2Boom Bluetooth Speaker: How to Connect? – Complete Instructions

People often ask…

How to connect 2Boom Bluetooth speaker?

Let’s find out!

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2Boom Bluetooth Speaker: How to Connect?

2Boom Bluetooth Speaker: How to Connect?

How to connect 2Boom Bluetooth speaker?

The 2Boom Bluetooth speaker connects easily by using a micro USB cable. Once connected, it will automatically pair with any device running Android 4.0 or higher. It has a built-in battery which lasts around 6 hours on one charge.

Boom Surge Bluetooth Speaker User Manual

Warm prompt

Charging the battery should be done every 30 days.

Technical Parameters

These include:

  • Play/pause (FM: Automatic search)
  • Press the button for a sec to lower the volume. (FM: Previous channel)
  • Press the button for a second to enlarge the volume. (FM: The next channel)
  • Mode (USB, TF, FM, BT).
  • Charging socket (DC 5V)
  • USB socket.
  • Micro SD Card Socket.
  • Off / On Speaker Power off, Speaker Power on.

Connect to BT

When you connect your phone to the speaker using Bluetooth, you will hear a voice prompt saying “Connected”. You can then play and select music by clicking the “Play” button on your phone.

Micro SD Function

Press the Mode button on the product to toggle between TF mode and normal mode. Press the Play/Pause button to pause and resume your music. Press the Next button to skip to the next song. Press the Previous button to skip to the previous song.

USB Function

Press the “MODE” button on the product to toggle between USB mode and hard disk mode. In USB mode, press “PLAY/PAUSE” to pause/play music. In hard disk mode, press “NEXT” to skip to the next song. Press “PREVIOUS” to skip to the previous song.

FM Radio Function

When you press the play/pause button, the radio starts playing automatically. You can change the channel by pressing the next or previous buttons.

TWS Function

Speaker 1 plays music while speaker 2 pauses the music. When you long press the pause button, both speakers stop playing music.


We hope that now you know how to connect your 2Boom Bluetooth speaker.


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