Best Asymmetrical VR Games – Top 5 Picks, Buyers’ Guide, Tips & FAQs

We understand that, given the large range of games available, it can be difficult to select the best asymmetrical VR game that matches your expectations.

To make things easier for you, we’ll discuss the best asymmetrical VR games, their pros, and cons, and provide answers to some frequently asked questions. 

So, without further ado, let’s get into it.



Supernatural is one of the most peaceful experiences you can have, despite the title suggesting a scary game. It advertises that guided training sessions with knowledgeable instructors are held in stunning settings all over the world (and even off-world).

Runner Up


Superhot VR is a ton of fun and features incredibly distinctive gameplay that you won’t find in any other game. This is the game where you get to feel like the hero of an action movie while getting full-body exercise.

Also Great

Beat Saber

Beat Saber had a significant effect when it first debuted, and it continues to be one of the top rhythm VR games available today. It entails using two lightsabers to cut blocks while listening to your favorite music.

To help you choose the ideal one, we put a lot of time and effort into compiling a list of the top VR games for beginners.

Best Asymmetrical VR Games - Top 3 Reviews

#1: Best All-Around Asymmetrical VR Game - Supernatural Review

One of the most flexible VR games you can purchase for yourself is Supernatural.

If you’ve never used virtual reality before, it’s fairly difficult to explain. It’s still one of the unique traits you can have on the platform. 

Even if you have Supernatural, you have a wide variety of settings to pick from. Many of them are on Earth, while others appear to be from a stunning extraterrestrial world in a distant galaxy.

Your objective is to smash orbs and wriggle your way through various shapes to survive the level while being guided by the sound of a training specialist in that environment.

Supernatural is a very entertaining way to start your daily training regimen. It has stages of increasing degrees of difficulty, ranging from meditative yoga sessions to strenuous physical exercises.

Factors to Consider Before You Decide to Buy Supernatural

Price: Supernatural is on the more expensive end of the scale in terms of cost. The amount of value you receive from it more than justifies the price, even though it is undoubtedly expensive for a single purchase.

The game adds new levels frequently, giving you something new to experiment with almost every day.

Motion Sickness and Nausea: Supernatural does not cause motion sickness and nausea.

Fun Factor: Supernatural is unquestionably one of the most entertaining VR experiences you can have while working out at the same time. You can find something enjoyable because there are so many levels to pick from.

Best All-Around Asymmetrical Game

The best all-around asymmetrical VR game is Supernatural, thanks to its having a wide range of levels of varying difficulty and an intuitive user interface. You can play this game for a very long time and still have plenty of things to keep you exercising.

#2: Best Action Asymmetrical VR Game - Superhot VR Review

Superhot is a fun game because of its original premise: time only moves when you do.

That simply means that any projectile, shattered bottle, or blunt object hurled at you will stay suspended in the air if you don’t move.

You now have time to consider your next course of action. Perhaps you can dodge the bullet, grab the bottle, and hurl it back. Maybe you can grab someone’s gun and shoot back while dodging the bullet?

There are countless alternatives. There are opportunities for some tough muscle workouts because you have to hold your stance while you determine what to do next.

Factors to Consider Before You Decide to Buy Superhot

Price: We believe Superhot VR is well priced when you consider the quantity of material you receive and the amount of replay value the game offers.

Motion Sickness and Nausea: Gamers frequently get motion sickness while playing VR games. However, Superhot is not one of those games.

You won’t feel sick while playing because there aren’t any abruptly changing environments and the graphics are straightforward.

Fun Factor: You can pause time while attempting to find out how to avoid five bullets that are coming your way. Doesn’t that sound like fun?

Best Action Asymmetrical VR Game

The best action asymmetrical VR game is Superhot VR due to its highly unique game concept and strong visual style. 

#3: Best Rhythm VR Fitness Game - Beat Saber Review

The Beat Saber is extremely well-liked in the VR community, and for good reason. Even though it’s not marketed as a fitness game, you may make it one with the right attitude.

With the help of two lightsabers you have at your disposal, you can cut through obstacles while listening to your favorite music. You also move your body to avoid impediments that are heading your way.

It can take some practice to get proficient with your favorite music, despite how simple it may seem.

You’ll always have a wide selection to choose from because the community frequently adds tunes to the playlist.

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Beat Saber 

Price: The various song packs that are available for the game must be purchased separately, even if the base game is not particularly pricey.

Even though this isn’t ideal, you can still manage it by choosing the tunes you want and allocating your funds properly.

