Top 50 Virtual Reality Websites

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Note: We have checked and reviewed this list for 2023.

The tech world has only recently welcomed Virtual Reality and is still exploring the untapped potential it holds. And dedicated tech enthusiasts want to stay on top of all the latest happenings around Virtual Reality, minute by minute.

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This has given rise to a number of blogs and websites focused on the subject.

What are the best websites to learn and explore more about virtual reality?

Keeping in mind this question, we scoured the internet for such online spaces and compiled a list of the top 50 blogs on Virtual Reality for you to follow.

Note that the top virtual reality websites of 2021 are given in no particular order. 

Top 50 Virtual Reality Websites

1. Hypergrid Business2. Road to VR3. VR Focus
4. Upload VR5. Time Fire VR6. VR Bites
7. Virtual Reality Reviewer8. Super Reality9. Doc-Ok
10. VR Scout11. Oculus12. Mbryonic Blog
13. VR Nerds14. VMware15. Purple Pill
16. Gizmodo17. Mashable18. VR Factual
19. NVIDIA20. Anand Tech21. Slash Gear
22. The Verge23. Gamasutra24. Notey
25. BGR26. Tech Crunch27. The VR Guy's Blog
28. Virt29. Leap Motion30. VR Index
31. VR Indices32. Superlumen33. Primacy
34. VR Dribble35. Leading Ones36. Virtual Vizor
37. Ghost Howls38. Infinity Leap39. Virtual Worlds News
40. Digital Trends41. Live Like VR42. Virtual Reality Pulse
43. VR Life44. Digital Spy45. Touchstone Research
46. Unimersiv47. Z Space48. Alchemy VR
49. Wb VR Blog50. EON Reality

1. Hypergrid Business

This is an online publication indexed by Google News, providing an immersive view of the VR world.

They post helpful and interesting news and reviews on VR as well as AR, VR Metaverse, VR headsets, and VR QR codes for you to calibrate your phone apps to work with your particular headsets.

Hypregrid Business has all the latest news collected straight from VR enthusiasts and the industry, put together in one online publication. Do check it out!

Hypergrid Business - Best Virtual Reality Website

2. Road to VR

A blog containing news to all things VR and AR!

Road to VR is one a top-tier, containing the latest news on VR games. They deliver the latest from VR world right to the inbox of their audience with the Daily Roundup and post the most worthwhile VR Headset reviews and videos.

Road to VR is the only place you need to check up on for authentic, original, and useful content on VR.

Road to VR - Best Virtual Reality Website

3. VR Focus

VR Focus is entertains a large community of VR enthusiasts.

The website is more focused on bringing you news and features from VR Rift, HTC Vive, Cardboard, and other essential VR gear than anything else.

Find the best guides and advice on VR Gear right at this online portal!

4. Upload VR

Avid believers of the VR technology and how its bringing about a qualitative transformation in the tech world as we know it, Upload VR is set to bring the best of VR to the masses. Along with covering everything from VR news, AI and jobs to emerging talent is this rather intriguing field, they also post a newsletter full of gravitating information on VR.

Join the Upload VR community and help accelerate the use of VR among the masses.

Upload VR - Best Virtual Reality Websites

5. Time Fire VR

These guys are believed to be creating the ‘Earth’s first truly immersive Virtual city…’ through this online portal and we are head over heels in excitement.

Time Fire VR is working on creating an entire city in Virtual Reality, called Hypatia. Along with news, previews, and trailers on Hypatia, the website has an active blog covering almost about everything from the VR world.

Check out Time Fire VR for the latest on Hypatia and much more from VR!

Time Fire VR - Best Virtual Reality Websites

6. VR Bites

Much as the name suggests, VR Bites is your everyday VR snack!

This is a comprehensive blog providing news on VR players, hardware, games, and apps. Together with news, they help the VR community with honest reviews and how-to articles on the latest VR tech.

VR Bites - Best Virtual Reality Websites

7. Virtual Reality Reviewer

According to the qualified opinion of Captain Obvious, Virtual Reality Reviewer brings its audience news and reviews on Virtual Reality. In doing so, they cover VR games, software, and hardware, as well as videos and trailers of all that is yet to come!

Check out the website for latest updates and top lists. Captain Obvious, out and about!

Virtual Reality Reviewer - Best Virtual Reality Websites

8. Super Reality

The one-stop for industry news and technology updates on VR and AR, Super Reality also posts video demonstrations of all the technology and latest releases they can get their hands on.

Super Reality is sure to keep you in the loop of all that’s up with the VR world.

