Wipeout VR Review – Full Breakdown, Tips, Buyers’ Guide, FAQs & More

VR games offer a wide variety of playable genres. You can play single-player and multiplayer games. However, there are quite a few that offer both game modes. 

This is why in today’s post, our main focus will be on Wipe Out VR and its various aspects. Moreover, we’ll discuss certain factors you need to keep in check before any game purchase.

Wipe Out VR

Wipe Out VR is a tower-defense strategic game that features a blend of archery. It has a turn-based mechanism that can be played solo or with friends. Moreover, it also comes with a variety of game modes with unique mechanics. 

Alternate #1 

Elite Dangerous

Elite Dangerous is based on space combat. It features a wide variety of unique spaceships and locations for you to explore. Moreover, it also comes with a co-op and multiplayer mode. 

Alternate #2 


Contractors is an objective-based game with a massive multiplayer sandbox. You can choose from a long list of weapons and gear to overcome your opponents. Moreover, it also lets you create unique game modes. 

Quick Summary of the Main Product

There aren’t many tower defense games in the VR genre. This is where Wipe Out VR comes in. Just like any other tower defense, it uses archery as its main focus of gameplay. 

You can build towers, lay out traps, and create various defense mechanisms to defeat waves of enemies. Moreover, you also get your own unique castle. 

What sort of game controls does this game offer?

The game lets you control pretty much everything related to your towers. This provides a high level of immersion for you and your teammates. 

Other than that, you can also control your bow to shoot at different targets. However, as the game progresses, the waves of enemies become increasingly difficult. 

What type of game modes can I play?

Besides the co-op game mode, you can also play multiple PVP modes. These modes include time trials and 1 on 1 showdowns. 

We must also mention that you can also create your own levels as well. This brings a new flair to the game and keeps it interesting. 

Features and Benefits

Game Modes

As we have mentioned earlier, Wipe Out Vr comes with a variety of playable game modes. The base game mode can either be played solo or with a partner.

For its creator mode, you can use various in-game elements to develop a new level. These levels can be saved and played later. 

Do I need an internet connection to play multiplayer?

You can play multiplayer with and without an internet connection. For couch multiplayer, you don’t need an internet connection. 


One major benefit of Wipe Out VR is that it is compatible with almost every single PC VR headset. The list includes Valve Index and HTC VIVE headsets. 

Moreover, you can also use motion controllers or d-pad controllers. You can also use each VR headset’s room scaling to freely move around in the world of Wipe Out VR. 

What sort of d-pad controllers can I use?

You can use any universal d-pad controller as long as it is compatible with your PC. However, for optimal performance, we recommend that you either use Xbox or PS controllers. 


Another major feature of Wipe Out VR is that it has no long loading times. The game runs smoothly on HDD and SSD hardware. 

However, to optimize the overall performance, the developers suggest the use of SSD. You can reduce framerate drops and screen tears. 

How much storage space does it need?

In terms of storage space, Wipe Out VR does not demand a lot of free disk space. You will only need about 1 GB of free space to download and install this game. 

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Wipe Out VR


First of all, we must discuss the price of Wipe Out VR. Since the entire game is based on a basic idea, the price for it is quite low. 

In comparison, Wipe Out VR falls on the cheap end of the spectrum. On top of that, the game is also offered for free during seasonal sales. 

Playable Content

In terms of playable content, the overall gameplay is quite limited. We only found a handful of playable modes that you can either play solo or with a friend. 

Other than that, it has no DLCs. The base game is all there is. Unlike other VR games, we found no seasonal events in Wipe Out VR. 


We ran multiple benchmark tests to get the right requirements for Wipe Out VR. The minimum requirements you’ll need are Windows 10, Intel i5 4th-gen, and an NVIDIA GTX 780.

On top of that, you can use Windows 11, Intel i7 6th-gen with an NVIDIA GTX 980 for optimal performance. We must also mention that it requires at least 4 GB of dedicated RAM.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Social Proof

After our tests, we decided to check out some customer reviews. The ones we found were mildly negative. Many users pointed out the poor mechanics of the game. 

They stated that the game can use better hitbox registration. Most people were not happy with how laggy the controls were after certain waves of enemies.

Some people also pointed out the stale gameplay. They stated that after a while the game gets boring as there aren’t many game modes to play from. 

Wipe Out VR Alternatives (Recommendations)

#1: Best Space Combat Game - Elite Dangerous Review

For our first alternative, we chose Elite Dangerous from Frontier Developments. This game brings a new flare to space exploration and combat. 

You can build your own base, unlock new ships, and search for exotic materials. On top of that, you can travel to various eye-pleasing locations as well. 

Does this game feature multiplayer?

We noticed that game features a mix between single-player and multiplayer. You can find other players in the game and tag along in their missions. 

Either that or you can simply explore the deep space on your own. The objectives of this game don’t require you to play with other players. 

