Arealer VR Sky Review – Full Breakdown, Pros, Cons, Features & More

The Arealer VR Sky headset is designed to work with existing virtual reality applications.

You get an intense, all-encompassing VR experience by combining your audio, visual, and touch senses.

In this article, there is a detailed review of the Arealer VR Sky, its advantages, and some other suitable alternatives. So without further ado, let’s start reviewing each one.

Arealer VR Sky

The Arealer VR Sky headset is made to run virtual reality programs that are already available. It combines your audio, visual, and touches senses to give you an all-encompassing, intense VR experience. It has an Allwinner H8 Octa-Core Cortex-A7 high-performance CPU, Nibiru OS (which is based on Android 4.4.2), and a 5.5-inch TFT display screen.

Alternate #1 

Merge VR Goggles

The Merge Headset has earned the Academic’s Choice Award for Best Virtual Reality Headset for Teens. You can take many virtual field trips to learn firsthand while looking at the solar system, walking among dinosaurs, and seeing life from new perspectives. Merge has earned a reputation for being an industry leader in educational virtual reality that mixes engaging learning with fun gaming.

Alternate #2 

BNext VR Headset

The BNext VR headset includes excellent lenses that might produce stunning images, and simple adjustment options make it unquestionably worthwhile. In addition to being expertly made, it is also fairly priced. The head strap can be simply adjusted so that it fits perfectly around your head.

Quick Summary of the Main Product

The Arealer VR Sky headset is made to run virtual reality programs that are already available. 

It has an Allwinner H8 Octa-Core Cortex-A7 high-performance CPU, Nibiru OS (which is based on Android 4.4.2), and a 5.5-inch TFT display screen with a 1080P resolution display and Super 3D effect. 

These features give you a wonderful high-definition immersive image as well as a 3D visual experience. Arealer VR SKY (supports 2.4G WiFi) is a fantastic gaming companion and your own personal 3D cinema. 

It allows you to enjoy both local and online 3D media as well as a shocking VR gaming experience. Arealer VR SKY combines your audio, visual, and touch senses to give you an all-encompassing, intense VR experience.

Features and Benefits

High-definition Screen in 1080P FHD

The Arealer VR SKY has a 5.5-inch TFT-LCD display panel with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 and a refresh rate of 70 Hz (far higher FPS than typical performance). 

Moreover, it provides a more high-definition and fluid frame with little afterglow and greater eye protection due to the reduction of dangerous blue ray energy.

A Fully Immersive Virtual Reality Headset

Virtual Reality experiences are more realistic when they are delivered in a 360-degree, three-dimensional space (without dead corners). 

Additionally, nine-axle sensors that provide 360° head tracking and 360° head somatic sensory control are integrated, giving you the impression that you are there. Additionally, users can choose between 2D, 3D, and 360-degree panorama formats.

Valuable Lens & Large FOV

The Anti-blue Rays Double 45mm Aspheric High Transparency (PMMA) Lenses used by Arealer VR SKY are purer and provide distortion-free images. 

Due to Arealer VR SKY’s ideal 100° FOV (which is extremely similar to human vision and gives you a broad perspective) and extremely low levels of light leak, which enable it to reach latency in incredibly short amounts of time, you won’t experience overt vertigo. 

When using VR SKY to explore its featured application scenarios, you will experience a great sense of immersion. With myopia under 600 degrees, the VR Headset is compatible with bare eyes and supports altering pupil distance.

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Arealer VR Sky


The price of Arealer VR Sky is a little expensive as compared to its rival, but it gives you an immersive experience. So, it will be worth the price.


The cutting-edge VR gaming technology in this VR headset may be customized for OD and FD.

This widens the field of vision and extends the angle of view to 360 degrees. The focal distance doesn’t cause much distortion when utilized with mobile devices.

Other Features

This VR headset is very comfortable when compared to competing models. It has 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB of ROM. 

Advantages and Disadvantages

Social Proof

We wanted to hear what others had to say about Arealer VR Sky. Hence, we decided to check out some user reviews online. 

Users seem to be very happy with Arealer VR Sky. They said that it gave a very immersive experience.

