Astoria VR Headset Review – Full Review With Buyer’s Guide, FAQs & More

If you are someone who is newly entering the virtual reality world, the Astoria VR headset might serve you as a reasonable choice. 

We were really impressed with its visual dynamics and the wide range of applications it provides. 

To help you out with your decision to buy this gadget, we tried and tested the Astoria VR headset. Therefore this review will include all the features, guidelines, and alternatives to guide you thoroughly.

Astoria VR Headsets

It is a mobile VR headset, but unlike other mobile VR headsets, it is a tethered VR device that can be used for computer or gaming console gameplay. With retractable Bluetooth earbuds, it makes for a very special VR headset. It will serve you with an impressive combination of user-friendly connection and high compatibility. 

Alternate #1 

Merge VR Headset

From the start, this headset seems as though a child’s toy, but there’s significantly a lot more to it. It is lightweight, comfortable, and affordable. If you are looking for a headset with a 360-degree view, decent visual quality, and comfortable structure then this might serve you as a good option. 

Alternate #2 

Tzumi Dream Vision Pro

The Dream Vision Pro VR headset can be used with a wide range of smartphones. With the adjustable 3-point strap, this headset becomes comfortable to use even for long hours. We were really impressed with its visual display and the panoramic view. It is affordable and packed with decent features. 

Quick Summary of the Main Product

The Astoria VR headset provides premium features at an affordable price. This headset uses the sensors on your gadget to follow your movements and basically transport you to the applications you are utilizing. 

You will have a good visual experience with its quality lenses that captures a wide view. Moreover, you can enjoy a 3D immersive display by adjusting the pupil and focal distance as per your requirement. 

We really liked its overall build structure and design. It is lightweight and comes with a premium quality foam pad that will give you a comfortable experience. 

Since this headset has no built-in earbuds, the audio quality of your content will depend on your smartphone. 

Features and Benefits


One of the most noticeable features of this VR headset is its high compatibility. You can use it with any 6” inch smartphone and can enjoy a high-quality VR experience.

It comes with large lenses that are capable of capturing wide-angle graphics. Moreover, you can adjust its visual settings to have a better experience. 

Moreover, it supports a 1080p display and delivers clear visuals. The lens comes with an eight-layer nano coating that ensures the display of high-quality graphics. 


Astoria VR helps you be a part of the virtual reality experience, whether it’s in a VR environment or a VR game.

It vows to convey a vivid VR experience with an extensive variety of computer-generated reality content and simple arrangement. 

The Astoria VR headset promotes quality focal points that can be customized for quality gameplay.

The straps make it look like one of those high-end headsets, especially since they are adjustable and have internal padding, so it’s comfortable.

 Not only that, but it is very easy to use since you have to install the application and connect your phone to the headset to play.

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Astoria VR Headset


The Astoria headset is very light, and this is a significant component to consider if you want to wear the headset for an extensive period of time. 

The overall design is sturdy yet lightweight. It comes with movable lashes, and inside cushioning, that will provide you with a comfortable experience. 


The headset does not have a control menu which is a problem for many users since you can’t change the lens distance. It has a handle that you can use to change the central distance. 

This component isn’t unreasonably viable or precise.


There are no built-in earbuds, subsequently, the sound will rely on your cell phone. You can connect an earphone jack or put resources into an extraordinary VR headset.


This gadget functions admirably with most android or apple cell phones in the scope of 3.5 to 6-inch show sizes.


This headset supports a 1080p display and has a wide 360-degree view. The optical focal points block blue light utilizing an eight-layer nano-covering which gives a realistic presentation.

Pros and Cons

Social Proof

Astoria VR headset is just like one of those stand-alone headsets, with flexible straps, a trigger knob that can be worn with glasses on. Although, even in its latest edition, people have said that they experience a realistic lag within its lightweight frame. 

Even though it offers app support with many passive games, the lack of a control panel seems to be a problem. 

The unit has an underside USB-C port, and a side control pad which makes for a wonderful VR experience.

