With their extensive line of bluetooth speakers, finding the best Altec bluetooth speaker can be tough. 

That’s why today, we’re testing out reviewing their Altec portable bluetooth speaker. 

We tested this speaker over the course of many months and put it through a variety of different conditions. Here’s what we found: 

Altec Lansing Portable Bluetooth Speaker 

This portable speaker is quite compact and easy to carry outdoors. Not to mention that its sound is also quite loud and a force to be reckoned with.  Not only does it provide quality sound but it’s also affordable.

Alternate #1 

With its rugged exterior and extensive range, this product is a great option for audiophiles and casual listeners alike. Its battery lasts a long time and it’s also waterproof.

Alternate #2 

This product sits in the same price range as Altec Lansing’s portable speaker but it has a much sturdier build. It’s waterproof and also has a very stylish shape. 

Quick Summary of the Main Product

With its affordable price and attractive design, the Altec Lansing MiniH2O portable speaker is a great product for someone looking for the best bang for their buck. 

It comes in four different colors and features a stylish exterior that would look great in any indoor or outdoor setting. 

It’s extremely lightweight and compact which means you can take it on outdoor trips with you without feeling it in your backpack at all. 

It lasts for 6 hours on a full battery which means that you can take it with you on a camping trip and it’s also perfect for a poolside party. That’s because it’s certified IP67 waterproof. 

It has a range of 30 feet and the Bluetooth 3.0 technology that it features ensures that the sound quality you experience is top-tier and crystal-clear. We were able to distinctly hear the bass of each song we tested these speakers with. 

Features and Benefits

  • Long-range 

Bluetooth speakers are quite convenient but it can get annoying when you move that just a little bit and that results in the audio becoming distorted. It ruins the experience and it’s something that you should never have to deal with. 

This product’s 30-feet range ensures that the sounds remain uninterrupted if you toss the speaker around a little bit.

  • Compactness 

This speaker is advertised to be a portable speaker. So, naturally, it needs to have a light weight and relatively compact size in order to achieve that. We’re pleased to see that not only does this speaker achieve that goal but it achieves it with flying colors. 

You can barely feel it in your backpack, to the point where you have to check it to ensure you haven’t dropped it on the way. 

  • Water Resistance

It’s certified IP67 waterproof which means that you can subject it to rain as well as snow and it’ll still sound crisper than ever. 

  • Great Battery Life 

Its battery lasts about 6 hours on a full charge which means you can use it for any party or outdoor event that you can think of.

Pros and Cons

Social Proof

Our experience with the Altec Lansing MiniH2O portable speaker was wonderful throughout, so we wanted to see what other people were saying about it. 

While going through some Amazon reviews, we found many which were singing the same song. Many users praised its battery and sound while others were impressed with its build. 

altech bluetooth - social proof

More Recommendations!

#1: Best Long-Lasting Altec Lansing Bluetooth Speaker - Altec Lansing LifeJacket XL IMW789 Review

This product was advertised for having an absurdly long battery playtime. That’s why we were all very excited to put it to the test. 

The speaker was first charged to its full capacity before we ran it through any tests. We were pleased to see that as part of our review, the speaker lasted about 39 hours which is an amazing time for a portable bluetooth speaker. 

Its sound quality was also quite nice as we were able to hear it crystal-clear even when it was placed extremely far away from the bluetooth device. 

The volume was also quite impeccable with the sound being distinct between the lows, mids and highs.

Features of Altec Lansing LifeJacket XL IMW789

  1. Bluetooth version 4.2
  2. An estimated 40 hours of battery on a single charge
  3. Bluetooth range of 100 feet
  4. Certified IP67 Rated Waterproof
  5. Voice-assistance integration

Best Long-Lasting Altec Lansing Bluetooth Speaker

The best long-lasting Altec Lansing Bluetooth speaker is the Altec Lansing LifeJacket XL IMW789. It lasted between 39 and 40 hours in our tests and its sound quality was also quite clear.

#2: Best Sturdy Altec Lansing Bluetooth Speaker - Altec Lansing Life Jacket 2 Review

Before we even get to our experience with the Altec Lansing Life Jacket 2, we’d just like to take note of its extremely low price. 

Normally, sturdy speakers such as these don’t get sold for anything under 100 dollars. However, in this case, this speaker falls in the $60 price range but provides quality that rivals the speakers mentioned previously. 

For our review, we took this speaker to many different places outdoors and tested it out in many different weather conditions. We were pleased to see how well it performed as well as how long it performed for. 

Features of Altec Lansing Life Jacket 2

  1. Altec Lansing DSP audio enhancement technology
  2. 16 hours life of battery
  3. NFC-compatible
  4. 2.0” neodymium drivers
  5. Black in color with Blue accents
  6. Washable rubberized skin

Best Sturdy Altec Lansing Bluetooth Speaker

The best sturdy Altec Lansing bluetooth speaker is the Altec Lansing Life Jacket 2. It has rubberized skin that is designed for it to withstand all sorts of different weather conditions such as rain, sunny, snow, etc. 

altec bluetooth speaker

Guide to Buy

  • Build Quality 

You don’t want to buy a speaker only for it to break down a couple of months later. That’s why it’s important to get a speaker that is sturdy. 

  • Battery

Charging your speaker every few hours can get annoying which is why you want something that lasts you a long time. 

  • Size

Getting a bulky speaker can definitely be something you regret. Hence, you should always look for one that is unobtrusive and relatively lightweight. 

  • Sound Quality

Last but definitely not the least, the sound quality needs to be crisp. Look for something that really separates the bass and you can hear it distinctly. 

Wrapping Things Up

And with that, we’re at the conclusion of our Altec bluetooth speaker review. It pleasantly surprised us with its great sound quality and rugged build.  If you want something that’s cheap but also high-quality, this product is definitely something to look out for.


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