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You will agree with us when we say that searching and choosing the right bike speaker can prove to be a hectic task.

To find the bike speakers that fit your desired specifications can be very tough.

To save your time, we have compiled a list of bluetooth bike speakers.

In the post below, you can find reviews on bluetooth bike speakers with some essential tips and some frequently asked questions.

Top Pick

Designed to withstand rough outdoor conditions, this bluetooth bike speaker is made from highly durable materials

Runner Up

The versatile design allows this speaker to be highly portable. Outfitted with high quality speakers and durable power bank.

Also Great

A power house enclosed in a hard resistant shell. This bluetooth bike speaker shows very high performance.

Best Bike Speakers Under - Top 9 Reviews

We’ve described all of the products with their features and weighed up their pros and cons.

#1. Best Deep Bass Bike Speaker - Ultimate Ears Boom 2 Review

This bluetooth speaker is designed for rough outdoor environments. It is highly resistant to dust, mud and water. It is very shockproof.

A high performing power bank allows this speaker to provide playtime of 10 to 15 hours. The high quality battery shows consistent performance even after regular use.

The cylindrical design of this portable speaker enables it to produce a 360 ambient sound with good quality bass.

The control buttons on these bluetooth speakers allows hands free phone calls and convenient use overall.

Features of Ears Boom 2:

    • Compact cylindrical design
    • Bicycle mount compatibility
    • Shock and waterproof
    • HIgh quality rechargeable battery
    • Multiple control buttons

Best Deep Bass Bike Speaker

The Best Deep Bass Bike Speakers is the Ultimate Ears Boom 2. This wireless bluetooth sport portable speaker is built to endure your outdoor biking experience. Highly resistant outer shell with a good performing speaker inside.

#2. Best Dual Pairing Bike Speaker - Bohm Impact Plus Review

This speaker is designed to serve multiple purposes as a wireless bluetooth speaker. A highly portable design makes this wireless speaker very easy to carry.

The large power bank can be used for dual purposes. It enables this wireless bluetooth speaker to provide longer battery timings and also acts as a charging port for your phone.

The high quality speakers provide a very immersive music experience. This enables you to have a pleasing riding experience.

The dust proof design allows it to be used easily in outdoor settings without the worry of it getting damaged.

Features of Impact Plus:

    • Built in microphone for hands free use
    • Exceptional battery life
    • Water resistant IPX4
    • Dual purpose power bank
    • Multiple audio inputs
    • Multiple device bluetooth connection

Best Dual Pairing Bike Speaker

The Best Dual Pairing Speaker is the Bohm Impact Plus because it provides a variety of useful features. It can connect multiple devices at the same time. It comes with good bluetooth connection, a heavy duty rechargeable battery. Everything bluetooth speakers need.

#3. Best Durable Bike Speaker - JBL Charge 4 Review

Designed and made highly durable rugged material, this speaker is a good fit for outdoor cycling and adventures. The variety of available colours makes this bluetooth speaker eye pleasing.

This bluetooth speaker has everything a music lover needs. It has an exceptional bluetooth range for a portable bluetooth bike speaker.

This bluetooth speaker system is able to produce high quality sound effects due to its passive bass radiators. It also has an IPX7 waterproof rating.

This portable bluetooth speaker has exceptional connectivity. It can maintain a stable sound quality and connection over quite some distance.

Features of Charge 4:

      • Exceptional bluetooth connectivity
      • Good battery life
      • Bicycle speaker mount compatibility
      • High tier sound quality
      • Dust, mud and waterproof

Best Durable Bike Speaker

The Best Durable Bike Speaker is the JBL Charge 4. This portable wireless  bike speaker is made from highly rugged outer fibre mesh which is dust and water resistant. The high sound quality and surround sound makes this speaker a very viable choice for outdoor adventures.

#4. Best Sport Bike Speaker - Venstar S404 Wireless Speaker Review

Designed to be extremely compact yet effective. This bluetooth speaker system can be easily mounted on your bike or bicycle.

This speaker comes with a built in FM radio option. The sound quality is extremely good compared to its small size. The rechargeable battery is highly durable.

This wireless bluetooth sport portable speaker is made from very tough material. It has top mounted control buttons to ease your music streaming.

The power bank installed in this bicycle speaker can easily provide runtime of upto 8 hours. This allows this bluetooth bike speaker to last longer without the worry of charging again.

Features of S404 Wireless:

    • High quality sound
    • Highly compatible bike mount design
    • Water, shock and dust proof.
    • Built in microphone
    • Tough and durable material build

Best Sport Bike Speaker

The Best Sport Bike Speaker is the Venstar S404 Wireless Speaker as it is designed to be easily mounted on your bikes and bicycles. The high sound quality speaker enables you to stream your music and calls without any distortion. The tough outer shell makes this speaker highly resistant to rough conditions of your outdoor adventures.

#5. Best Battery Timing Bike Speaker - Celtic Blu Bluetooth 5.0 Speaker Review

This speaker system by Celtic Blue is outfitted with a high performance and durable battery. It is able to last upto 30 hours of music playtime after a full charge.

