Best Bluetooth Speaker for Classical Music – Top 5 Reviews, Buyers’ Guide, FAQs & More

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You’ll agree with us that finding a suitable Bluetooth speaker that can capture the beauty of classical music is a hard task.

To ease this task for you, our team decided to find out the best Bluetooth speakers for classical music and analyze them in detail.

In this post, you’ll find comprehensive reviews of the best Bluetooth speakers for classical music we were able to find with their features, pros, cons, and much more.


If you’re looking for a sharp and warm sound, it’s your go. It has a compact lightweight body. The battery life is also enough for a couple of days. 

Runner Up

They give a great deal at an affordable price. The battery life is enough for short trips. The sound and bass are also pretty decent.

Also Great

If you want a weather-resistant and portable speaker for long trips, this is the best choice. It has a long battery time of 24 hours. The design is also elegant and beautiful.

Having known the best 3 Bluetooth speakers for classical music of the lot, let’s review them in detail.

Best Bluetooth Speakers For Classical Music - Top 5

Classical music requires warm mids, moderate-power, and no distortion in the sound. Not all speakers meet this requirement. Here are the speakers for classical music who we find fulfilling these requirements.

#1. Best Exquisite Speaker - JBL Charge 4 Review

JBL Charge 4 has a curved cylindrical structure with variants ranging across 12 colors. The speaker has an IPX7 waterproof design that allows it to survive in waters and blows. Its weight with the casing is a bit high but that’s a good sign for sound quality.

Sound-wise, the speaker is a beauty. It has an excellent signal-to-noise ratio of nearly 80 dB. For this reason, we observed almost no distortion in sound even at high volumes. The frequency response ranges from 60 Hz to 20 kHz. Although it could have been better, this is more than enough for any genre of music.

It has two passive bass radiators which make the bass decently good. The other thing that it nails is the battery time. With a 7500 mAh Li-ion battery, it can last up to 20 hours. Considering the playtime, the charging time of 4 hours is also not bad.

The feature we like the most was JBL Connect+ that allows you to connect up to a hundred speakers via Bluetooth. The package includes a hard case, a USB cable, and a charger. The materials are fine and buyers’ response suggests that it is pretty durable. The only downside is its somewhat high price.

Features of JBL Charge 4

  1. Dimensions: 8.66 x 3.74 x 3.66 inches
  2. Weight: 2.1 pounds
  3. Frequency response: 60 Hz – 20 kHz
  4. Signal-to-noise ratio: >80 dB
  5. Playtime: 20 hours
  6. Hard-cover case
  7. 12 color-style variants
  8. Can synchronize with up to 100 other JBL speakers

Overall, the speaker can handle classical music greatly and also has other great features.

Best Exquisite Speaker

The Best Exquisite Speaker is JBL Charge 4 because of its elegant design, beautiful colors, and great sound quality.

#2. Best Budget-Friendly Speaker - DOSS Soundbox Review

DOSS Soundbox is an affordable model for great Bluetooth sound. It has a rectangular body with round edges. The speaker comes in a variety of 7 colors. It has a lightweight body with an IPX4 waterproof design. The sound panel is touch-operating.

Considering sound, it has got a great audio quality as compared to its price. The frequency response is also nice enough to do justice to every kind of music. The bass is fair with the price. The thing we liked the most about the sound was the stereo effect it gave.

The speaker has quite a compact and portable body. You can put it in your bag. The weight is light enough to deceive you that the speaker is not there. IPX4 design can’t save it if it sinks in water but it can resist water splashes and rain quite well.

The battery time of 12 hours is not very long but is decent enough for the price. It takes between 3-4 hours to charge which is a bit high. The Bluetooth has a range of 33 ft: good enough for the size. We didn’t find it good to make a combo with a laptop or pc.

Features of DOSS Soundbox

  1. Dimensions: 6.6 x 2.9 x 2.7 inches
  2. Weight: 1.2 pounds
  3. Frequency response: 50 Hz to 20 kHz
  4. Battery time: 12 hours
  5. Power: 12 watts
  6. Touch control panel
  7. 7 color variants
  8. Bluetooth 4.0
  9. Can work as handsfree

Overall, it is a nice affordable buy with decent audio quality and battery life.

Best Budget-Friendly Speaker

The Best Budget-Friendly Speaker is DOSS Soundbox because of its affordable price, great sound, and features.

