Techtyche – Editorial Guidelines and Standards 

Techtyche was launched with the sole purpose of bringing tech enthusiasts the latest news and reviews from the tech industry. 

We here at Techtyche strive to ensure that not only do you buy the best products but you also use them to their fullest potential. 

We use a variety of media to get our content to you such as through: 

  • Social media 
  • Blogs 
  • Review posts 
  • Newsletters
  • Email 
  • Webinars 

And much more. 

Techtyche’s Editorial Values

Over the course of the last few years, our team has created all types of content that deal with a variety of topics related to tech. 

However, no matter how varied the topic and the content is, there are a few values that are present within all of our content. 

These values are: 

  • Integrity and unbiased reviews
  • Factual reporting with the help of extensive testing for products
  • Utilizing ethical journalism and tested modes of investigation for news posts
  • The inclusion of diverse voices in the tech community 

Our Review Process and Editorial Products

The editorial products on Techtyche can be largely broken down into three different categories: 

  1. News posts 
  2. Review posts 
  3. How-to guides and tutorials 

The topics we usually tackle within these articles are related to different products in the tech industry such as: 

  • Speakers
  • Car speakers
  • Gaming consoles
  • VR headsets
  • VR games
  • Video games 
  • Gaming PCs
  • Weird tech 
  • Headsets

And a whole lot more. 

A lot of people ask us about our review process for products and what it’s like. Well, if we were to summarize it, it just consists of us using the product to its limit over the course of a month. 

In the end, depending on what type of product it is, we rank its performance in terms of different factors such as: 

  • Pricing 
  • Portability 
  • Battery life
  • User-friendliness 
  • Build quality 

These are just some examples of some traits but of course, they may change depending on what type of product we’re reviewing. 

The product is typically tested by three different testers to ensure there’s no margin for human error. Furthermore, if it’s a comparison review, then we compare the performance between products as well. 

If a manufacturer really talks up a certain aspect of their product, we’ll test that particular aspect to its limit, always. 

For example, if a manufacturer claims that their Bluetooth speaker is fully waterproof, you can bet we’ll put it at the bottom of a 6 ft pool during testing.

Our Editorial Safety Nets

When we first started Techtyche, it was very important to us to only do fact-based reporting and reviewing. Nothing would be speculative. 

All of our posts are peer-reviewed by other writers and journalists in the team to ensure everything is up to par. If something needs changing, then we’ll clearly label it as an update or clarification. 

We also strongly forbid any of the members of our team from taking compensation from any manufacturer or company. Of course, this would result in a conflict of interest and then, the review would definitely not be unbiased. 

In most cases, our writers are not allowed to have any type of business partnership with manufacturers whose products we review. 

Sometimes, we do get sent products from different manufacturers who’d like us to review it. In this case, they are clearly told that the review will be fact-based and unbiased. Hence, if their product is not up to par, then we’ll definitely say so. 

Our Editorial Leaders

Victor Marquez

Twitter | Facebook | Medium | Quora |

Victor is our editor-in-chief. He has been interested in technology since early childhood. He went to Northgate High School, where he majored in computer science. 

In 2020, he was hired as an Assistant Game Tester and was promoted to the Senior Game Tester position a year later. 

At Techtyche, he tests the performance and quality of gadgets such as VR boxes, headsets, etc. His in-depth knowledge and experience make him perfect for suggesting the best gadgets for you. 

Check out the articles by Victor here


Syed Mustafa Ahmed

YouTube | Reddit

Syed Mustafa Ahmed is a Content Writer at Techtyche. He studies computer science and is an enthusiast about technology. Specifically, he likes to discuss the social implications of technology, and speculations mixed with his personal opinions.

So anything hardware or software-related that he finds important, interesting, dystopian and/or funny, he is happy to write and talk about.

He is also highly interested in video games, especially ones with good stories, well-written characters and worlds. Also, any new advancements in game engines or technique is fascinating to him.

Even though games Linux don’t go well together yet since gaming is usually done with spyware made by Microsoft and the alphabet people. Still, he has hope and hope is what he wishes to write and update you about.

Check out articles by Mustafa here

Shah Nawaz

Shah Nawaz Khan

Instagram | Twitch |

Shah Nawaz is a Content Writer at Techtyche. He has been interested in gaming and technology since his father first bought him a gaming console at the age of 5. It was an old bootleg version of an NES game system. It had its own custom body and its own name but it ran NES cartridges. 

As you can probably tell, that little console changed everything for little old me. Over the course of my life, I haven’t always been super connected with the gaming world.

Shah Nawaz has now devoted himself to experiencing, talking and developing video games.

Check out articles by Shah Nawaz here

Howard K. Teeter

Howard K. Teeter

Content Consultant 

Howard was always one of those children that tinkered with small gadgets as a child and would often break them. 

Today, Howard runs an electronic repair center and works with a variety of different electronics and tech products as part of his job. 

When it comes to Techtyche, he’s a content consultant which means he recommends what to write about. Furthermore, he’s a super handyman too. There have been countless times when he’s helped the team get out of sticky situations during testing. 

Timothy Watkins

Timothy Watkins

Writer, Researcher & Content Reviewer 

Timothy is our Senior writer, research and content reviewer. He’s been interested in tech since a young age and he graduated with a degree in Photography from Yale. 

We chose Timothy to be our senior researcher because he’s extremely thorough. No matter how niche or small a feature is on a product, Timothy will always test it extensively for extended periods of time. 

This ensures that our reviews cover all the bases when it comes to a product that we’re testing. 

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