The decision is generally difficult when you have to choose between two best options. Both 6×9 and 6.5 car speakers have different good qualities which makes it difficult to pick one. 

To end this confusion, we have done a detailed research on the specifications and pros/cons of both the speakers and features that make them stand-out. 

In this article, we will compare different features and specs of both the car speakers so you can decide and choose the best one according to your preference.


Sound quality

Speaker sensitivity


Speaker types

Alnico Speakers

The sound quality comes with a deeper range and high bass.

The speaker sensitivity rating is generally 92dB

Mostly these speakers produce 250 watts peak power

Available in three types:

  • 6×9 single
  • 6×9 2-way
  • 6×9 3-way

Ceramic Speakers

The sound quality is clear and precise.

The speaker sensitivity rating is 89dB.

The power range of these speakers is between 2W – 50W.

Available in two types:

  • Component 
  • Full range

Now let’s dig deep into the detailed descriptions and features of the top rated products of both 6×9 and 6.5 speakers.

Focal RCX- 690 6x9 Car Speaker Review - High-performance and Full Range

The Focal RCX- 690 6×9 car speakers is a 3-way speaker that will provide an impressive sound quality and will definitely boost your car music experience. 

It is known for a good sound quality at lower and mid-range frequencies. The specially designed dome tweeter and supertweeter ensure a much detailed and clearer music quality. 

These speakers provide a long-time durability with its polypropylene woofer cone and butyl rubber covering. A large voice coil and powerful magnet ensures the power-handle of 80W.

The installation of these speakers is conveniently done. They can easily fit-in to your car’s door or rear package shelf without any placement modifications. 

Features of Focal RCX- 690 6×9 Car Speaker

  • 3-way triaxial speaker kit 
  • Polypropylene woofer cone 
  • ABS mesh grills 
  • Mylar inverter dome tweeter
  • Sturdy steel basket

Benefits of Focal RCX- 690 6×9 Car Speaker

Focal has introduced many new features and sound technologies in this Focal RCX- 690 car speaker. This is the first ever Focal product to introduce inverted dome tweeter. The inverted dome tweeter and supertweeter ensure a high definition sound quality that will uplift your music listening experience. 

With the Focal RCX- 690 car speaker, you don’t necessarily need an additional amplifier. The speaker will work even with factory-installed or already existing radios.  

The polypropylene woofers in the speaker system provide a mid-range response and mid-bass performance. The speaker runs on a little amount of power and produces a good quality sound. The Mylar used for domes provides a great combination of minimal directivity and detailed sound projection. 

The additional accessories kit includes ABS mesh grills for an easy installation. The flat shaped grills and mesh structure provides a great sound dispersion and high performance. 

What do customers think?

We scoured through the internet to do a detailed analysis on the customer reviews regarding this product and to check if the customers found it worth buying it or not. 

Almost all the customers appreciated the easy and convenient speaker installment. They fit perfectly in the front doors. Some of them even mentioned that they used the old factory 6×9’s screws to install the new set of focals. 

Talking about the sound quality, it really impressed most of the customers. The sound precision, detail, clarity and accuracy was appreciated by all. Some customers mentioned the high definition sound quality and powerful bass response even on high volumes. Out of the reviews I read, none of the customers complained about any sound distortion or weak bass. 

People highly recommended these speakers because it is a package of affordable price and great sound quality. The customers specifically mentioned it’s affordable price. Generally the car speaker systems are heavy on your budget and on the top of that, at times you have to pay for the installation as well.  

Final Verdict

If you are looking for a car speaker upgrade then these Focal RCX- 690 6×9 3-way speakers will uplift your whole music experience. With its exceptional features and easy installation, it might be a good choice for you at an affordable price. 

Rockford Fosgate R165X3 6.5 Car Speaker - Premium and High-definition

The Rockford Fosgate R165X3 6.5 car speakers are the full-range speakers with high quality sound. It is produced under the Rockford’s Fosgate series that continues its legacy of durability and high quality sound production. 

The speaker kit will provide you with two speakers, grills, high-pass crossovers and a durable mounting hardware. 

The polypropylene woofers, midrange drivers and tweeters ensure to give you a great sound experience. The speakers are known for the durability factor since it’s all covered in a steel frame, keeping it safe from the environment. 

It is light in weight and provides you an easy installation. You can fix these compact speakers in many different cars. 

