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Are you searching for the perfect budget floor standing speakers but not having any luck? We agree that it can be pretty daunting to find the correct product for yourself.

Worry not because we have you covered. We compiled this list to show you the top 5 Best Budget Floor Standing Speakers. 

After you have gone through this review, you’ll know exactly which speaker is good and which to avoid. 

Top Pick

This speaker not only has great highs, but it also has amazing sound quality. We love the elegant design of this speaker. On top of that, it is really efficient. 

Runner Up

We love this speaker because it can support high frequencies. Plus, it is extremely affordable which makes it a great option for people that are on a budget.

Also Great

The bass of this speaker is absolutely stunning. Not only that, it has a compact design that we really like. Lastly, it is lightweight which makes it easily portable. 

Out of all the products, these three are the absolute best in terms of quality and sound. 

Without wasting any time, let’s check out the top 5 Best Budget Floor Standing Speakers alongside their FAQs and Buyers’ Guide. 

Best Budget Floor Standing Speakers - Top 5 Reviews

1. All-Around Best Budget Floor Standing Speakers - Klipsch RF-82 II Floorstanding Speaker Review

As soon as we tested this speaker, we knew that it would be on the top of your list. It has an amazing sound quality that is unmatched by any other product that we tested.

Not only that, it has a great looking design that enhances the decor of your room. This speaker also has great high-range due to the titanium tweeter.

Plus, it is a really efficient speaker as it does not use a lot of power. This is due to the fact that it has a good sensitivity rating.

Best Budget Floor Standing Speakers - Main Features of Klipsch RF-82 II Floorstanding Speaker

  • 1. Titanium tweeter
  • 2. 71 pounds weight
  • 3. 16.3 x 9.3 x 43.9 inches dimensions
  • 4. 8 inches woofer

These speakers have amazing sound quality and are really efficient. If these features interest you, then you should get this speaker. 

2. Best Budget Floor Standing Speakers with Good Build Quality - Polk T50 150 Watt Home Theater Floor Standing Tower Speaker Review

This speaker is a great option for people that are on a budget looking for an affordable product. Despite being budget-friendly, it does not compromise on its quality.

It uses high-quality materials which enhances the longevity of this speaker. On top of that, it covers the full range which is an added feature.

The thing that we like most is that this speaker can support high frequencies which enhances the overall experience. 

Main Features of Polk T50 150 Watt Home Theater Floor Standing Tower Speaker

  • 1. 150 watts peak power
  • 2. 1-inch tweeter
  • 3. 8.8 x 9.2 x 36.5 inches dimensions
  • 4. Weighs 20.4 pounds

If you are looking for an affordable speaker that covers the full-range, then this product is ideal for you. 

3. Best Budget Floor Standing Speakers for Small Rooms - Yamaha NS-F210BL 2-Way Bass-Reflex Floorstanding Speaker Review

We often get complaints that the floor speakers are really heavy and big in size. The good news is that this speaker has an extremely compact design that is ideal for smaller rooms.

Furthermore, it is really lightweight which makes it convenient to move it around. To add to its elegance, this speaker is suitable to be placed alongside a flat-screen TV.

Finally, the quality of the bass is absolutely fantastic which can impress the bass enthusiasts.

Main Features of Yamaha NS-F210BL 2-Way Bass-Reflex Floorstanding Speaker

  • 1. 41 inches tower speakers
  • 2. 2-way speaker
  • 3. 9.4 x 9.4 x 41.4 inches dimensions
  • 4. 16.09 pounds weight

You will really like this speaker if you want a product with a compact design, fantastic bass and which is lightweight. 

4. Best Budget Floor Standing Speakers with a Fantastic Sound - Onkyo SKF-4800 2-Way Bass Reflex Floor-standing Speakers Review

If you are a bass enthusiast, then this speaker will fulfill all of your needs. Not only does it have an exceptional bass, but it also is really easy to install even for beginners.

On top of that, this speaker is suitable for your home theater setups due to its incredible sound.  

The feature that we appreciate most is that it includes long wires which allow you to place the speaker wherever you want without the fear of the wire running out. 

Main Features of Onkyo SKF-4800 2-Way Bass Reflex Floor-standing Speakers

  • 1. 16 centimeters woofers
  • 2. Soft dome tweeters
  • 3. 130 watts maximum power
  • 4. Banana plug speaker posts

Are you looking for a speaker that has long wires and is simple to install? If yes, then keep an eye on this speaker. 

5. Budget Floor Standing Speakers with the Best Connectivity - Sharper Image SBT1001WH Bluetooth Tower Speaker with Lights Review

Without a doubt, this speaker has one of the sleekest designs that we have ever seen in any product. It not only gives a futuristic look, but it also enhances the look of your room.

We love the fact that you can connect your devices via the Bluetooth connection. It makes your life ten times easier as you can stream your music from Spotify.

To add icing on the cake, this speaker does not need an amplifier which means that you will not have to spend extra money to purchase an amp.

Main Features of Sharper Image SBT1001WH Bluetooth Tower Speaker with Lights

  • 1. Bluetooth connectivity
  • 2. FM/AM radio options
  • 3. USB connection 
  • 4. LED lights at the front

This speaker is made for people that are looking for a versatile product that has a sleek design and Bluetooth connectivity.