Super Reality - Best Virtual Reality Websites

9. Doc-Ok

Doc-Ok is a blog on VR and 3D computer graphics, reporting news and reviews from a developer’s perspective; all of this written in the most immersive, engaging manner along with videos and pictures.

Seeing things from a developer’s perspective, you are guaranteed to learn more and in-depth about VR and 3D computer graphics.

Doc-Ok - Best Virtual Reality Websites

10. VR Scout

This blog, with its scan-able, modern interface, doesn’t only cover the best news and reviews from the world of VR but also the people and artists behind it. Find the latest news regarding VR Vive, Rift, and Cardboard and interesting podcasts and videos all in one place!

Sounds like quite the VR space!

VR Scout - Best Virtual Reality Websites

11. Oculus

The leading technology in VR, Oculus redefines digital entertainment and immersive content.

Get the latest news, reviews, and deals on Oculus Rift and Gear VR straight from the makers themselves. Visit their blog for more in-depth articles and features on their VR products.

Oculus has raised the bar for VR products and continues to do so with their latest tech.

Oculus - Best Virtual Reality Websites

12. Mbryonic

Creators of VR experiences for marketing, entertainment, and arts, they use technologies like Oculus Rift, Gear VR, Google Cardboard, etc. Their proactive blog features all sorts of news and latest happenings around the VR world and guides on how to improve your VR production skills.

Mbryonic has been connected to the VR world for a long time now and knows how the technology works. Get in touch to create the most splendid VR content and experiences.

Mbryonic Blog - Best Virtual Reality Websites

13. VR Nerds

These guys are our brothers from other mothers.

Like ourselves, they get super excited about the slightest tip-offs from the VR world and even more about sharing it with you. Covering anything and everything there is out there about VR hardware and software, these guys will win you over with their quirky puns and geeky insights on VR.

VR Nerds - Best Virtual Reality Websites

14. VMware

Basically, virtualization software for desktop and servers, they post indispensable news and insights on VR technology on their blog. This is what has earned VMware a large community of VR enthusiasts.

Join in or miss out; the choice is yours.

Vmware - Best Virtual Reality Websites

15. Purple Pill

One super aesthetic blog, focused on all the news and work going around VR. These guys run their blog on the exciting and enthralling tip-offs from the VR world and have posted a number of helpful tools on the blog for their dedicated audience.

Get acquainted and join in their vast, in-depth knowledge of the VR world.

Purple Pill - Best Virtual Reality Websites

16. Gizmodo

The Gizmodo blog features a number of reviews and personal experiences of VR fans. Read up on these relatable stories or contribute your own!

Gizmode - Best Virtual Reality Websites

17. Mashable

Mashable, the global platform for the most intriguing news on tech, science, and much more, discusses the latest and most interesting stories on Virtual Reality on their website.

As always, they live up to their standards and provide nothing but the most entertaining news on VR.

Mashable - Best Virtual Reality Websites

18. VR Factual

VR Factual is a place where VR news is highly anticipated and celebrated.

Staying true to all things VR, VR Factual covers the news and stories on VR from the medical, entrepreneurship, and gaming world.

They like to keep things precise and sorted out into neat tags, so that you get the latest, the fastest.

VR Factual - Best Virtual Reality Websites


The leading technology company from the world of Artificial Intelligence, Nvidia has dedicated a good amount of content on their blog to VR and AR. This is a reliable source for all the latest news, reviews, and tip-offs from the VR world.

Nvidia - Best Virtual Reality Websites

20. Anand Tech

Reviewers of computer hardware and pretty much all the latest tech, Anand Tech has all the latest news and reviews regarding VR headsets, their applications, and their producers.

Join the community of tech geeks and stay updated VR and lots more.

Anand Tech - Best Virtual Reality Websites

21. Slash Gear

Curators and informers of the best and the brightest digital lifestyles, Slash Gear has all the latest promotional and informational content on VR products and their guides and reviews.

Slash Gear hosts a large community of qualified techies. Join in and make friends!

Slash Gear - Best Virtual Reality Websites

22. The Verge

This is an online publication which works to find an intersection between the latest technologies, art, science, and culture.

Considering that, VR is a hot topic on their forums. They bring you the latest news, reviews, and previews from the VR world, as well as immersive guides and stories from their contributors.

The Verge is home to a large community of tech enthusiasts well-versed and profusely excited about the increasing use of VR in everyday world.

The Verge - Best Virtual Reality Websites

23. Gamasutra

The online free version of Game Developer Magazine, this publication posts weekly articles news and reviews from the world of VR gaming. Find out about all the latest mobile apps and games supported by VR through this one online publication.

