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    You will agree with us when we say that finding a speaker for your car that fits can be a little time consuming.

    A speaker that fits your desired specifications can be difficult.

    To help you with your search, we have compiled a list of marine speakers.

    Given in the following post are our 3 top picks for best 6×9 marine speakers with some tips and commonly asked questions.

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    Top Pick

    A speaker made with sturdy and durable material to provide good sound quality and longer lasting speakers.

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    Runner Up

    A completely waterproof speaker made to withstand all sorts of outdoor conditions with great sound quality.

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    Also Great

    Made with stainless steel to be waterproof and dustproof and rubber surround for organic sound quality.

    Best 6x9 Marine Speakers - Top 3 Reviews

    #1. Best Lightweight 6x9 Marine Speakers - BOSS Audio MR692B Review

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    The BOSS Audio MR692B speakers are made to enhance your audio systems with their modern build.

    Lightweight plastic build makes them very easy to handle and install. This comes in handy for people looking to install them on the go.

    High quality audio speakers for efficient power handling and durability. This allows for better sounding audio quality and effects.

    Included grills allow easy mounting and dust resistance.

    Features of MR692B:

      • Lightweight plastic build
      • High frequency response
      • Water and dust resistant
      • Durable speakers
      • Dome tweeter

    Best Lightweight 6x9 Marine Speakers

    The best Lightweight Marine Speaker is the BOSS MR692B because it is designed to fit almost any vehicle with ease. The style allows for easy and quick installation. Heavy duty voice coils enable your speakers for longer lasting performance without them wearing out from fatigue.

    #2. Best Outdoor 6x9 Marine Speakers - Pyle PLMR692 Review

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    Designed to withstand heavy and rough outdoor conditions, Pyle’s PLMR692 marine speakers are completely water and dust proof.

    Due to high quality plastic build, they are extremely resistant against harsh weathers such as heavy rain and bright sunlight.

    The low profile structure of these speakers enable them to be mounted easily on boats and marine vehicles.

    Fitted with high frequency speakers allow them to produce crystal clear sounds compared to stock speakers.

    Features of PLMR692:

      • High performance speakers
      • Completely waterproof
      • High watts power output
      • Easy to install
      • Aluminium coils

    Best Outdoor 6x9 Marine Speakers

    The Best Outdoor Marine Speaker is the Pyle’s PLMR692 due to their completely water and dust resistant design. These speakers can withstand heavy water splashes and harsh weathers. Treated cloth and aluminum voice coils enable high quality sound while also making them durable.

    #3. Best 2-Way 6x9 Marine Speakers - Rockville RMSTS69B Review

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    The Rockville RMSTS59B is an exceptionally good 2 way marine speaker. With an individual woofer cone and a tweeter for low frequency and high frequency sound respectively.

    The steel terminals on this speaker are completely waterproof and rust proof. This makes these marine speakers good for salt and normal water.

    The high quality magnet placed inside the speakers enable these marine speakers for consistent and high quality audio output.

    The head unit design makes the speaker very versatile. They can be used as marine speakers and also car audio speakers.

    Features of RMSTS69B:

        • Stainless steel build
        • Water and rust proof
        • Surround sound effect
        • High watts peak power
        • Good power handling

    Best 2-Way 6x9 Marine Speakers

    The Best 2 way Marine Speaker is the Rockville RMSTS69B because it is designed to be used for all purposes. The stainless steel build allows the speaker to be used for marine vehicles and also as an audio system. Everything that an audiophile needs.

    best 6x9 marine speakers

    Buying Guide

    What should I look for when buying a marine speaker?

    There are alot of things to look out for when purchasing a marine audio speaker. There are a ton of choices on the market that deliver a variety of features and performance. Even an experienced person can get overwhelmed by the number of products. To streamline this process of choosing, following are some of the key features to look for in marine speakers:

    • Durability:

    Majority of the marine speakers are made with high quality PVC plastic materials. This kind of build makes them highly resistant to water splashes and dust. It is cheaper to make yet has high performance as a speaker.

    There are a lot of outdoor factors that impact a speaker’s performance over time. Dust, Shock, UV rays are some of the big factors besides moistness. UV rays being one of the major factors affect the overall structure strength of speakers.

    The sunlight affects the plastic material and the adhesives used inside the speakers over time causing serious damage. It is recommended to select a marine speaker that has some sort of resistance or material against UV rays.

    • Mounting Options:

    A lot of speakers currently available in the market come with a specific size. For example, the majority of marine speakers are produced in the 6×9 size. The 6×9 marine speakers are sort of universel size which fit almost any vehicle with ease.

    But it recommended that you measure the size of the speakers that can fit your vehicle before buying. A 6×9 marine may not fit your vehicle or it might not have the correct mounting screws or the proper wiring to operate.