The cylindrical design makes this portable speaker very easy to carry and fit in your bike mount. It can fit on your bike handle or your bottle handle.

The sound quality is beyond sufficient for a single person’s use. The built in microphone allows you with hands free utility while bicycling.

The power bank installed in this portable wireless bike speaker can also be used as a source to charge your other devices.

Features of Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless:

      • Handlebar Remote Control
      • Longer Lasting Battery
      • Micro SD card compatibility
      • Surround sound for organic music effects
      • Easy bike mount fit

Best Battery Timing Bike Speaker

The Best Battery Timing Bike Speaker is the Celtic Blu Bluetooth 5.0 Speaker. It is equipped with a big and longer lasting battery for your outdoor bicycling adventures. The durable outer casing protects the bluetooth speakers inside from shock and water very consistently.

#6. Best Compact Bike Speaker - JBL Wind Speaker Review

This bluetooth bike speaker from JBL is designed to not only accommodate in your bicycling adventures. But it is also handy for your on foot experience.

The small design is made to be highly portable but it has exceptionally good sound quality. It is able to stream music without any distortions.

The built in Micro SD card reader allows a wide variety in use. The battery timing lasts around 8 to 10 hours off a full charge.

The round design produces an overall surround effect for your music. The sound quality is very consistent even after regular use.

Features of Wind Speaker:

      • Compact round design
      • Hands Free calling with built in microphone
      • Easy to install bike mount
      • High performing bluetooth speakers
      • Multiple connectivity options

Best Compact Bike Speaker

The Best Compact Bike Speaker is the JBL Wind wireless bluetooth bike speaker. It is small in design to take less space on the bike handle and your backpack. The rechargeable battery lasts longer and is consistent in performance.

#7. Best Budget Bike Speaker - Scosche BMBTCAN Boombars Review

The speaker is designed for cyclists looking for a rather casual music experience along with their adventures. It is small in design and very convenient to carry around in your backpack.

The latest bluetooth technology enables distortion less music streaming over long distance. This also allows the speaker to maintain a stable and strong connection.

The bike mount on this speaker is capable of 360 rotation. This allows you to set the speakers at the perfect angle on your bike or bicycle.

This wireless bike speaker can last around 6 to 8 hours on a full charge. The sound quality is consistent on full and low battery.

Features of BMBTCAN Boombars:

      • Small and compact design
      • Bike and bicycle mount compatibility
      • Multiple input options
      • Highly durable outer shell
      • Consistent bluetooth connection

Best Budget Bike Speaker

The Best Budget Bike Speaker is the Scosche BMBTCAN Boombars. It is designed to be high performing and portable at an affordable price. The multiple input options allow versatility in use. The small and round design makes it easy to be carried around in your backpack and your bike.

#8. Best Multi Purpose Bike Speaker - Aurtec Bluetooth Speaker Review

This portable bluetooth speaker is designed to serve more than a single purpose as a music device. It can be used as a speaker and a flashlight at the same time.

The high quality LED installed in it can be used as an emergency light, a camp lantern or just a casual light source. The light is very bright and can last quite a long time.

The overall build of this portable bluetooth speaker is highly durable. It is shock, dust and waterproof. This makes it a suitable option for outdoor adventures.

The built in input options such as Micro SD card reader increase this bluetooth speaker’s versatility.

Features of Aurtec BT:

      • Extremely portable
      • Torch like sleek design
      • Long lasting battery
      • Six different light modes
      • Multiple mounting options

Best Multi Purpose Bike Speaker

The Best Multi Purpose Speaker is the Aurtec Bluetooth Speaker as it is designed to act as a music speaker but also as a high quality torch. The multi mode torch can serve as a torch, an emergency light beacon and as a lamp too. A longer lasting battery ensures that it performs in a needy time.

#9. Best Sound Quality Speaker - DOSS Soundbox Review

This bluetooth speaker is designed to provide the best sound quality for your cycling adventure. A high quality speaker ensures that the music is organic and ambient sounding.

Comes with multiple input options like Bluetooth, Micro SD card and AUX cable. This greatly increases the versatility of this bluetooth speaker.

The sleek brick like design is very eye pleasing and easy to carry in your hands. It can easily fit in your backpack without taking up a lot of space.

The easy connectivity allows you to play your music on the go without any interruption. The good bluetooth features allow you to maintain a stable and strong connection.

Features of SoundBox:

      • High quality speakers
      • Sleek modern design
      • Touch control panel 
      • Longer lasting battery
      • 360 surround sound music effects

Best Sound Quality Speaker

The Best Sound Quality Bike Speaker is the DOSS SoundBox bluetooth speaker. It is designed to produce high quality music effects for a long lasting amount of time. The sleek design makes it highly convenient to use as an outdoor as well as an indoor speaker.

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Buying Guide

What should I look for when buying a bike speaker?