Here’s what some users had to say: 

Similar to Arealer VR Sky - Alternatives (Recommendations)

#1: Best Educational VR Headset - Merge VR

With the Merge VR goggles, students can go on field trips and walk with dinosaurs while seated in a classroom or on a sofa in the family room.

The VR is made of a durable material that is very simple to clean. The LG G4 and iPhone 6, as well as more recent models with screens ranging in size from 123mm to 158mm, are among the devices that it is compatible with. It also works with the majority of iOS and Android devices.

The Merge goggles have interchangeable lenses that provide a stunning 360-degree view. Merge is an augmented reality app that combines educational activities with practical experiences.

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy The Merge VR goggles 

Price: Merge VR Goggles are reasonably priced. Anyone can easily purchase it.

Effects: The 360-degree perspective and learning items that are present in real environments provide students with an immersive educational experience.

Other Features: The Merge Cube’s mixed reality experience, which blends science and a STEM tool, allows kids to handle objects virtually.

The Merge VR headsets are also small and lightweight, with dimensions of 5.5 x 7.5 x 4 inches and a weight of 12 ounces.

Best Educational VR Headset

The Merge VR headset is the best educational VR headset because it’s a great tool for kids to get started with virtual reality by broadening their horizons with a variety of VR experiences through educational games and field trips. Additionally, it incorporates head straps and adjustable lenses.

#2: Best Budget-friendly Headset - BNext VR Headset Review

The BNext VR headsets are well-known for their HD video streaming and make fantastic presents for both adults and children. They provide a 360-degree view and work with any smartphone that has gyroscope sensors and a screen between 4 and 6.3 inches in size.

It boasts a wide field of view and cutting-edge gaming technology. The viewing angle is widened to minimize distortion with unilateral myopic alignment and match the focal distance.

This VR headset has a feature that protects your eyes and lessens eye strain. Additionally, it offers adjustable head straps for a comfortable fit and soft nose parts that ease the pressure.

Factors to Consider Before You Decide to Buy BNext VR

Price: Next VR Headset comes with a budget-friendly price tag. You get a good deal for the price. 

Effects: This VR headset has cutting-edge VR gaming technology that can be adjusted for OD and FD.

This stretches the angle of view to 360 degrees and expands the field of vision. Mobile devices can be used with the focal distance without much distortion.

Other Features: When compared to competitor headsets, the BNext VR headset provides improved comfort for the nose and eyes. 

Its dimensions are 7 x 5 x 4 inches, and its weight is 14.4 ounces.

Best Budget-Friendly VR Headset

BNext is the best budget-friendly VR headset because it has a reasonable price. It is lightweight and incredibly comfortable. Additionally, it is easily adjustable.

Buyer’s Guide

arealer vr sky review


How much you are willing to spend on a VR headset will depend on your budget.

But your spending limit should be adequate to get a premium VR headset that is actually worth your hard-earned cash.

A VR headset that is too affordable could have been made with low-quality components, which would account for why it is so cheap. If this turns out to be the case, the headset may stop operating in a few weeks or months.

Therefore, the headset you select needs to strike a balance between being fairly priced and not emptying your bank account.

They may have high prices because they have numerous functionalities. These options could occasionally be superfluous or items you’ll never use.

Hence, you just spent extra money on features that you don’t need in a VR headset.


Choose a VR headset with the best visual and graphic effects to ensure you get your money’s worth and enjoy a truly immersive VR experience. Additionally, look for headphones with beneficial extra functions.

Other Features 

Since the virtual reality platform started to take off, every manufacturer has been introducing unique features to their virtual reality products to make them more competitive.

This provides you with a wonderful opportunity to look for amazing features that can provide you with an exceptional VR experience.

We recommend buying a VR headset with at least 64 GB of storage because the majority of VR games demand a lot of storage to prevent having to erase an older game every time you want to try out a new one.

Design and Comfort

Virtual reality involves a lot of physical work and can become tiresome after a time. The VR headset you buy must be pleasant to wear as a result.

Be wary of models made of rigid, hard plastic that is badly conceived and hastily built. Your head may hurt as you wear them, and the pain will only get worse as you keep playing.

It’s also a good idea to look for headphones with a variety of adjustment options. These can involve making modifications to the headband or the optics on the VR headset.

