Art Sound Bluetooth Speaker: How to Connect? – Basic Guide

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How to connect art sound Bluetooth speaker?

Let’s find out!

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How Do I Pair My Bluetooth Speaker To My Phone?

When you open the app, you’ll be prompted to connect to a Bluetooth device.

Tap the button to continue. Once connected, you can use the app without any prompts.

How Do I Reset My Art Speaker?

Pressing the power button while holding the volume down button will cause the device to shut off.

How Do I Activate My Bluetooth Speaker?

Select settings from the menu. Turn on Bluetooth by tapping the option on the screen. Your device should show up as an available Bluetooth device.

Press the button on your device that has a Bluetooth symbol (often a button with a Bluetooth logo).

How Do I Pair My Led Bluetooth Speaker?

When you start using a new tool, you need to wait a few minutes before you can use it. To connect your Bluetooth speaker to your phone, you must press the power button once.

Then, you must hold down the power button until the blue light flashes. This indicates that the speaker is paired and ready to be used.

How Do You Connect Bluetooth Speakers Together?

To pair Bluetooth headphones or speakers on an Android device, tap the three-dot icon (…) on the right side of the screen.

Tap the Advanced Settings option. Turn on Bluetooth pairing if it isn’t turned on. This allows users to connect to two devices at once.

Art Sound Bluetooth Speaker: How to Connect?

Art Sound Bluetooth Speaker: How to Connect?

How Do You Turn On Speaker Pairing Mode?

The power button is usually used to turn on Bluetooth devices such as speakers. When you press the power button, the device turns off, but when you hold down the power button, the Bluetooth device turns back on.

Why Won’t My Bluetooth Speaker Connect To My Phone?

Your Bluetooth devices may not be connected if they are out of reach or not in pairing mode, try resetting your devices or have them forget the connection if you’re experiencing persistent Bluetooth issues.

How Do I Get My Phone To Recognize My Bluetooth Speaker?

You can access your phone’s settings by opening the Settings app, then tapping the General tab.

Connected devices can also be found by tapping them, if you see Bluetooth, tap Bluetooth, and tap the previously connected device icon.

Then tap Settings under the name of your car, or accessory. You can enable phone audio by clicking on the option.

How Do I Connect My Bluetooth Speaker To My Android Phone?

You can access the Settings app from the App Store. You can turn on/off Bluetooth by going to Connections and clicking the toggle switch next to Bluetooth.

You can view the Bluetooth settings by selecting Bluetooth. When your phone is connected to another device, you’ll see the name of the other device under the Bluetooth heading.

How Do You Put A Bluetooth Speaker Into Pairing Mode?

Pairing mode is the process of connecting two devices together. In this case, we want to connect our speaker to another device. We need to switch on the speaker and then hold down the Bluetooth button until the LED light flashes blue. This means the speaker is now paired with the other device.

How Do You Reset A Wireless Speaker?

Pressing the volume button and power button together brings your speakers back to factory settings.

The power button can be used to switch on your speakers.

How Do I Reset My Creative Bluetooth Speaker?

Pressing the power button will turn on your speaker. Hold down the multifunction button until a voice prompt says “master reset”. Then press the power button again to finish the process. Your speaker should now connect to your phone via Bluetooth.

How Do You Reset A Bluetooth Speaker?

You should remove all the paired devices before using your device. Hold down both buttons together for more than 3 seconds.

How Do I Unpair A Bluetooth Speaker?

Unpairing speakers are easy.

Just follow these steps:

  1. Find the name or model number of your speaker
  2. Look for “unpair” or “forget this device”.
  3. Reset: Press the power button
  4. Bluetooth button
  5. Volume button
  6. Hold the buttons until the screen goes black
  7. Release the buttons
  8. Wait for the speaker to be recognized by the phone
  9. Done!

How Do You Reset A Downlight Speaker?

Both speakers should be reset (held down + power button pressed) after 30 seconds of turning them off. Turn them back on.

How Do I Reset My Sylvania Bluetooth Speaker?

If you have any current connections, you can reset them. You can then pair it again using your phone.  


We hope that now you know how to connect your Bluetooth speaker.


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