Then there’s the tweeter’s type.

Most speakers are fixed into your car without any room for movement. The best type, however, are pivoting tweeters, which allow you to position them according to your liking. Some tweeters are even detachable, making their placement an even smaller problem.

Taking all these things into consideration will guarantee that you get the best component speaker in the market.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

best component speakers

What are the JL Audio C5-653 Evolution C5 Series 3-Way Component System’s dimensions?

JL Audio C5-653 has a 6.5-inch midwoofer, a 4 inch midrange driver, & a 1 inch tweeter.

What’s the RMS power for JL Audio C5-653 Evolution C5 Series 3-Way Component System?

JL Audio C5-653 has 75-watt rms power per channel. However, they’ve been known to handle upto150 watt rms power as well.

Does the JBL GTO609C component speaker system come with grills?

Yes, JBL GTO609C comes with speaker grills, which a lot of people have praised for their strong design.

How many Ohms does JBL GTO609C have?

Each speaker of JBL GTO609C carries 3-ohm resistance, along with 200 Watt RMS & 300 Watt peak power per channel.

Do JBL GTO609C have a lot of bass?

Yes, JBL GTO609C have great bass production, especially when it comes to the component speaker’s mid-bass production.

Do the mounting brackets of JBL GTO609C allow you to move or adjust the tweeters?

Yes, the mounting brackets of JBL GTO609C allow you to swivel or pivot the tweeters manually in your direction.

Are the crossovers of Alpine SPR-60C active or passive?

Alpine SPR-60C have passive crossovers, so it blocks potentially harmful frequencies from reaching the speaker. They’re also quite cheap & easy to install

How do Infinity Reference 6030cs sound with a small to medium amp on full range sound?

We’d actually recommend you use a small amp with the Infinity Reference 6030cs as it gives greater vocal clarity to the speakers.

How big are the tweeters of Kenwood Kfc-P509Ps?

Kenwood Kfc-P509Ps has 1 inch tweeters & they also come with multiple mounting and adjustment options. 

Do BOSS Audio Systems CH6CK Component Car Speakers have any complaints of blowing out?

No, BOSS Audio Systems CH6CK have very good high-end sound with zero complaints of the speakers blowing out.

Wrapping Things Up

In the end, let’s briefly discuss the 3 most popular component speakers according to customers.

The most popular is the JBL GTO609C component speaker system which is popular for its high quality sound, clear audio & easy to install nature.

Coming close behind is the Alpine SPR-60C component speaker system, which has garnered praise for its clear audio, good high-range performance & bass production.

Our final popular choice are the BOSS Audio Systems CH6CK component car speakers which are known to be durable, have clear audio & great high-range performance.

And that’s the end of our article. Do let us know which component speaker system you liked the most as we’d highly appreciate your opinion.

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