Arc Audio Speakers Review – In-Depth Guide, FAQs, Tips & More

Arc Audio is well-known in the car audio industry for its relatively high standards. The brand has managed to retain its popularity by completely designing products in the United States.

But with the emergence of several new brands, are Arc Audio products still worth buying? To find out, we’ve decided to review the Arc Audio X2 602 speakers.

Before we dive into the reviews though, here’s an overview of our top picks:

Arc Audio X2 602

The Arc Audio X2 602 is for someone looking for the best value for their money. The speakers sound clean and are pretty reliable.

Alternate #1: Hertz MPX 165.3 PRO

If you’re willing to pay top dollar for the ideal product, these Hertz speakers may be for you. They’re well-made and sound fantastic.

Alternate #2: Rockford Fosgate Punch P152 

This one offers affordability and an easy install. The P152 is one of our top picks for a compact car audio solution.

Quick Summary of the Main Product

The Arc Audio X2 series is a relatively new addition to the brand’s lineup. These speakers come in different sizes for different purposes. We chose to test the best-selling, 6.5-inch model.

The X2 602 is clearly targeted towards people looking to replace their car’s stock speakers with superior, aftermarket ones in a completely hassle-free way.

The best part, however, is that the speakers don’t have an off-putting price either. The product is ideal for someone in the market for a mid-range product.

Features and Benefits


The 2-way speakers have the usual black, steel basket design. We found the Arc Audio speakers super easy to install in a car due to the system’s dimensions and mounting depth.

Sound Quality

We were impressed by the sound quality of the coaxial speakers. They’re engineered to deliver smooth sound and eliminate distortion.


Another feature we noted was the build quality of the speakers, as they’re made from heavy-duty materials. The X2 602 also passed our power tests, so the speakers definitely work well and are designed to last.

Pros and Cons

Social Proof

We browsed through several online reviews of the Arc Audio X2 602 to find out how the customers liked the speakers.

It has an impressive overall rating of 4.2 out of 5 on Amazon. The product’s most popular feature is its design, as most people were impressed by its smooth audio and longevity.

Arc Audio Speakers Social Proof

More Recommendations!

#1: Premium Alternative to the Arc Audio X2 602 - Hertz MPX 165.3 PRO Review

The X2 602 offers great value for money, but it isn’t exactly the best pair of speakers out there. If you’re looking for a premium product, the Hertz MPX 165.3 PRO may be a good alternative as it has similar dimensions.

We loved the sound quality of the speaker set. The vocals are prominent, the highs are crisp, and the lows are distinct. Plus, the car audio speakers sound even better on louder volumes.

The MPX 165.3 PRO is also pretty flexible in terms of installation. It comes with additional accessories to make it an easier fit inside cars.

Features of Hertz MPX 165.3 PRO

  • 6.5-inch speaker size
  • 1-inch Tetolon dome tweeter
  • 200 watts peak power
  • 92 dB sensitivity
  • 45-21,500 Hz frequency range

Premium Alternative to the Arc Audio X2 602

The premium alternative to the Arc Audio X2 602 is the Hertz MPX 165.3 PRO due to its amazing audio quality and value for money.

#2: Smaller Alternative to the Arc Audio X2 602 - Rockford Fosgate Punch P152 Review

The X2 602 speakers are easy to install, but that doesn’t mean they can fit inside every vehicle. If you’re looking for a pair of speakers with a compact design, the Rockford Fosgate P152 may be a suitable alternative.

The P152, surprisingly, packs quite a punch. It’s loud for its size and the overall audio is clean.

And similar to the Arc Audio speakers, we found the P152 easy to install in a system.

Features of Rockford Fosgate Punch P152

  • 5.25-inch speaker size
  • 0.75-inch PEI dome tweeter
  • 80 watts peak power
  • 87 dB sensitivity
  • 70-22,000 Hz frequency range

Smaller Alternative to the Arc Audio X2 602

The smaller alternative to the Arc Audio X2 602 is the Rockford Fosgate Punch P152 due to its affordability and clean audio.

Guide to Buy

Power Handling

The power ratings are one of the biggest aspects you need to be considering before buying speakers for your car.

These ratings indicate the amount of power a system can handle. You’ll need to use them when matching the speakers with the rest of the car stereo system.

But what do these ratings have to do with audio?

To put it simply, higher wattage results in more loudness and distinct tones.


Bigger speakers generally deliver better audio. However, you still need to make sure the speakers are compatible with your car.

An easy way to do this is to remove and measure the speakers already installed. You’ll also need to measure the diameter and depth of the speaker space.

You can then compare these measurements with the specifications of the car audio speakers you’re looking to buy.


If you’re simply looking to level up from the factory speakers in your car, going for a product in the entry-level range may be a good idea.

However, there’s a significant change in quality as you move towards the pricier side.

Investing in a high-end, premium speaker set is definitely worth it if you prioritize musical experience.

Wrapping Things Up

In conclusion, the Arc Audio X2 602 doesn’t really have the richest sound quality as it isn’t a premium product. However, its audio isn’t disappointing either. The speakers are somewhat of a bargain for their price. If these features are what you’re looking for in speakers, we definitely recommend picking up the X2 602.


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