Motion Sickness and Nausea: Beast Saber does not cause motion sickness and nausea.

Fun Factor: Beat Saber is extremely popular precisely because it’s extremely fun. Just picture yourself using lightsabers to slice through blocks while listening to your favorite music. If that doesn’t seem like fun, we don’t know what does.

Best Rhythm Asymmetrical VR Game

The best rhythm asymmetrical VR game is Beat Saber due to its vast song library and highly amazing images. Depending on the kind of workout you want to do, you might choose music that is highly relaxing or quite tough.

Buyers’ Guide


We understand that choosing the best asymmetrical VR games might be challenging because of the wide range of features and characteristics available.

So let’s get right to these features and their significance.


When choosing a game, most people usually look at the cost first. This is especially true around Christmas when discounts are frequently offered.

Depending on whether you decide to buy the game offline or online, prices may change. Look for discounts at local store sales if at all possible.

For digital copies, it is advisable to keep an eye on pricing by using price monitoring websites, as you may wind up spending less altogether rather than more upfront.

Motion Sickness and Nausea

Since many video games are well-made, the vast majority of gamers won’t feel queasy or dizzy.

In general, you should try to stay away from this. Virtual reality games are played for fun, not to make you queasy and want to vomit.

Before purchasing any virtual reality games, it is a good idea to read consumer reviews and comments. Assess the situation and whether anyone is feeling uncomfortable using that knowledge.

Furthermore, you need to be aware that while other players might not experience motion sickness when playing a VR game, you might. This could happen quite a bit when you first start the game. Motion sickness issues disappear after you become adjusted to the game.

Under other circumstances, you might not be able to play the game at all.

Fun Factor

You must make sure the VR game you download is enjoyable.

Poorly designed and polished games can occasionally make gaming feel like a job. They are either painfully dull or painfully obnoxious.

Again, you can learn a lot about a game by watching gameplay videos and reading online reviews.


This is a crucial aspect to take into account before purchasing a virtual reality game. Make sure you like the genre. Watch a scary VR experience if you enjoy a little bit of terror since it will frighten you as soon as you enter virtual reality.

For options that are exciting rather than terrifying, simply choose your favorite genre from the many available, which range from racing to adventure.


The majority of people don’t consider how simple it is to use VR games, but this must be done.

Do you find the odd user interfaces and subpar controls in the majority of video games annoying? Think about navigating them virtually. You won’t be able to enjoy yourself since the annoyance is ten times stronger than you would expect.

No one wants that. Therefore, it’s a good idea to read online user reviews before purchasing any VR game.

There may also be online gameplay footage for the game you want to purchase. By carefully examining the gameplay and user interfaces, you can gain a far deeper understanding of a game.

You may find some controls annoying, even if others don’t. You can determine whether a game will be enjoyable for you by viewing gameplay videos.

In other cases, the poor polish and frustrating controls of some games make them dull to play. You should stay away from these games at all costs because they are exceedingly frustrating to play and ultimately a waste of money.

Game Mode

Always makes sure the game you buy satisfies your requirements. Before choosing the ideal one for you, you might want to think about the game’s single-player or multiplayer possibilities.

A small group of friends, strangers or members of social groupings can all participate in online multiplayer games. Cross-platform or cross-play virtual reality games should be taken into consideration. Never give up on the features you want, is what we advise.


The VR app exercises additionally exploit one of computer-generated reality’s best characteristics, zooming clients to typically inaccessible areas like:

  • The caldera is a well of lava
  • The outer layer of the moon 
  • The highest point of China’s Great Wall 
  • The meaning of pyramids in Egypt

There can even be a meditation mode for you to play around with and let you have your best workout.

Value of Replayability and Content Amount

This is an important consideration when choosing any game, not only VR games.

When you choose to play a game, you put time and money into it. Even though the game is free, finding, setting up, and playing it still takes time and effort.

You anticipate being compensated fairly for that period. Therefore, it’s important to carry out research and determine how much information a game must offer.

Some games don’t have a lot of content. However, when they do supply information, it is typically of a caliber and quality that makes paying for them justified.

Other games simply have a lot more content than they do. In these games, there is a vast library of levels and stages that you can explore and play through. These games usually have lively online communities.

Communities frequently contribute significantly to the survival of these games. This is due to the persistent updating of the VR game by passionate players who add new experiences, levels, and stages.

Exploring these growing collections is a never-ending experience.

