You will agree when we say that Axess bluetooth speakers are among the best in the market. Equipped with longer lasting batteries and high quality speakers, Axess are overall good performing portable bluetooth indoor outdoor speakers.

To give you a detailed and better understanding of these speakers, we have decided to review some products from Axess.

In this review we will discuss the strengths and weaknesses of portable bluetooth speakers from Axess. It also includes some tips and commonly asked questions.

Axess SPBT-1031

Designed to be perfectly portable while also delivering the best audio output and quality. This speaker with built in bluetooth lets you stream music with ease. The battery life keeps your wireless speaker going for long durations.

Alternate #1 : Axess SPBL-1095

Built for personal use, this speaker has everything a speaker needs. Powerful speakers with a longer lasting battery. Despite the small size, this speaker has enormous audio output.

Alternate #2 : Axess SPBT-1101BK

This speaker with its built in woofer is designed for outdoor settings. Big and powerful speakers make this speaker a very good fit for outdoor use.

Quick Summary of the Main Product

Bluetooth speakers made by Axess are considered top of the line because of their stylish and modern designs. Made to be eye pleasing but also to provide high sound quality. With its built in high quality speakers, these bluetooth speakers are sufficient for indoor and outdoor purposes. Batteries that last between 6 to 8 hours, you can stream music without any interruption.

Compared to other manufacturers, Axess focuses on the portability of the speakers while maintaining the sound quality intact. This makes them a very good portable bluetooth indoor outdoor speaker. Hi fi cylinder design ensures the sound quality remains good while also making the speakers very easy to carry.

Multiple input options increase the versatility of these speakers. Bluetooth and SD card support allow you to stream your music however you see fit. Volume and control buttons allow you to navigate your playlist without using your phone.

Features and Benefits

  • Design:

The Axess SPBT1031 is made with a cylindrical design. This allows the sound quality to create a sense the sound is coming from all directions rather than one. This design also makes this speaker very portable and easy to carry.

The cylindrical design has speakers fitted on both sides. This gives a 3D sound effect compared to other speakers which give uni-directional sound.  This in return gives better sound quality and a better audio experience.

This design makes it easier for you to carry these bluetooth speakers in your hand.

  • Input Options:

Installed with the best bluetooth technology in the market, the Axess SPBT1031 is a perfect portable bluetooth indoor outdoor speaker. The extended range lets you move around with your device without worrying of being disconnected.

The other input option is SD Card. This allows you to play your music directly from your storage card. It also provides a USB port as a back in case nothing else works.

It also has the option to jack in an AUX cable if you wish to use your smartphone but not with bluetooth. This conserves the battery timing of the speaker and also provides better audio quality.

  • Battery Life:

Equipped with a 1500mAh battery, the Axess SPBT1031 can last exceptionally long off a full charge. Being portable means that it’s going to be used in outdoor settings more often where power outlets are not going to be available.

The big battery makes sure that it lasts longer but also, it provides sufficient power to the speakers to keep the audio quality up to mark. A longer lasting battery ensures that the speaker’s performance stays consistent over long periods of time.

A longer lasting battery also saves the speakers from wearing out after a couple of months of use.

  • Indoor/Outdoor Use:

Being a portable bluetooth speaker, the Axess SPBT1031 is very convenient for indoor and outdoor settings alike. The built in 3 inch subwoofer allows you to produce good quality sounds on high volumes without any distortion. 

Due to its high quality speakers and good frequency response, the speakers perform just as well on low sound volumes. The items it is equipped with make sure that there is no compromise on performance whether it is being used in your room or your backyard.

Pros and Cons

Social Proof

To get a better opinion, we shuffled through a lot of online customer reviews of the Axess products. Many people praised these hi-fi audio devices for their ease of use and prices. Many reviews stated that their purchase was satisfactory. While only a couple of people were critical about these audio devices.

A lot of reviews were from the people that updated it on a regular basis. They stated that the Axess SPBT1031 specifically performed well over a couple of months use. Maintaining its battery life and its sound quality.

Many reviews also praised the hi fi cylinder design and the multiple input options. The ability to attach your phone with a USB was appreciated by a lot of users.

More Recommendations!

#1: Casual Indoor Alternative to Axess SPBT-1031 - Axess SPBL-1095 Review

The Axess SPBL-1095 is a personal bluetooth speaker for your room and indoor settings. With its eye pleasing design and compact structure it fits right in your surroundings.

The crystal built outer shell with LED inside makes the speaker a fine addition for your side tables as it acts like an ambient lamp too.

Despite its small size, this speaker has the ability to produce high quality audios and sound effects.

Features of SPBL-1095:

  1. Small and compact 
  2. High Quality speakers
  3. Multiple input options
  4. Control buttons
  5. Cylinder design

Best Casual Indoor Alternative Speaker

The Casual Indoor alternative is the Axess SPBL-1095 speaker. The modern aesthetic design makes this speaker a fine addition for your personal gadgets. The fancy lighting and powerful speakers produce a very pleasing experience. Multiple connectivity options allow you to stream music to your preference.

#2: Outdoor Alternative to Axess SPBT-1031 - Axess SPBT-1101BK Review

This speaker is specifically designed for outdoor parties and gatherings. Equipped with powerful speakers and a high output subwoofer.

The cylindrical design makes this speaker highly convenient to carry and move around.

The karaoke function allows this speaker to be used for so many more purposes than just streaming music from your device.

Features of SPBT-1101BK:

  1. High duty speakers
  2. Built in subwoofer
  3. Carry handle
  4. Control panel for Karaoke
  5. Cylinder design

Best Outdoor Alternative Speaker

The Outdoor alternative is the Axess SPBL-1101BK speaker. Equipped with high output speakers it is specifically made for the outdoor environment. High quality sound effects with no distortion provide a good and ambient experience. Different options to connect make this speaker very versatile.

Axess Bluetooth Speaker Review

Guide to Buy

  • Portability:

Most of the bluetooth speaker manufacturers design their speakers in order to be portable and easy to carry. A speaker with a carry handle or a shoulder strap is always a good choice. This allows you to carry it around without having your hands always full. It is always convenient to have a hand free for other tasks or for carrying other stuff. This also allows you to carry your speaker without worrying about dropping it.

  • Price:

Generally, a moderately priced bluetooth speaker provides good performance. A high priced when compared to a speaker with same features in a mid-range price, shows no prominent difference. It is suitable to find and purchase a speaker in a fairly priced range rather than spending a lot of money for no difference in performance or output.

  • Input Options:

A lot of bluetooth speakers come with multiple input options. This allows versatility in using the speakers. Some like to connect wireless while some prefer using AUX inputs. Having multiple options also allows you to use one input while having the rest as a backup. This helps with circumstances in which one doesn’t work or just fails to connect your device.

Wrapping Things Up

This brings us to the end of our review, we must admit that our experience with Axess SPBT-1031 speakers was quite impressive. Axess definitely produces some of the top-performing speakers with high sound quality and modern designs.
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