Buyer’s Guide

Room size and setup

While the size of the speaker is important, it is equally significant to consider the size of your room. If you have a large room, we suggest that you go for bigger speakers which have loud volume so that you can properly hear them. Also, getting larger speakers will mean that they will have bigger woofers which allows them to deliver thunderous bass. On the other hand, if you are getting speakers for a smaller room, go for less powerful speakers so that you will save cost and they will perform really well. While we are on this topic, the setup of the room is also something that you should keep in mind. For example, if you have more reflective surfaces like mirrors, exposed windows or hardwood floors, the sound will reflect all over the place and the end result will not be up to par. Make sure that your room has a mixture of reflective surfaces as well as surfaces like curtains and carpets so that the audio does not sound bad. 

Sound quality

This should go without saying but the sound quality is the most important part of a speaker. A good way to check the sound quality of the speaker is to test it in the shop so that you know exactly what you are getting for yourself. There are many speakers that offer amazing sound quality but poor quality bass. Just make sure that you get a speaker that has a well-balanced sound quality so that you can have a good time listening to your favorite music. If you are into classical music, we suggest that you look for a speaker that has a high-end tweeter so that you can get fantastic highs. The same can be said about bass enthusiasts. You should make sure that you get a speaker with large woofers. Another thing that you can do is get a subwoofer to further increase the bass level.

Frequency response

The frequency response is the range that the speaker can reproduce. High-end speakers have a good frequency response which means that it covers a wide range to make sure that all the highs, mids and lows are fully covered. The average human ear can detect the frequency of 20 Hertz to 20 KiloHertz. If you look for a speaker that covers this range, you will get the best experience. Otherwise, the audio can sound a little bit off to you. 


This aspect completely depends on your budget and needs. If you are looking for affordable options, then you will have to compromise on certain features like build quality or high-end woofers. With that being said, there are many brands of speakers that offer great features while having a low price tag. Just make sure that you do your research and get the speaker that fulfills your needs. If you are planning to get high-end speakers, we do not suggest that you get extremely expensive ones as they are only good for certain situations. They are suitable for people working in the music industry. Since those speakers have detailed sounds and are costly, it is better if you get a speaker in the range of $400-$500. You should find a superb speaker in that price range which has all the features that you will need. 

Three-way vs Two-Way Floor Standing Speakers

The 3-way speakers have a dedicated woofer alongside 2 other drivers such as the tweeter and mid-bass. Whereas the 2-way speaker only has a tweeter and a mid-bass. It does not have a dedicated woofer which means that it will not be able to produce bass as good as 3-way speakers. In short, a 3-way speaker will do all of the things that a 2-way speaker does, but better. It will be more efficient and have more bass and better overall quality due to the fact that the frequencies will be equally divided. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

best budget floor standing speakers

How do I choose a floor standing speaker?

There are a few things that you should keep in mind when getting floor speakers. The first thing is that you should take sound quality into consideration. Then, make sure that you get a speaker that is not very heavy as it will make it impossible to move it around. 

Are floor standing speakers the best?

Floor standing speakers are a really great invention because they come in really handy. They are ideal for use in home theaters due to their loud volumes and great overall quality of sound. Most of the floor speakers have large woofers which means more bass. 

Are Klipsch speakers worth it?

Klipsch has some of the best speakers available in the market as of right now. Their products are usually considered high end which means that new users will find them quite costly. However, they are really durable and have phenomenal sound quality. 

Are horn speakers better?

The horn speakers are ideal for outdoors as they produce really loud volumes which most speakers cannot produce. Not only that, they are extremely efficient as they use less power to make loud audio. The overall quality of sound is not up to par for many users though.  

Is Klipsch an audiophile?

Klipsch is a great brand that produces phenomenal speakers. According to our research and tests, we would consider Klipsch to be an ideal brand for an audiophile. They have great sound quality, excellent range coverage, and thunderous bass. 

Are horn tweeters better?

Horn tweeters are useful but only for horn speakers. They ensure that these speakers are efficient and deliver good highs. They also make sure that the overall volume of the horn speaker is loud.  

Are Polk speakers good?

Polk speakers are normally not considered to be the high-end speakers. They are good for entry-level users as they are user-friendly and are affordable. Polk excels in making wall and ceiling speakers that are easy to mount. 

What sound system is better than Bose?

While Bose is a phenomenal brand of speakers, we think that Klipsch is better. We tested many products from both brands but generally, Klipsch gave better results in terms of sound quality, coverage of full-range, bass quality and user-friendliness. 

Do I need a subwoofer with floor standing speakers?

You do not need to get a subwoofer with your speakers but we do recommend that you get one. A subwoofer enhances the bass of the speakers. Once you get used to it, you will not be able to go back to normal speakers again. 

Should a subwoofer be on the floor?

While you can place the subwoofer on the floor, it is not recommended. We suggest that you place the subwoofer at an elevated place like a table. By doing this, you will get the best result and the overall quality of the bass will be greatly enhanced. 

Wrapping Things Up

Are you on a budget looking for the best floor speakers that will suit your needs? It’s no surprise that it can be an overwhelming task but we have you covered. 

Out of all the various products, the Klipsch RF-82 II Floorstanding Speaker shines the most due to its amazing sound quality and amazing design. It also has a great high-range which is a welcomed addition. 

With that being said, we have come to a conclusion of our post on the top 5 Best Budget Floor Standing Speakers. Our team is patiently waiting to hear your feedback as to which speaker you found the best. 

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