Features of Rockford Fosgate R165X3 6.5 Car Speaker

  • Polypropylene woofer cone
  • ½” silk dome tweeter
  • Piezo super-tweeter
  • Durable mounting
  • HIgh-pass crossover
  • 3-way full range

Benefits of Rockford Fosgate R165X3 6.5 Car Speaker

The Rockford Fosgate R165X3 car speakers provide you a clear and powerful performance in a budget-friendly price range. The speaker with its rubber surround, polypropylene cone and stamped steel basket ensure a high-quality audio output. 

The Rockford speaker set has an RMS rating of 45 watts and power handling capacity of 90 watts. It has some updated and exceptional sound tech features that will lift-up your music experience. The features include a silk dome pole which is mounted with a piezo tweeter that produces HD audio quality in a mid to high frequency range. 

The speaker pair is sturdy and durable that ensures the high quality of build material. The speakers are surrounded with a steel frame that keeps them safe from the external harsh conditions.  Furthermore, Titanium and Mylar materials have been used to design the tweeters of speakers so that they serve you a long duration of time. 

The high-pass crossovers enable the speakers to produce audio of multiple frequencies without any major distortion. The sound quality is crisp, clear and considerably detailed. You can add an amplifier to the system to boost up your music experience but with the sound quality it provides, you’ll be fine even without the additional amp. 

The overall look of the speakers is quite attractive and will suit your car interior. The glossy dome tweeters and the sleek exterior makes it aesthetically pleasing. Along with that, the price range is also affordable if you compare it with the features and audio quality. 

What do customers think?

To ensure the speaker’s working and sound quality, we delved deep into the customer reviews to know if this product is actually worth buying or not. Following were some major noticeable aspects in the customer reviews. 

Almost 90 percent of the reviews had customers appreciating the overall sound quality that justifies the price range of these speakers. Although some of the customers did mention that the speakers did not provide a powerful bass as compared to the factory speakers. But the depth and clarity of sound in this price range did impress a lot of customers. 

Another aspect that was appreciated by the customers was the easy installation. They were impressed by its compact size that can easily fit in small cars. Even without the powerful bass, the crossovers ensured the deliverance of high quality sound at different frequency levels. 

Most of the customers compared its working with the prior speaker models and experienced a better audio quality with a number of features. It did satisfy the audio requirements of sophisticated car owners. 

Final Verdict

If you want to replace your factory speakers with an upgraded and power audio system at an affordable price, then these Rockford speakers can serve you as a significantly good choice. 

6x9 vs 6.5 Speakers - Buyers’ Guide

Why factors do I need to look for while buying car audio speakers?

When you are buying a new set of car speakers, there are multiple important factors that you need to look for so that you can buy a product that fulfills your requirements. Following are some major key features that can help you in your car speaker research.

Speaker Size:

Speaker size and mounting depth are two important factors to check since your speaker set needs to fit in the vehicle appropriately. The car audio speakers generally come in the size range of 4-9 inches. The speakers are installed in an enclosed space like car doors. The depth and size of the enclosure design affects the audio quality. So larger the size, better will be the sound quality. A deep mounting depth isn’t preferred to avoid the contact with the underlying surface. 

Build Material:

It is important for all the speaker components and hardware parts to be sturdy and durable. The woofer material should be lightweight and good quality. Synthetic films like polypropylene are preferable since they are lightweight and tough. For surround material, rubber is preferred due to its flexibility and heat-resistant properties. Tweeters material should be soft and tangible for a smooth and clear sound quality. 

Coaxial Type: 

Generally car speakers are available in three types i.e two-way, three-way and four-way. The number goes up, so does the sound quality. In a four-way speaker, the sound quality is exceptional since the frequencies get split into different parts and that enables the speaker to deliver a high definition sound. But with the increase in better sound quality, the price range also increases. So now it is your decision to make according to your budget and music requirements.

Car Compatibility:

Before you buy a speaker, make sure that you check the car specifications. You need to check that the power handling and sensitivity of the speaker is compatible with your car or not. You can determine it through your head unit or external amp that is the standard volume level of your speakers to attain the sensitivity.  

What are the different types of car speakers?

There are two main types of car speakers which are explained below. 

Component speakers:

Component speakers are known for best audio quality and sound experience. They might be a bit difficult to install since the drivers of component speakers come separately and they even need to be installed separately. Each speaker component is placed in different parts of the car and is mounted accordingly. This surely does improve the music experience but can be a bit fussy. The component placement is done according to your car interior. 