Below are some user reviews.

social proof astoria
social proof astoria
social proof astoria

Similar to Astoria VR Headset - Recommendations

#1: Best Affordable VR Headset - Merge VR Review

If you are looking for an affordable headset that is comfortable and easy to use, then Merge VR would be a suitable option. 

Its 360-degree display coverage will uplift your virtual experience. Moreover, its comfortable and rugged foam makes it appropriate for everyday use. 

We were impressed with its high compatibility feature. You can use it with both Android and IOS devices. 

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Merge VR

Design: The durable design is rugged, so it can keep going long, particularly when used by kids.

Controls: It comes with a Bluetooth joystick like Samsung devices to send VR commands for the ultimate immersive VR experience.

Audio: With the headphone jack, it also has integrated earbuds for your mobile phone and comes with a communication cable.

Compatibility: As mentioned earlier, this headset has a high compatibility range. It is suitable for both Android and IOS devices. 

Display: You can play handheld games in a virtual environment with an acceptable graphic display and adjustable head straps.

Best Affordable VR Headset 

The best affordable VR headset is Merge VR because even though this is not one of the best headsets out there, yet in this cost range, it is very sturdy and agreeable.

#2: Best Good Quality VR Headset - Tzumi Dream Vision Pro Review

If you’re hoping to get into an activity-pressed computer-generated simulation world at a little cost, then, the Tzumi Dream may be for you.

The goggles are viable with a large number of gadgets that are 6 inches long.

We were really astounded to find that it accompanied work in sound, route, and activity fastens even at the low price tag. 

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Tzumi Dream Vision Pro

Design: The gadget is very light at just 1.1lbs (499g). This brings down the stress all over and neck.

Controls: Another fascinating element is the retractable Bluetooth headphones and inherent mouthpiece.

Audio: The Fantasy Vision Ace is all in all a champ in its cost range. The audio is also amazing.

Compatibility: The gadget works with both iPhone and Android gadgets that have fit the size scope of 3.5 to 6″ (8.9 to 15.2cm).

Display: Considering its affordable price, the display quality is impressive. You can uplift your visual content with a good quality VR experience. 

Best Good Quality VR Headset

The best good quality VR headset is Tzumi Dream Vision Pro because the device comes with premium navigation and control.

Buyer’s Guide

virtual reality


Comfort is the main variable with regard to versatile VR headsets

You should know that portable VR headsets rely on the VR source which is your cell phone for a high-quality VR experience. Therefore, the headset should strap on easily and enhance your entertainment experience.


Controllers assist you with enrolling your hand and finger developments in a virtual climate. These turn your physical or technician developments of your hands into computerized touches in the virtual world which give feedback as if they’re in real life.

Albeit all VR controllers might look fairly similar, they are different in view of various characteristics, and, to some degree, minor contrasts matter when you begin involving them for a really long time.


Spatial sound is a very strong approach to make a user immersed in a 360 video or a VR experience whether it be in a video or a game.

There are many VR headsets that come with built-in earbuds and even a mic. However, for the headsets that do not provide these features, you will have to attract the audio devices separately. 


This is an important feature that needs to be checked beforehand. You need to make sure that the headset you are going to buy is compatible with your smartphone. 

In order to check the compatibility, use the free VR Similarity Checker application. Simply download it from the Play Store, open the application, and press CHECK.

If the application says that your gadget upholds VR, you’re all set!


The lens quality and graphical dynamics of your phone collectively affect the overall display. Most VR headsets come with a 360-degree wide view that will provide you with an immersive VR experience. 

Furthermore, the latest VR headsets come with new panoramic technology that will lift up your gaming experience. 

Wrapping Things Up

If you are broke yet need to play with VR, Astoria VR can be a suitable choice. By and by, we would favor the two different choices in this cost range.

If you are a gamer or need to encounter further VR-updated hardware, you ought to increase this cost range and consider very good-quality headsets.

For example, the Gear VR or the various models presented by Oculus.

 Let us know your thoughts or questions down below.


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