You will agree with us when we say that finding a suitable 6×9 speaker for your motorcycle can be a little tough.

The number of products available on the market can also make this task time-consuming.

To ease up your process of buying, we have compiled a list of 6 x 9 motorcycle speakers.

Top Pick

Made with a mixture of stylish design and high-performance hardware, this speaker has the best of both worlds. It comes with its own compact amplifier for enhanced sound and Bluetooth connectivity.

Runner Up

Designed to be highly resistant to wear and tear, these audio speakers have high-quality rubber foam protection. It also comes with a built-in dome and tweeter for organic bass/vocal effects.

Also Great

This speaker system is made to look elegant. It comes with an integrated dome tweeter for surround sound output. It also comes with highly sensitive audio hardware with great frequency response.

Best 6X9 Speakers For Motorcycle - Top 3 Reviews

#1. Best Overall 6x9 Motorcycle Speakers - Boss Audio Systems MCBK420B Review

This pair of 6×9 speakers from Boss Audio is a blend between design and performance. It has an aerodynamic shape paired with high-performing hardware.

You can easily mount these speakers on the handle of your motorcycle using the mount clamps. They have a sturdy grip and are really easy to unmount.

We tested the consistency of quality sound and noticed that the Boss Audio hardware was able to project identical audio on all volume levels.

Unlike factory speakers, this speaker system has its own compact amplifier. You can play loud music without having to worry about any sound distortion.

Features of Boss Audio Systems MCBK420B

    • High grip mount clamps
    • Aerodynamic design
    • Waterproof build
    • Compact amplifier
    • Built-in volume control

Best Overall 6x9 Motorcycle Speakers

The best overall 6×9 motorcycle speakers are the Boss Audio Systems MCBK420B because of their modern design and high-quality hardware. It has a stable bass response and identical audio output on all volume levels.

#2. Best Performance 6x9 Motorcycle Speakers - Kicker 43DSC Review

These speakers from Kicker come with built-in Polypropylene cones. It has a 3-way design with individual dome and tweeters.

You can use these speakers for your cars and marine vehicles as well. All you need is a pair of Philips 4-head screws.

We tested the audio quality on the lower end of volumes and concluded that it was able to generate audio without any breakage.

Additionally, these speakers have rubber foam between the exterior casing and the internal hardware. It protects your speakers from any sort of shock damage.

Features of Kicker 43DSC

    • Easy to mount
    • 3-way coaxial speaker
    • Multiple-use speakers
    • Full-range frequency response
    • Neodymium tweeter magnet

Best Performance 6x9 Motorcycle Speakers

The best performance 6×9 motorcycle speakers are the Kicker 43DSC speakers. This is due to the dual functionality of these speakers. This 3-way speaker can be used as bike speakers, car speakers, and even for marine vehicles like boats.

#3. Best Budget 6x9 Motorcycle Speakers - Rockford R169X2 Review

These speakers are a fine replacement for your factory speaker system. It provides high-quality hardware at an affordable price.

You can play music on this speaker without any distortion in bass or vocal effects even on the low-end volumes. It uses top-tier rubber to make sure of it.

We tested this speaker without an amplifier. We concluded that it sounded even better without an amp.

Due to this reason, you can just hook up your speakers with your stereo and get them running without any hassle.

Features of Rockford R169X2

  • Rubber surround build
  • Integrated dome tweeter
  • Polypropylene cone
  • Silk dome
  • Protective grills

Best Budget 6x9 Motorcycle Speakers

The best budget 6×9 motorcycle speakers are the Rockford R169X2 speakers. The sensitivity of these speakers is high which in turn produces high-quality audio. It can also be used as car speakers.


Buyers' Guide

There are many features that contribute directly to the final audio output of a speaker. In order to get a much better product, you need to keep in mind some of these key factors. Some of these are stated below.

  • Power-Handling

The Power-handling of  6 x 9 speakers determines how good it is on different volumes. You should buy a speaker with a high RMS/Watts rating. This will ensure that your speaker’s sound doesn’t fade or break on low or high volumes respectively. 

  • Price

When buying a motorcycle/car speaker, you must keep an eye out for a fair-priced motorcycle/car audio speaker. This way you’ll get a product that is not only high-performing but also budget-friendly. Furthermore, you’ll be able to save some money for other accessories.

  • Audio Quality

One of the most crucial factors to the performance of a bike/car speaker is its quality of sound. We suggest that you purchase a speaker with high-quality hardware inside it. It will ensure that your speakers are able to perform at the optimum level and can also handle abuse like a top-tier speaker.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Does the RMS rating of my speaker matter?

    Yes, it matters a lot. It is basically an indicator of your audio speakers’ ability to project sound on different volume levels. A good rating is somewhere between the line of 50-60 Watts to all the way up to 15-160 Watts

    Do I need third-party wiring?

    In most cases, the factory-issued wiring is more than good enough for 2-way and 3-way speakers. But if you wish to change the default wiring, it is good practice to get a top-tier copper wire with good insulation.

Final Verdict

Buying one good pair of motorcycle speakers can greatly enhance your overall listening experience.

After using and testing different speakers, we have concluded that Boss Audio Systems MCBK420B are the best 6×9 speakers for motorcycles. They are equipped with high-performing hardware along with a modern-looking design. We were impressed by its compact amplifier that was able to produce precise music effects with ease.

This brings us to the end of our review on Best 6×9 Speakers for Motorcycle.

Do let us know which speaker you think should be on the top.

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