Gamasutra - Best Virtual Reality Websites

24. Notey

Notey is a collection of the best online blogs and publications dedicated to technology and the digital world.

This is the one place you can count on for the best news on VR from across the web. Along with news, find immersive quizzes and e-shops selling VR products; all on Notey!

Notey - Best Virtual Reality Websites

25. BGR

BGR is the leading source of most authentic news on mobile and technology, including Virtual Reality.

Along with VR news, get qualified opinion and reviews on the subject by becoming part of the BGR community.

Bgr - Best Virtual Reality Website

26. Tech Crunch

Tech Crunch is a media website dedicated to breaking the latest tech news and reviewing new Internet products.

This certainly includes immersive articles from the world of VR reported by tech geeks and bloggers.

Find nothing but the hottest of VR news stories on Tech Crunch.

Tech Crunch - Best Virtual Reality Websites

27. The VR Guy’s Blog

A blog maintained and updated by the CEO of Sensics and the co-founder of OSVR himself!

This blog provides in-depth insights on the technical and mechanical aspects of VR.

Learn from the VR expert himself! Stay updated with The VRguy’s Blog and learn a great deal about VR tech and news.

The VRguy's Blog - Best Virtual Reality Websites

28. Virt

A beautiful blog focused on the nitty gritty of the VR and AR world!

They provide their audience all the related tech, stories, and videos on VR and the orbiting genres.

This is one of the highly immersive online blogs broadcasting the most striking from the VR world.    

Virt - Best Virtual Reality Websites

29. Leap Motion

Developers and producers of the Leap Motion computer hardware sensor, Leap Motion runs a blog which features the latest stories and news revolving around VR and Leap Motion products. You can also find out more about the developers and the software on the website.

What is better than being reported on the latest by the leading companies in the VR world?! Join the community right away!

Leap Motion - Best Virtual Reality Websites

30. VR Index

This is the largest online directory for all things, all products VR!

This contains all the websites reporting news and selling products as well as a blog featuring the hot stories from the VR world.

Check up on the VR Index every now to find more about the newcomers to the VR world.

The VR Index - Best Virtual Reality Websites

31. VR Indies

VR Indies has a large community of VR geeks discussing, discovering, and distributing all things VR.

Get your daily dose of VR news, apps, games, and videos from around the world and delve in to VR deeper than you have done before!

VR Indies - Best Virtual Reality Websites

32. Superlumen

Superlumen is covering Virtual Reality and its application in the world of games and movies, and doing so exceedingly well. Keeping their audiences entertained and top of the VR game, they are natural favorite of the VR community all over the world.

Super Lumen - Best Virtual Reality Websites

33. Primacy

A digital agency specializing in creative design, technology, and marketing, Primacy’s blog is filled with informational content and new releases from the VR industry.

Get insights on VR from a renowned publication with a technically qualified team.

Primacy - Best Virtual Reality Websites

34. VR Dribble

This is an online platform working round the clock towards providing news, reviews, and latest information of VR, AR, and 360 films. They feature highlights and posts from other VR publications as well.

Contribute to the VR community through this blog and benefit from its large following!

VR Dribble - Best Virtual Reality Websites

35. Leading Ones

A blog run by the most zealous and generous VR guys!

Leading Ones offers free guides and tutorials on VR technologies and products along with delivering their audience the latest news, honest reviews, and updates on VR games.

Leading Ones mean their word when they call themselves the Leading Ones of the online VR community!

Leading Ones - Best Virtual Reality Websites

36. Virtual Vizor

Virtual Vizor is a rather unusual VR headset which works on almost about any smartphone.

Get the top news and reviews regard Virtual Vizor and VR apps, as well as shop for Virtual Vizor through this website.

More portable and less intimidating than the more complex ones, Virtual VIzor is the friendliest version of a VR headset.

Virtual Vizor - Best Virtual Reality Websites

37. The Ghost Howls

A blog run by the coolest of VR geeks!

This blog covers almost everything about tech startups and VR; news, reviews, and previews.

VR news and information posted in layman terms, The Ghost Howls takes in consideration everyone even remotely interested in VR and report accordingly.    

The Ghost Howls - Best Virtual Reality Websites

38. Infinity Leap

This is an online portal for Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Computer Vision technology, IOT and wearable technologies explained to the masses through immersive blogging.

They bring you stories from the leading brands of gaming and VR industry and only the top of the charts news!

Infinity Leap houses a community of tech geeks who get super excited on VR tip offs. Isn’t that you we’re talking about?

