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You will agree with us when we say that finding the best bicycle speakers in a market full of options can prove a little hectic and time consuming.

It can get tough pretty quickly when it comes to actually deciding which bicycle speaker you want.

To make this process less time consuming for you, we have gathered a list of bluetooth bicycle bike speakers.

Following are some of the best bluetooth bicycle speakers along with some common tips and frequently asked questions.

Top Pick

Designed to be easy mounted and attached to your bicycle. This speaker can also fit in your backpack pretty easily.

Runner Up

The portable and compact design is very convenient to install and carry around. Equipped with a heavy duty speaker.

Also Great

Built with high quality materials from its outer shell, to the speakers inside. This speaker is a power house.

Best Bicycle Speakers - Top 8 Reviews

We’ve described all of the products with their features and weighed up their pros and cons.

#1. Best Overall Bicycle Speaker - Aplatronix AX410 Review

This portable bluetooth speaker is designed to perform as an all-rounder. A durable and tough outer casing with a high quality speaker fitted inside it.

The dual speaker fitting with a subwoofer enables this bluetooth bicycle speaker to produce high sound quality music. The bass radiator inside ensures that the music effects are organic.

The heavy duty rechargeable battery can give a music playtime of 10 to 12 hours with a full charge. It can be easily charged by using a Micro USB cable.

The cylindrical design can fit almost every bottle holder with ease. This makes your riding experience enjoyable.

Features of AX410:

  1. Shock and Waterproof
  2. Hands free bicycling
  3. Impact proof outer casing
  4. Exceptional music player
  5. Long battery life

Best Overall Bicycle Speaker

The Best Overall Bicycle Speaker is the Alpatronix AX410 because it is made to give you high quality music performance with a strong casing. It can survive harsh conditions easily with a longer lasting battery.

#2. Best Portable Bicycle Speaker - Clearon Bluetooth 4.0 Review

This Clearon portable bluetooth speaker system is designed to be extremely compact and handy. The small design makes this bluetooth bike speaker very easy to carry around.

This speaker is outfitted with a lot of input options. These options include bluetooth, AUX input, built in FM radio and a Micro SD card slot. 

The compact design makes this speaker very versatile. It can be easily mounted on a bike, car, boat or your backpack.

This Clearon portable bluetooth bike speaker is able to run for about 15 hours on a full charge. This makes this speaker a very viable option for your outdoor adventures.

Features of Bluetooth 4.0:

    • Small and compact design
    • Water resistant IPX4 rating
    • Shock and Dust proof
    • Multiple input options
    • Hands free phone calls

Best Portable Bicycle Speaker

The Best Portable Bicycle Speaker is Clearon Bluetooth 4.0 because this wireless bluetooth speaker is designed to be small yet powerful. The compact design makes it very easy to carry around. The multiple input options enables this bluetooth speaker system to be very handy.

#3. Best Build Quality Bicycle Speaker - Kuryakyn 2720 MTX Review

This wireless bluetooth bike speaker is designed and built with high quality materials. The outer casing is made from very durable plastic material with an exceptional pair of speakers inside.

The long cylindrical design can easily fit your bicycle or bike’s handlebar. The unique shape also provides great and immersive sound quality for your music.

The multiple input options of this bike speaker allows you to connect with more than one method. It has bluetooth and AUX cable connectivity features.

This bluetooth bicycle speaker is equipped with its own heat sink feature. This allows you to play music for longer durations while bicycling or in a normal setting.

Features of 2720 MTX:

      • Modern sleek design
      • Great bluetooth range 
      • Multiple connectivity options
      • IPX4 water resistant rating
      • High quality sound

Best Build Quality Bicycle Speaker

The Best Build Quality Bicycle Speakers are the Kuryakyn 2720 MTX. It is designed to provide enhanced surround sound music effects with a highly durable casing. Equipped with multiple speakers inside it, it makes sure that your cycling experience is elevated with great music.

#4. Best Multi Purpose Bicycle Speaker - Zealot S1 Review

This wireless bluetooth speaker is designed to be highly versatile for its use. It has added features of a flashlight and the utility of a power bank.

The cylindrical design easily fits your bicycle mount. It makes your bicycling experience very convenient and easy.

The power bank feature allows you to charge your other devices while listening to music. It can come in handy in a lot of circumstances.

This portable wireless bike speaker has multiple input options. These include bluetooth connectivity along with an AUX jack options.

Features of S1:

    • Extremely portable
    • Good bluetooth connection
    • Hands Free utility
    • Multiple connectivity options
    • Long battery life

Best Multi Purpose Bicycle Speaker

The Best Multi Purpose Bicycle Speaker is the Zealot S1. This waterproof bluetooth bike speaker is designed to fill more than one of your needs. A high sound quality speaker with a power bank option provides you a lot of utility in your bicycling adventures.