There are numeros things and features to look out for when buying a bluetooth bike speaker. The number of options available on the market can make this decision process tedious. For a casual cyclist, this task can prove very overwhelming and time consuming. To accommodate in your process of choosing, following are some of the features to look out for in your wireless bike speaker:

  • Mounting options:

A lot of bike and bicycle speakers are designed to fit a universal bike mount with ease. Some of them are even able to fit the bottle holder on your bike and bicycle. A number of brands make custom mounts for their bluetooth bike speakers.

The other thing to look out for is the shape of the mount. Bluetooth bike speakers with built in mounts usually have it at their base. While in some cases you have to buy a separate mount that grips the speaker as a whole like your bicycle’s bottle holder.

It is recommended to get a speaker that has a mount compatibility. This way you don’t have to carry your speakers in your backpack or find some other way to utilize it. With a mount you can actually use the speaker how it is intended to be used.

  • Water and Shock proofing:

One of the main features to look for in a bike or bicycle speaker is how resistant it is to shock and water conditions. Majority of options in the market are completely shock and waterproof because of the nature of their use.

Since, bike and bicycle speakers are intended to be used in an outdoor setting. It is good to have  a speaker that is shock and waterproof. The shock resistant ability allows the speaker to avoid any damage to the inner parts while moving irregularly on your bike.

The water proofing in a speaker is a good thing on a general level. This makes you worry less of an unlikely circumstance in which your speaker gets splashed or comes in contact with a water body.

  • Choose

Bluetooth connectivity is a major and a quite important feature of a bluetooth bike speaker. This increases the signal strength between your device and the speakers. It also ensures that your music effects are in order with any distortion.

It is recommended to purchase bluetooth bike speakers that are equipped with the latest bluetooth version on market. Even though an older version is fine. It might create problems in the longer run.

Other connection options are also useful and can come in handy. A speaker with options like AUX cable input or a Micro SD card compatibility is often better than a speaker with just bluetooth connectivity.

Why are bike speakers useful?

Bike speakers can be used to enhance your outdoor travelling by a lot. The aspect of being mounted on your bike allows you to play your music while cycling. A person can enjoy hands free experience too with a built in microphone.

Compared to wired headphones, these wireless speakers are very convenient. The wireless experience enables you to focus more on your cycling and environment rather than managing your headphone wires.

What kind of mounting accessories are required?

A lot of speakers come with their own mounts. Some of them have their mounts already attached to them. All you need to mount your speaker on the handle is a screwdriver. Other than that is totally based on personal choice.

After mounting your speaker holder, all you need is to place your speakers on the mount and you are good to go. The mounting braces are very strong and durable on their own. You don’t need further support for them.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why should I buy a bike speaker?

A bike speaker is very versatile in use. It can be used for hands free music streaming and also hands free calling. This comes in very handy while cycling as you can listen and control your speakers without actually having to touch them.

Are bike speakers water-proof?

Almost every wireless bluetooth bike speaker is made to be waterproof. Since, the intended purpose for these speakers is in an outdoor environment. These speakers are good against water splashes and even water submersion.

Are bike speakers good against bumpy tracks?

Since bike speakers are supposed to be mounted on a bike, the majority of them are made to be shockproof. The outer shell is made from highly durable plastic material. This provides resistance against any sort of fall damage.

What is an ample battery life for a speaker?

Bike and bicycle speakers are smaller in size compared to a normal bluetooth speaker. Because of this they are able to perform longer. A good battery life is somewhere between 8 to 12 hours after a full charge.

Why do the majority of the bike speakers look alike?

There are a variety of speaker designs available on the market. Majority of them are designed in a small cylindrical shaper so they can fit any mount easily. The other designs come with their own specific mounts to fit them.

Does the design of a speaker impact its performance?

A speaker’s design impacts its sound quality alot. The overall music effects and how loud they sound depends on the design. A cylindrical design is the best design as it provides the best surround sound effect.

Are bike speakers easy to install?

Wireless bluetooth speakers are pretty convenient to install despite having two different components. A lot of mounts can be installed with just a screwdriver. They only require a couple of screws or just a single one.

Are bike speakers safe while cycling?

Bluetooth bike speakers are small in size and take little to no space on your bike or bicycle’s handle. This allows you to maneuver and control your bike without any interruption.

Is a single bike speaker enough for good sound?

Despite their small size, bluetooth bike speakers are powerful in their output. A single speaker is more than enough to meet your required sound levels. They are intended to be used as a personal speaker and they do that task very efficiently.

What is the best location to install a bike speaker?

Usually the best location to install bike speakers is the handle. This provides the best sound quality and ease in use. A lot of people prefer installing it on the bottle handle. But the recommended location is the front handle of your bike. 

Final Verdict

Selecting a fine bike speaker can elevate and enhance your cycling experience significantly. After testing and reviewing a number of products available on the market, we have decided that the Ultimate Ears Boom 2 is the best speaker choice. The convenient carrying and mount fitting with a high duty speaker, this speaker has everything to fulfill your needs. A durable, longer lasting battery makes sure you get your music played without any interruption. This brings us to the end of our review on best bike speakers. Do let us know which bike speaker is best in your opinion?
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