Another type is a game that doesn’t necessarily have a lot of content to offer. However, you are free to look through and study that information as you please.

These games include ones that let you change your strategy or choices to affect the results. Some games give a variety of results depending on your choices.

The fact that you can play those games again with various choices and outcomes even after you’ve finished them gives them an outrageously high replayability value.


Reviews can give the buyer a solid notion of how well the game has been received since its debut, even though they are a kind of subjective feedback.

For example, despite having a compelling story and well-known characters, some video games may not perform well. Contrary to what some people may believe, as in the instance of Sniper Elite VR,

To confirm reviews, you can glance through multiple gameplay videos on the PlayStation VR or PC VR, or you can go to websites that compile reviews from critics for all first-person shooter games.


Some publishers are famous for their misleading or dishonest behavior to gain a lot of money. Microtransactions are one approach that could be used here.

The fact that you might have to spend more to obtain items that weren’t accessible when you initially purchased the game can be annoying.

Therefore, it’s important to know who published the game you ultimately decide to buy so you can avoid such tactics after reading some reviews.

Cadence update 

When they are first released, the majority of games are far from ideal. They either don’t have some characteristics or have some defects. The developers make updates to solve these problems.

These updates aim to correct any bugs or faults the game may have while also enhancing its functionality and adding new features.

However, some developers may choose to halt work on a game if it receives poor reviews or if a problem arises internally. As a result, the best VR games are those that have a long history of upgrades.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is VR Effective for Weight Loss?

Yes, you can incorporate VR into your weight reduction program to increase your level of sweating and calorie burning.

It should be noted that you shouldn’t rely solely on this method to lose weight. A good way to achieve this is by combining exercise with the right food.

Is VR Beneficial for Muscle Growth?

Yes. Choose from some of the greatest VR boxing or shadow boxing games available to tone your chest, shoulders, and back.

By participating in these fitness activities, you may strengthen other muscle groups as well as the muscles in your upper body.

How much time should I spend playing VR at once?

A maximum of 30 minutes should be spent using VR before taking a 15-minute break.

More time spent playing VR can lead to eye strain, vertigo, and motion sickness.

How does Supernatural define triple platinum?

You can see the exercise’s power in the upper left corner. M stands for medium, H for hard, and L for low power.

if you received triple platinum, which is almost the highest ranking. You will receive a diamond in the game if you achieve close to 99% for both precision and power.

How many calories can you burn while playing Supernatural?

Supernatural is at the peak of the calorie-consuming genre, where depending on the model you’re using, users can burn up to 10–13 calories every second, which is comparable to hiking.

Does VR Damage Your Eyes?

Although VR is not intrinsically dangerous for your eyes, there are specific situations in which playing with the incorrect settings might result in eye strain.

For instance, it might undoubtedly result in eye strain and motion sickness, if you use a VR headset that does not support your optimal IPD (Inter-pupillary distance).

The distance between your eyes and the screens inside the VR headset is known as the inter-pupillary distance. The ideal IPD for most men is 63 mm and for most women, it is 61 mm

Can VR lead to addiction?

Considering that drugs like nicotine, cocaine, heroin, etc. have typically been linked to the idea of addiction. Recent developments in VR technology have led to a rise in psychological dependence among users, which is similar to how addiction to drugs works.

Do video games for virtual reality entail a cost?

The cost of virtual reality games varies greatly, from being free to up to $60. versus independent games and games created by smaller companies, which can offer lower prices to urge customers to give them a try.

However, it is more likely that the games created by big businesses will be more expensive.

Is Moving Around in Superhot VR Possible?

If you wish to move, simply kill every enemy in the region you’re in before collecting the black prism that appears in front of you. 

As a result, you will be transported to a different region of the level, where you must repeat the earlier actions of eliminating all enemies, maintaining your life, and obtaining the prism.

Can virtual reality affect sleep?

The use of virtual reality in conjunction with relaxation techniques has been shown to improve sleep quantity and quality. A study indicated that VR helped youngsters with insomnia symptoms sleep better.

It also improved the quality of teens who weren’t experiencing sleep problems.

Final Verdict

There are tons of great asymmetrical VR games you can find on the market, but these are the best ones in our opinion. 

What makes them great is that you can pick and choose the level of intensity that you want to work out with. In our opinion, Supernatural is the best of the bunch due to its vast library, varying difficulty levels, and stunning visuals.

Which VR asymmetrical game do you think is the best? Let us know in the comments section below. 


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