Coaxial/full-range Speakers:

Coaxial speakers are comparatively easier to install and budget-friendly since all the speaker components are within the system. There is no need for separate installment of different components. It has a woofer that deals with the mid and low frequencies and a tweeter that handles high frequencies. Overall, coaxial speakers provide you with a good audio quality and are comparatively better than the factory-installed speaker system. 

 What is the best price of car speakers?

There are different price ranges available when it comes to buying car speakers. It’s for you to decide what price suits your budget and if you are getting the desired features in that price or not. Following are different price range options.

Below $60: 

These are the most budget-friendly set of speakers that provide a decent audio quality and bass. They might heat-up quickly due to a narrow airflow. There are many speaker options available in this price range. 


As the price is high, so is the quality. You can find many speakers in this price range that produce HD quality sound and are made of good quality materials. If your budget allows this price-range speaker investment, you should totally go for it. 

Above $80:

You will find all the high-end car speaker brands in this price range. Speakers in this price range will offer you multiple features, upgraded technologies and a high audio quality. 

Why should I purchase 6×9 speakers?

6×9 speakers provide you with a complete package of multiple features. 6×9 speakers produce an impressive mid-range and high frequencies. They will also fulfil your basic bass requirements. Along with all these factors, 6×9 speakers are found in an affordable price range. So if you are looking for a good quality speaker system for your car that is budget-friendly, you can definitely go for a 6×9 speaker.

How do I look for the appropriate type of 6×9 speakers for my car?

First you need to know the types of 6×9 speakers so you can choose accordingly. As mentioned earlier, 6×9 speakers are of three types:

  • Single speakers
  • 2-way speakers
  • 3-way speakers

Single 6×9 speakers provide mid-range frequency with a decent bass level. 2-way 6×9 speakers generally have high frequency transmission with comparatively better sound quality. And lastly, 3-way 6×9 speakers have multiple features and the best audio quality among all. There are different brand options available in all these types. You can select one according to your budget and other preferences. 

Which is the best 6×9 car speaker for a good sound quality?

6×9 speakers have one tweeter in the speaker design and sometimes there are multiple tweeters. Some manufacturing companies use multiple tweeters to optimize the mid-range audio. The tweeter material improves the sound quality. The polymer and fibre cones are considered the best since they are lightweight, good quality and enable the speakers to produce high quality audio.  

Do we need an amplifier for a 6×9 car speaker?

It depends on the power range of the speakers and its compatibility with the car’s head unit. If the RMS power range of the speakers is compatible with the head unit, then you don’t necessarily need an amp. If the head unit is not able to transmit enough power to the speakers, then you will be needing an additional amplifier.

How is the bass response of 6×9 car speakers?

The bass response of 6×9 car speakers is pretty decent and will fill your basic bass requirements.Specially the oval or round speakers produce the best bass. There are some 6×9 speakers that have Plus One technology in woofer cones to deliver a better sound quality with a deeper bass. Moreover, speakers with a rubber surround tend to deliver better bass quality. 

What features to look for while buying 6.5 car speakers?

Power Handling: 

You need to check two important factors i.e RMS power output and peak power output. RMS rating determines the loudness of a speaker. It basically indicates how much power a speaker can handle. The peak power rating determines the power handling in short bursts. So if you are looking for a loud audio output, then you need to check the RMS rating. 

Speaker Design: 

Car speakers are generally of the same design. If the speaker’s overall look does not matter to you then you should focus more on the enclosure’s depth so that the speakers can fit-in your car easily. 


It is important for your car speakers to be durable so they serve you a long duration of time. The hardware material and the inner components of your car stereo system should be tough and sturdy. 

Where can I get a budget-friendly and good quality 6.5 speaker?

There are many different car speaker manufacturing companies that produce good quality speakers. There are so many options so you can easily find some good product under your budget and as per your requirements. You can even choose any one of the speakers that we have reviewed above. 

Final Verdict

With the detailed explanation of the features and specifications of both 6×9 and 6.5 speakers, we conclude that both hold different specialties and some loopholes. 6×9 speakers produce much better bass as compared to the 6.5 speakers because they have a larger cone area. On the other hand, 6.5 speakers will provide you with a full-range sound dispersion with high power handling.  We will conclude this article with the final winner that is Focal RCX- 690 6×9. It will serve you as a complete package of good sound quality, good bass, durability, easy installation and affordability. It will be an exceptional boost to your car stereo.  We hope that this article helped you in deciding the perfect speakers for your car.
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