Infinity Leap - Best Virtual Reality Websites

39. Virtual Worlds News

Bringing you news and updates from all over the Virtual World!

Together with news on VR products, this blog broadcasts and covers the most happening VR festivals taking place.

Don’t miss out on VR festivals happening nearby or the news from the industry.

Virtual Worlds News - Best Virtual Reality Websites

40. Digital Trends

Covering the hottest news on all digital trends, VR news is one of the more beaming topics on this website than others. They report news and trends from the VR industry from a different perspective and with greater insights.

Get your VR info only from the expert reporters and tech enthusiasts and no one less!

Digital Trends - Best Virtual Reality Websites

41. Live Like VR

This is an immersive platform offering you to view live sports in Virtual Reality from all over the world! And while you wait for the live stream, check out their Vision section or the blog for the hottest news on VR games, their characteristics, and much more!

The clean interactive interface together with the quality content it offers will have you hooked to the website for hours, you have our word!

Live Like VR - Best Virtual Reality Websites

42. Virtual Reality Pulse

The top content and insights from the Virtual Reality industry!

Virtual Reality Pulse covers a wide spectrum of news on Augmented Reality, VR gaming, VR hardware, and other related tools/accessories.

When it comes to VR news, you just can’t count on anyone but the most informed. In that regard, we can personally vouch for Virtual Reality Pulse.

Virtual Reality Pulse - Best Virtual Reality Websites

43. VR Life

Strong believers that VR is the new and upcoming lifestyle of the world, VR Life reports news and reviews on VR systems and platforms. They provide pragmatic VR guides and solutions to the whole community.

VR Life is working on finding an intersection between VR and the daily life. Join in and make your contribution to the revolution!

best vr website

44. Digital Spy

Digital Spy is an online publication covering the digital media and entertainment news.

VR has made a permanent, prominent mark on this online publication as they post regular updates and reviews on VR products and technologies.

Digital Spy can be certainly trusted upon for the latest releases and hottest news from the VR industry.

Digital Spy - Best Virtual Reality Websites

45. Touchstone Research

Touchstone Research is an experienced and advanced online research firm, providing cutting-edge technical solutions and excellent customer service and product deliveries.

Other than providing the top-notch VR services and highly qualified research into the field, they post VR consumer reports and infographics that are really helpful to brands and marketing agencies working with the technology.

Get ahead of your competitions by implying and analyzing the in-depth information and services provided by Touchstone Research.

Touchstone Research - Best Virtual Reality Websites

46. Unimersiv

Unimersiv is working on bringing VR to the education scenario.

They post reviews and blogs along the premises of this wishful aim and all the latest news from the VR world.

Become part of the Unimersiv project and add more value to our educational systems with VR.

Unimersiv - Best Virtual Reality Websites

47. Z Space

Another website dedicated to helping students in all fields of study learn better with VR!

The Z Space blog features all the latest news and happenings regarding VR from an educational point of view.

Z Space is on a great mission and leading the way forward by finding a common point between VR and our education systems.

Zspace Blog - Best Virtual Reality Websites

48. Alchemy VR

A rather fun and focused blog on latest VR news and storytelling!

Alchemy VR is paving the way for fully immersive VR storytelling. The blog narrates interesting VR experiences and stories of their audiences and contributors.

Read about and experience stories from an all-new dimension and become part of the setting with Alchemy VR!

Alchemy VR - Best Virtual Reality Websites

49. Wb VR Blog

WB VR Blog gives VR apps a new meaning.

They showcase spaces, old relics, and art galleries in Virtual Reality and post about the experiences on their blog.

Read up and see how much more VR has to offer than games and entertainment.

Wb VR Blog - Best Virtual Reality Websites

50. Eon Reality

The website talks about all things AR and VR.

They cover AR and VR Systems, Platforms, and Solutions in the field of education, medicine, energy, tourism, etc.

This is a global community of VR enthusiasts working to make something big out of Virtual Reality.

Eon Reality - Best Virtual Reality Websites


There is hype around the Virtual Reality which grows coherently with the industry itself. With more and more products and accessories supporting VR, tech geeks and VR enthusiasts need means of staying in touch with the technology.

And the websites mentioned above do a great job in facilitating the excitement of the followers. Check them out for more in-depth information and news on the VR World.     


  • Victor Marquez

    Victor is the Editor in Chief at Techtyche. He tests the performance and quality of new VR boxes, headsets, pedals, etc. He got promoted to the Senior Game Tester position in 2021. His past experience makes him very qualified to review gadgets, speakers, VR, games, Xbox, laptops, and more. Feel free to check out his posts.

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