    The other major thing to look for is the mounting screws on a 6×9 marine speaker. The screws location on the speaker is important when it comes to mounting them. You should keep yours in mind when buying these speakers.

    • Price:

    When it comes to buying a 6×9 marine speaker, a fairly priced speaker often proves to be of good worth. These speakers are generally built with plastic material which makes them cheap on a general level.

    An expensive 6×9 marine speaker will only have a difference in the speaker placed inside it. It will have better wirings, magnets and coils inside to make it sound better and longer lasting.

    But a fairly priced speaker will perform just as good, only lacking in the durability factor. But more than often it will give you a good run for your money. It is recommended to buy a fairly priced speaker from a good manufacturer.

    • Quality:

    Marine speakers are supposed to be highly resistant to weather and outdoor environments but also of good sound quality. Some marine speakers focus on one thing more than the other.

    It is suggested that you buy a 6×9 marine speaker that provides the best from both worlds. A strong durable outer shell with a good power handling speaker fitted inside. This will give you longer lasting marine speakers.

    The outer shell protects the speaker from getting damaged and the woofer cones perform without any fatigue or wearing out. Both things work hand in hand, complementing each other.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Are these speakers easy to install?

    Yes, the majority of the  6×9 marine speakers on the market are pretty easy to install. Most of them come along with an instruction manual, speaker wiring and mounting screws.

    This allows you to easily mount your speakers on your vehicle without much hassle of buying the right screws or the wiring.

    However, it is preferred that you get it installed by a professional to avoid any short circuiting or speaker damage.

    What kind of installation tools are required?

    It is pretty easy to mount a pair of 6×9 marine speakers. All you need is a set of pliers and a phillip head screwdriver.

    The pliers to help you with your speaker wiring and the screwdriver for mounting your screw in the speakers.

    A shock resistant tap is also recommended to cover your speaker wires. This reduces their chance of being short circuited from water droplets.

    Are these speakers durable against long water exposure?

    Every marine speaker has its own resistant rating against water. Majority of the marine speakers are built to sustain harsh outdoor conditions.

    They have a pretty solid outer shell that safely encloses the speakers inside. This makes them highly resistant to splash and moist condition by a lot.

    It is recommended to check the IP ratings of the marine speaker to have some idea on how good its resistance is against water or moist environments.

    What kind of grills are necessary for these speakers?

    There are no specific type of grills necessary for marine speakers. All of them are already equipped with some sort of speaker protection.

    Even though grills only provide a minor upgrade and resistance from dust, it is safe to buy a pair for your speakers in order to maximize their lifetime.

    A grill will enhance your sound quality by just a little bit but give good protection against dust particles in the longer run.

    Can these speakers perform at higher volumes? 

    Even though 6×9 marine speakers are equipped with heavy duty power handling speakers which can perform without any fatigue.

    But it is recommended to use your speakers on moderate volumes most of the time to maximize their overall life period.

    Loud volumes often prove to be damaging towards the speaker coils and magnets which reduced the life of speakers significantly.

    How do I maximize the sound output from these kinds of speakers?

    The best way to maximize the sound output from your marine speakers is by using good copper wiring and a decent battery.

    The wiring will help your speakers with uninterrupted power stream and a good battery will provide the power necessary for your speakers.

    Not having a good wiring or a good battery can reduce your speaker’s output by a lot and can potentially damage them.

    Why should I anodize my speaker covers?

    Covers for marine speakers are generally made out of lighter metals like Aluminum. This helps them in portability and protection from marine environments.

    However, non-anodized aluminum can be easily oxidized, rust and eventually corrode due to moisture. The watts peak power also affects the speakers.

    Anodizing helps in covering the metal with a protective thin layer of water resistant material which gives immense resistance against salt and normal water.

    What is the difference between water resistant and waterproof?

    Water resistance means that the speakers are good against splashes, light rain. This means that it is good against water but not completely waterproof.

    Waterproof means that the speakers can be submerged and withstand heavy water splashes and rain with ease.

    However, extra caution is recommended for both kinds of speakers to avoid unnecessary damage.

    What kind of wiring is required for marine speakers?

    A high end copper wire with plastic coating is good enough for marine speakers. It allows good power handling between speakers and the power source.

    Metals like aluminum or steel have a chance of corrosion and cannot withstand the vibrating motion of a marine vehicle.

    Soldered copper ends further enhance the performance of a copper wire by a lot.

    Final Verdict

    Selecting a durable marine speaker can result in a good outdoor experience. After testing and reviewing a number of high quality marine speakers, we have decided that the BOSS Audio MR692B is the most suitable option as a marine speaker. It is equipped with a durable outer casing and a high performing speaker. With multiple mounting options it can also be used as a car stereo. This brings us to the end of our review of best 6×9 marine speakers. Do let us know what marine  speaker you think is the best.