#5. Best Battery Life Bicycle Speaker - Icewater BT Speaker Review

This uniquely designed wireless bluetooth speaker is a good choice if you are looking to stay outdoor for a long time.

The rechargeable battery can provide a playtime of upto 24 hours on a full charge. The high quality battery is very consistent even after regular use.

This portable wireless bike speaker is very easy to mount and fit in your regular bottle holder.

 It comes with an additional holding pin to attach it with your backpack.

The speakers fitted inside provide high sound quality and good music effects. The performance remains at optimal level after regular use.

Features of Icewater BT:

      • Unique design
      • Highly portable
      • Multiple use bluetooth speakers
      • Shock and splash proof
      • Good bluetooth connectivity

Best Battery Life Bicycle Speaker

The Best Battery Life Bicycle Speaker is the Icewater Bluetooth Speaker. It is designed to last a very long time due to its heavy duty battery. Providing you with exceptional music playtime along with the utility of being a waterproof bluetooth speaker.

#6. Best Bluetooth Range Bicycle Speaker - Tech OT2301 Buckshot 2.0 Review

This speaker is designed to provide you the freedom of not having to carry your speaker everywhere. The good bluetooth range allows you to be at a long distance from your speaker.

The IPX4 rating of this speaker makes it shock and waterproof. This enables the bluetooth speakers to be used in a rather rugged and tough environment. 

The high capacity battery enables you to play your choice of music for long periods. It can last around 16 to 22 hours on a full charge.

The cylindrical design makes this speaker produce surround sound effects with ease. It also fits on your bicycle mount with ease.

Features of OT2301 Buckshot 2.0:

      • Multiple input features
      • Rugged outer body
      • Cylindrical modern design
      • Longer lasting battery life
      • Long range bluetooth connectivity

Best Bluetooth Range Bicycle Speaker

The Best Bluetooth Range Bicycle Speaker is the Buckshot 2.0 from Tech OT2301 series. It is designed to provide strong and stable bluetooth connectivity over 100 feet. This allows you to move freely without carrying your speaker with you. The high quality speaker ensures that you get the desired music sound you are looking for.

#7. Best Budget Bicycle Speaker - Onforu Portable Speaker Review

This portable bluetooth bike speaker is designed for casual cyclists and adventurers. It provides all the necessary features required in a bluetooth bike speaker.

It has a built in mount. Due to that reason it is very convenient to mount and demount. This makes the detaching process very easy and less time consuming.

The latest bluetooth 5.0 provides you with good bluetooth connection and range. It also gives you stable connection over long distances and low battery life.

This portable bluetooth speaker has a good rechargeable battery. It can provide over 6 hours of music playtime with a full charge.

Features of Onforu:

      • Multiple input features
      • Shock and waterproof
      • Compact round design
      • Easy to store portable speaker
      • Convenient mounting

Best Budget Bicycle Speaker

The Best Budget Bicycle Speaker is the Onfuro Portable Bluetooth Speaker. It is a compact yet efficient wireless bike speaker. It has a good battery life and good music output all at an affordable price.

#8. Best Multi Feature Bicycle Speaker - Avantree Cyclone Portable Bluetooth Speaker Review

This bluetooth bike speaker is equipped with multiple input features. This enables you to connect your phone with more than one input option.

It is equipped with bluetooth, AUX and USB input along with the feature of NFC. The Near Field Communication (NFC) is the easiest and fastest way to connect your smartphone with the speakers.

The cylindrical design enables you to attach this speaker with ease to your bike mount. It also provides an overall better music sound and experience.

The IPX4 rating enables this speaker to be highly resistant to water splashes and dusty environments. This bike speaker is also highly shock resistant.

Features of Cyclone Portable BT:

      • Highly portable
      • Durable rechargeable battery
      • Sleek cylindrical design
      • Stable bluetooth connectivity
      • Exceptional sound quality

Best Multi Feature Bicycle Speaker

The Multi Feature Bluetooth Speaker is the Avantree Cyclone Bluetooth Speaker. These speakers are designed to be highly durable and longer lasting. With the added features, they make a very viable option as a wireless portable speaker.

Buying Guide

What should I look for when buying a Bicycle speaker?

There are many key features and components to look for when buying your bicycle speakers. Many of them are compulsory for bicycle speakers. The amount of products available on the market can make choosing a speaker difficult. For a new customer, this whole process of selecting can get very tough. To help you with your decision, following are some of the important things to look out for in your speakers:

  • Price:

Many speakers that are available on the market are sold on a fair price compared to their features. Buying a high quality speaker ensures that your speaker is overall well made. It provides a solid outer shell with a high performing speaker inside.

But if a speaker is priced at a lower rate. It might have little flaws in it. But more that often, they are pretty good in overall performance. It can have a small battery or might lack in sound output. 

It is recommended to buy a good priced speaker. This ensures that your speaker lasts the test of time without any drop in performance. It also makes sure that your speaker doesn’t get damaged from the outside due to water, dust or shocks.