#3. Best Outdoor Speaker - LG PL7 XBOOM Go Review

LG PL7 XBOOM Go is a modern-style outdoor speaker equipped with a lot of great features. It has a round-ended cylindrical body with an IPX5 rated perforated body. The round-edges have rings of LED lights giving it a beautiful look. The speaker has high-quality material and is very long-lasting.

The sound quality is not the best you can get but still, it gives quite a wide frequency response. Although the bass isn’t punchy, it is quite deep. The volume is not very loud. Still, it performs well for the given size. Overall, the audio is decent but not very good.

The best feature it has is its 24 hours Li-ion battery that can last for more than a couple of days. Its long battery makes it great for large-distance traveling, camping, and other trips. It takes about 4 hours to charge which is quite normal for Bluetooth speakers.

The power peaks at 24 watts which is sufficient for a Bluetooth speaker for classical music. It has multiple stereo integration features that enables it to synchronize with up to 100 other LG speakers. Also, Google LLC integrates with it which enables you to control it from anywhere. Some of the buyers don’t find the volume to be adequate.

Features of LG XBOOM

  1. Dimensions: 9.7 x 3.9 x 3.9 inches
  2. Weight: 3.2 pounds
  3. Battery life: 24 hours
  4. Power: 30 watts
  5. Color: Black
  6. LED lighting rings on corners
  7. IPX5 waterproof
  8. Integration with up to 100 LG speakers

Overall, it is a nice portable and durable speaker at a moderate price.

Best Outdoor Speaker

The Best Outdoor Speaker is the LG PL7 XBOOM because of its high-quality materials, durability, and portability.

#4. Best Portable Speaker - Wonderboom 2 Review

Wonderboom 2 is a compact little Bluetooth speaker that can best be described best as ‘unique’. It has a compact cylindrical shape with cut-off corners. This structure gives it 360° audio. It has an elastic loop at the top to carry. Control buttons are spread over and on the side of the speaker.

Given its size, the speaker has very loud and clear audio. The 360° audio gives a theatrical effect which is nice especially for parties. The bass is crisp and strong and the highs are warm. Although they are not the best, still they fall in the high-quality tear of audio tone.

It has a playtime lasting up to 13 hours. For this size, it is above par. It can work out fairly well for traveling, camping, and for small trips. Added to this, it has got a 100 ft Bluetooth range relieving you of the worries of disconnection. Moreover, the Bluetooth connectivity is also hassle and distortion-free.

The speaker has an IPX7 waterproof design. It can survive 30 minutes at 1 meter underwater. In addition, it has a rugged, dustproof, and shockproof body. All these features make it the ultimate best portable speaker for the outdoors.

Features of Wonderboom 2

  1. Dimensions: 3.68 x 3.68 x 4.02 inches
  2. Weight: 0.9 pounds
  3. Playtime: 13 hours
  4. Bluetooth range: 100 ft
  5. IPX7 waterproof
  6. Dual speaker stereo integration
  7. Elastic loop for handling

Overall, it is a great compact and portable speaker with quality sound at a somewhat off-set price.

Best Portable Speaker

The best portable speaker is Wonderboom 2 because of its compact size, portable build, and great sound clarity.

#5. Best Affordable Speaker - Amazon Basics IPX5 Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker Review

Amazon Basics Bluetooth speaker is an affordable Amazon-branded product with decent quality. You shouldn’t expect hi-fi results. If you’re on a budget it can serve you well. It has a rather slim rectangular body with the speaker channel on one side and the control panel on the top.

Sound-wise, it has a moderately loud volume with average sound quality. It can play the mids just fine but the lows are a bit sloppy. For this reason, the bass of the speaker isn’t good for classical music. The volume at higher volumes doesn’t have large distortion.

The audio system consists of two internal full-range speakers. It has a battery life of 8 hours which is enough for small trips. The Bluetooth range is just the normal: 33 ft. The body of the best Bluetooth speaker is water-resistant and can endure soft splashes of water. 

The model has a very lightweight and compact body. You can take calls on it using the built-in mic. Also, it can play music using an AUX cable.  Considering all odds, for the price, the speaker can be a great choice for you.

Features of Amazon Basic BSK30 Speaker

  1. Dimensions: 6.3 x 1.5 x 2.6 inches
  2. Weight: 0.5 pounds
  3. Battery life: 8 hours
  4. Power: Two 2.5 watt mid-range speakers
  5. 3.5 mm aux cable jack
  6. Bluetooth range: 33 ft
  7. Color variations: Black and red

Overall, it is a very budget-friendly speaker with a decent feature set and quality.

