Apple Music Sing: The New Feature

Today, Apple has introduced Apple Music Sing, which lets people sing along to their favorite music with adjustable vocals and real-time lyric display.

With Apple Music Sing, you can easily create a song by selecting from one of several different lyric views. You can then invite friends to join you in creating a new song together.

With its ever-growing catalog featuring tens of millions of the world’s most singable tracks, Apple Music Sing makes music discovery easier than ever before.

When Will It Be Available?

Later this year, Apple Music Sing will be made available to Apple Music subscribers worldwide. It can be enjoyed on iPhones, iPads, and the new Apple TVs.

“Apple Music’s lyrics feature is consistently one of the top two most used services on our platform,” said Oliver Schuster.

We already know our users all across the globe love to sing along to their favorite songs. So we wanted to evolve this offer even further to enable even greater interaction around a song by enabling them to sing along together. It’s a lot of fun for our users, they’re going to love it.

With adjustable vocals and live lyric display, Apple Music Sing lets fans enjoy music together by giving them more control and precision when singing along.


Apple Music Sing includes:

  • Adjustable Vocal Levels: With adjustable vocal levels, users can sing with the original artists’ voices, take the lead, and mix it up on thousands of music tracks in the Apple Music catalog
  • Real-Time Lyrics: Users can sing along with their favorite music by dancing to the beat of the song.
  • Background Vocals: Singing lines simultaneously can help animate independently from the main singers to make it easier for listeners to follow.
  • Duet View: Multiple singers appear on opposite sides of the display to help people easily sing along to multiple voices at once.

Apple Music will also launch a suite of more than fifty dedicated music playlists, including all of the epic songs and anthems that people have been compelling others to sing throughout history. These playlists are designed specifically for the Apple Music Sing app.


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