500 Watt Speakers: What Size Amp? – Full Breakdown

Most people ask what size amp should they use with their 500-watt speakers?

Let’s find out!

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What size amp should I use for my 500 watt speakers?

If you’ve got a big room, you may want to consider using two amplifiers. This will allow you to run both channels at the same volume without clipping.

Power Amp Buying Guide

A power amp should be chosen based on what kind of sound you want to achieve. There are different types of amps, each with its unique characteristics.

This guide will help you choose the right type of amp for your needs.

This amplifier uses smaller components than other amplifiers. It also runs cooler because of this.

Impedance It’s All in the Ohms

Ohms are measures of resistance, and audio amplifiers are commonly designed for 4, 8, or 16ohms of resistance. Optimum system performance can be obtained when the total ohm load (the sum of the impedances) of the loudspeakers is equal to the output impedance of the amplifier.

If the sum of the impedances of the loudspeakers is too high, the amplifier will deliver less power to the loudspeakers than if the sum of the impedances were lower. If the sum of impedances of the loudspeaker is too low, the amplifier will deliver more power to the loudspeakers, which could overheat them and damage the amplifier.

Speakers should be matched to amps by the number of ohms.

For example, if two 8-ohm speakers are connected to a 12-volt amp, then the amp must handle 24 volts. This means that the amp must have a total output resistance of 24 / 2 12 ohms.

500 Watt Speakers: What Size Amp?

500 Watt Speakers: What Size Amp?


To keep things simple, most people use an equal amount of resistance in each speaker. This means that if there are two speakers, then half of the total resistance is used up.

A common mistake people make when using speaker cables is to use too much load resistance. In this case, we’re talking about speaker cables. Speaker cables should be loaded as low as possible to avoid distortion. For example, if you have an amplifier rated at 100 watts into 8-ohm speakers, then you shouldn’t put more than 2 or 3 ohms of resistance in the cable.

Speakers are devices that convert electrical energy into sound waves.

A speaker has two parts: an amplifier and a driver.

Amplifiers amplify signals and drivers convert electricity into sound waves.

Class D Amplifiers – Smaller Cooler Lighter

Power amplifiers are used to amplify audio signals. They are used by DJs, bands, and other musicians who play music in clubs, bars, and theaters. Amplifiers are also used to amplify radio broadcasts.

Operating an Amplifier in Bridged Mode

A ganged system is an amplifier configuration that allows you to use both channels of your stereo system as one large channel. This allows you to get more power out of your speakers while still maintaining the original sound quality.

Typically, amplifiers operating in bridge mode can only work with speakers that have twice as much resistance as the minimum load on the amplifier. In this case, an amplifier rated at 4 ohms will need speakers that have 8 ohms of resistance.

What Does a Limiter Do?

Many amplifiers feature a built-in limiter for maximizing signal volumes while preventing distortion, preventing overloading in a signal chain, limiting maximum volume levels to protect users of earphones, protecting speakers and amplifies from clipping, and so forth. Whenever you need to set a maximum gain setting and stop signals from passing it, an amplifier limiter is your tool.

What to Look For…

Amplifier power should be chosen based on your needs. For example, if you want to play music loudly, then you need more power than if you’re playing soft background music.


Generally, you should pick an amplifier capable of delivering power equal to twice the speakers’


Power program/continuous power ratings. This means that a single speaker with a nominal impedance of 8 ohms and a continuous power rating of 350 watts requires an amplifier capable of producing 700 watts into an 8-ohm load. A pair of speakers with a combined nominal impedance of 16 ohms and continuous power ratings of 700 watts each requires an amplifier capable of outputting 1400 watts into an 8-ohm load.


Amplifiers need more headroom than other types of audio equipment because music has a lot of variation in volume levels. A power amplifier should be set up so that it doesn’t clip or distort when playing loud music.


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