The more adjustable options a VR headset has, the easier it will be for you to make sure that it fits your head easily and comfortably. Additionally, it will guarantee that others, including your friends and family, can use the headset with ease.

Consider the padding within the VR headset as a final point. A lot of cheap VR headsets have poor cushioning, which is important.

The padding needs to be air permeable in addition to being fluffy and soft. That means you shouldn’t keep your head in a small area.

The foam needs to be constructed and positioned in such a way that it is both cool to the touch and comfortable to wear while you play VR.

Build Quality

The most costly VR headsets will surely have the best build quality. However, you might not have the money to buy a high-end VR headset.

There are still a lot of headset options available that are both well-made and reasonably priced, though.

When possible, it’s a good idea to buy a VR headset from a reputable manufacturer. This is because buying a VR headset from a reputable company lessens the possibility that it was produced with inferior components.

The VR headset should be purchased in person so that you can inspect it and judge whether or not it is well-built. You can also give it a try to see whether it’s a suitable fit for you.

It’s a good idea to do some research and read consumer reviews before buying a VR headset online. Make sure the firm offering the VR headset is reputable and only creates high-quality products.

By reading user reviews, you may get a good idea of what to expect from a particular VR headset. It can therefore help you decide whether a specific VR headset will meet your expectations or not.


It is a highly valued quality in practically every piece of software, but it is essential for VR programs.

Since the VR market is still developing, everything is much less polished than traditional apps. Finding virtual reality software with an easy user interface and entertaining gaming can be quite reviving in this kind of environment.

You don’t want the software to be difficult and frustrating to use on top of all the other issues that virtual reality faces. Your frustration will increase as a result, and what was supposed to be a joyful moment will now transform into an unpleasant problem-solving session.

Read app reviews to learn which VR apps are well-designed and which are not.

The importance of this will also vary from person to person. Even while you might find a clunky interface annoying, if you’re more tech-savvy, you might still be able to use it.


This is an important consideration to make while picking a VR headset.

You need to think about the environment or configuration you’ll need to use the headset for VR.

You can use mobile-based VR headsets that are compatible with smartphones. If you want to utilize apps and play games without a computer or other external device, pick a stand-alone VR headset.

Additionally, there are console VR headsets that work with particular platforms, such as the PlayStation VR headset. Then there are PC VR headsets, which may be utilized with laptop and PC configurations.

You must therefore consider your present set-up and if the VR headset you wish to purchase will work with it.


Another crucial element is the VR headset’s specifications. Make sure it is not too big or heavy to enjoy extended VR experiences without feeling burdened by the viewer.

Additionally, ensure that the headset will give an immersive experience with exceptional visual fidelity and stereo surround sound systems and that its technical specifications are up to date.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

What method of cleaning a VR headset is the most efficient?

Rubbing alcohol is the best cleaning solution for VR goggles. Apply a tiny amount of rubbing alcohol to your VR headset’s outer shell and gently brush it. You can purchase specialist agents to keep your lenses clean.

Why is protection against blue light important?

After prolonged use, blue light can make your eyes hurt and feel worn out. Purchasing VR glasses with a blue light filter is strongly advised. Your VR glasses won’t interfere with your ability to use them.

Can a VR headset damage your eyes?

It has been shown that continuous use of VR technology might cause eye strain. Symptoms of eye strain often get worse as you use VR for extended periods without pauses.

Some experts believe that VR is prone to causing eye strain because of how close a VR headset’s display is to the user’s eyes.

How are the straps on a VR headset adjusted?

Two clips located inside a VR headset are responsible for keeping the straps in place. Simply unlock them, remove the straps, and replace them. Purchasing washable straps is a smart move because you can reuse them often.

What kind of strap works best with VR headsets?

The two shapes that you can now probably identify are oval and T-shaped. Oval-shaped straps are appropriate if you simply plan to use your VR headset glasses to see the material in virtual reality. On the other hand, T-shaped is designed specifically to have more grip and support head movement.

Wrapping Things Up

In the end, we do think that the Arealer VR Sky is well worth the money. 

The Arealer VR Sky delivers an immersive virtual reality experience to the user at a reasonable and cost-effective price, which is what one would expect it to do. 

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the comment section below.


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