  • Mounting:

A lot of speakers available on the market are designed to be convenient when it comes to mounting. The cylindrical design almost fits every mount with ease. They can even fit your bottle handle on your bicycle.

Some of them come with their own mounting grip with the package. It is good to buy a speaker with mounting gear included. This keeps you from buying a third party bike mount for your speakers.

The accessories required for mounting are screws and a screwdriver. The screws are usually provided with the mount. All you need is to screw them on your handle and you are good to go.

  • Bluetooth Connectivity:

One of the most important features of these speakers is the bluetooth option. Products available on the market are equipped with the latest bluetooth version. This enables strong and stable bluetooth connections over long distance.

A speaker with a good bluetooth installed is easy to connect to. It provides good sound quality in overall sound output and music effects. This also enables your speaker to output its sound without any distortion in it.

It is good practice to buy a speaker with good bluetooth technology. This allows you to get the best value out of your speakers. It  also makes sure that you don’t have to change your speakers after some time.

  • Multiple Input Options:

Many of the bluetooth speakers come with multiple options to connect your device. Some of them just have bluetooth connectivity while some have AUX and Micro SD card compatibility.

The best choice is to buy a speaker that has more than one option. It acts as a secondary or back up for your speakers. Instead of worrying about it not working, you can just use the back up in such a circumstance.

Having multiple options can save your speaker’s battery life too. Usually a speaker running on bluetooth takes more power from the battery than a AUX cable or Micro SD card.

best bicycle speakers

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do all speakers come with FM Radio options?

A lot of speakers have FM Radio options in them pre-installed. But not all of the speakers available in them. It is important to read the product description in order to determine if it has FM Radio feature in it or not.

Are the speakers shock resistant when mounted?

Almost every bicycle speaker is made in order to be shockproof. After mounting they get further shock protection from the mount itself. The mount restricts the irregular movement of the speaker. Since they are intended to be used in an outdoor environment, the outer material is made to be tough and durable against minor and major shocks.

Are bicycle mounts reliable for speakers?

Bicycles mounts are highly reliable and recommended for your speakers. Some speakers have the snap clip installed on them but a mount ensures that your speaker doesn’t move irregularly while cycling. Cycle rides can get bumpy and get unexpected bumps which can cause the speaker to collide with the cycle frame. A mount keeps your speaker in place and restricts irregular movement.

Is a bicycle speaker better than a normal speaker?

A bicycle speaker is intended for personal use. In terms of performance, they are usually on par in most cases. But in terms of portability, they are superior to normal bluetooth speakers. As they can be mounted and fixed on your bike and free up space in your backpack. This also allows you to listen to your music on the go with better quality.

Do shocks affect the connectivity of speakers?

The internal parts of the bicycle speakers are hard fixed and are made in order to resist heavy shocks while cycling. The connectivity and signal strength of the speakers is not affected by the shocks whatsoever. It has no effect on the sound output of your speakers.

What is a suitable battery life for a bicycle speaker?

A good bicycle speaker should at least last for a good 6 to 8 hours. Since they are supposed to be used in an environment with no charging spot. A speaker with a longer lasting battery life is highly recommended. It allows you to play your music without worry of your speaker dying halfway into the trip.

Are all bicycle speakers waterproof?

Almost every bicycle speaker available on the market is completely waterproof or highly resistant to splash and water. They are supposed to be used in a rough environment and manufacturers make sure that it has the best waterproofing for longer and consistent use.

What kind of mounting accessories are required for bicycle speakers?

Bicycle speakers are usually shipped with mounting gear included in their package by the company. All you need is a screwdriver to mount it on your bicycle handle. Other than that, there isn’t anything required to install mounts for your bicycle speakers.

Are bicycle speakers easy to handle?

Bicycles speakers are designed to be compact and small in size so they can easily fit and mount on your bicycle handlebar. These speakers are very easy to handle and convenient in use compared to regular bluetooth speakers. Majority of them are designed in a cylinder shape so they can be inserted into any mount.

Why use a bicycle speaker rather than a normal speaker?

There are multiple reasons to use a bicycle speaker instead of a normal bluetooth speaker. It is highly portable and compact in size. Some of them have built in microphones for hands free calling. They are equipped with larger and longer lasting batteries compared to the normal bluetooth speakers.

Final Verdict

Choosing a good bicycle speaker can greatly enhance your cycling journey as a whole. After testing and reviewing multiple products available on the market. We have concluded that the Alpatronix AX410 is the best bicycle speaker choice. The design and over sound output is exceptional compared to other speakers. The ability to connect your device in more than a single way makes this speaker very versatile. A durable and longer lasting battery ensures that your speaker lasts the duration of your outdoor adventure. With this, we come to the end of review on best bicycle speakers. Do tell us which speaker you think is the best?
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