Best Affordable Speaker

The best affordable speaker is Amazon Basics BSK30 Bluetooth Speaker because of its low price, decent sound, and elegant build.

Buyers’ Guide

Before buying a Bluetooth speaker to play classical music, you should have knowledge of a few things. Otherwise, you might end up buying some speaker that you’ll regret putting your hand on. Here, we have compiled all the necessary information you’ll need to get the best deal for a classical-sounding Bluetooth speaker.

Which Bluetooth speakers are best for classical music?

Classical music is composed using several different instruments including violin, piano, flute, clarinets, and others most of which utilize low and mid frequencies. The primary factor that determines a speaker’s ability to play classical music is its lower limit of frequency response. The low a frequency it can produce, the better it is.

Desirable Qualities

Some of the desirable qualities you should look for in the sound of a speaker are detailed here.


A very distinctive quality of a beautiful sound is that different parts of it can be recognized differently. It isn’t jumbled up and indistinct. A necessary thing for a speaker to play classical music is that it can play clear and sharp stereo sound over a range of harmonics. You should always be on check for that.

Deep Bass

Many of the classical instruments are played on low frequencies. To do justice with them, a speaker should be rich in bass. Bass describes the tone of low frequency. You can go through the bass rating for a speaker to make sure that.


Violin and piano play sounds fall mostly in the mid-range region frequencies. Subwoofers or mid-range speakers handle this region of frequency well. You should look for these kinds of internal speakers. 


The thing that can destroy the pleasure of classical music for you is distortion in the sound. It can be due to fault in machinery, static in Bluetooth connection, or quality of the speaker. You should try to avoid distortion in the sound.


Classical music gives the best result when played at high volumes. You should make sure that the speakers you buy are capable of making a high volume.

Features You Should Look for

Apart from the qualities of sound, you should look for some features to enhance your experience with Bluetooth speakers.

Battery Life

If you’re buying a speaker for outdoor trips, you should look for a minimum of 8 hours of playtime. Depending on the duration of your trips, you can increase the playtime needed. Some Bluetooth speakers can give as much as 24 hours of battery time.


If you’re going to take the speaker to a watery area, you should buy water-resistance speakers. Some speakers can survive submerging in water, whereas, others can hold onto only soft splashes. You can buy according to your needs.


The main point of buying an outdoor speaker is to carry it for trips, traveling, and sporting without any hassle. For this, the speaker should have a lightweight and compact body with a handle to carry and hang.


Other features you may look for in a Bluetooth speaker include a built-in mic for calling, accessories like USB cable, aux-cable port, voice assistant integration, and synchronization with other speakers. 

Summing It All

Having an eye on all of that, we can say that you should look for the speaker at the price range you can afford that has the best possible sharpness, clarity, bass, and volume. You should also look for features to ease your use of the speaker.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do expensive speakers sound better?

Generally, yes. Expensive speakers can have better internal audio systems, magnets, and voice coils. Also, they can have a more sophisticated feature set and machinery integration to produce better sound quality. This doesn’t apply to all speakers, some cheap speakers are exceptionally well. Also, we have seen some expensive speakers with low quality.

Do old speakers sound better?

No! In the past century, the average sound quality was achieved after extensively working on the speaker build, and components. These old speakers also take a lot of space. Today, clear-audio and efficient speakers can be produced at affordable costs. Also, modern-day speakers are much more compact, lightweight, and easy to use.

Is good bass important for a Bluetooth speaker?

Yes! Almost all of the musical instruments and genres use low-frequency sound. Bass measures the efficiency of low-frequency tones. Having a rich bass is extremely important for a Bluetooth speaker. Without good bass, it cannot have good sound quality.

How much battery time is enough for Outdoor speakers?

It depends. Portable Bluetooth speakers have battery time ranging from 8 hours to 24 hours. The battery time suitable for you depends on your needs. If you’re looking to get a speaker for small trips and picnics, 8-12 hours will do fine. But if you’re going camping, you can buy speakers having playtime anywhere between 18-24 hours.

Final Thoughts

After analyzing all speakers in detail, our team has reached the conclusion that JBL Charge 4 is the ultimate best Bluetooth speaker for classical music. It has astounding sound clarity and sharpness. The frequency response is pretty diverse and wide. Also, the bass is great at all volumes. The volume can go quite loud.

The speaker has got a very portable and compact body with an elegant and long-lasting design. Its quality and value justify its price.


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