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Elite Dangerous


We compared the price of this VR title with some other games and found it to be on the expensive end. This is mainly due to the tons of playable content available in the game. 

However, you can find multiple cheaper options during seasonal sales. We found that game is available for up to 60% off during Winter sales. 

Playable Content

In terms of playable content, Elite Dangerous has a lot to offer. You can play multiple game modes and explore a wide variety of unique locations. 

Other than that, it also enables you to go on missions with other players as well. This way you can put in hundreds of hours without getting bored. 


After multiple tests, we found that Elite Dangerous is a high-demanding game. For average performance, you’ll need Windows 10, Intel i5 7th-gen with an NVIDIA GTX 980. 

On the other hand, for optimal performance, it requires Windows 10, Intel i7 with an NVIDIA GTX 1070. You’ll also need at least 8 GB of RAM. 

Best Space Combat Game

The best space combat game is Elite Dangerous because it features a massive sandbox for you to explore and find new things. Moreover, it comes with a massive multiplayer that you can use to pair up with other players online. 

#2: Best FPS Game - Contractors Review

Our next alternative is Contractors from Caveman Studio. It is a first-person shooter game that follows team-based multiplayer gameplay. 

You either play solo or get your friends to overcome your enemies. There are multiple game modes, weapons, and gear options that you can select from. 

Is this game available in VR?

We must also mention that the entire gameplay of Contractors is set in a VR world. You can use Valve Index and HTC VIVE headsets for it. 

Other than that, you also enable cross-platform gameplay. You can form a party with your friends on consoles as well. 

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Contractors


We noticed that Contractors is priced as a mid-range title. Compared to other FPS VR titles, this game is quite cheap. 

On top of that, STEAM also offers various sales all around the year. You can get this game for up to 70% off. 

Playable Content

Contractors feature a lot of playable content. You can choose from built-in game modes or even create a game mode on your own. 

Moreover, it also gets seasonal updates. These updates add new game modes with new objectives and gear. 


After multiple tests, our team concluded that Contractors is a fairly demanding game. You need at least Windows 10, Intel i5 with an NVIDIA GTX 1070. 

On the other hand, the recommended spec for it requires Windows 10 with an Intel i7 and NVIDIA GTX 2070. You’ll also need at least 8 GB of dedicated RAM. 

Best FPS Game

The best FPS game is Contractors because it features an online multiplayer with unique game modes. You can pair up with your friends or play solo against other players. Besides that, it also comes with unique weapons and characters. 

Buyer’s Guide

Following is a list of things you need to keep in mind before you purchase a VR game. Let’s see what they are in detail.  


First and foremost, you need to look for the price tag of a title. In most cases, a higher price tag means you’ll get tons of playable content. 

However, in some cases, even a low-priced game can provide a lot of playable content. We recommend that you always compare the playable content with the price. 

How does that help me?

This way, you can determine if a game is worth your money or not. Other than that, it is good practice to start with cheap games and then move to expensive ones. 

Playable Content

The next factor you need to keep in check is the playable content a game provides. For single-player games, you should check the campaign hours. 

On the other hand, for multiplayer games, you should look for multiple game modes. It will help you get your money’s worth. 

Should I buy games without DLCs?

DLCs are usually released for single-player games. We recommend that you get a game that has at least a single DLC. 

Whereas, for multiplayer games, we suggest that you purchase a game that features seasonal events. 


Last but not least, we have the system requirements of a title. Even though most VR titles aren’t demanding in terms of hardware, it is still good to look for the requirements. 

This way, you’ll be 100% sure if your PC can smoothly run a game. In some cases, a non-compatible rig can cause screen tears and framerate drops. 

Do I also need to check for VR headset compatibility?

As a matter of fact, yes. You should always check which VR headsets are supported by a VR title. This will help you reduce any technical issues. 

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

Why are the downsides of Wipe Out VR?

The main reason why people don’t like Wipe Out VR is because of the gameplay quality. Compared to some free bow simulators, the game is lackluster in terms of game modes. You can only choose from two different game modes. 

What are some alternatives for Wipe Out VR?

Some viable alternatives for Wipe Out VR are VR Archery, Beat Saber, and Pavlov VR. You can find all these titles on the STEAM store or their main website. However, they are expensive compared to Wipe Out VR. 

Can I play Wipe Out VR on cross-platform?

Currently, Wipe Out VR is only available for PC users. The developers have no plans to release the game for consoles. However, you can still create a local lobby to invite your friends or join them in other game modes. 

Can I play Wipe Out VR with d-pad controllers?

The game is designed to be played with VR motion controllers. You can still use d-pad controllers to interact with various in-game options. However, the support for d-pad controllers is quite limited. 

Does Elite Dangerous feature a storyline?

Even though the game is based on the idea of exploration, there is a background story that you can follow. It includes various missions and side missions. Although it is important to note that these missions are only a minor part of the game.

How do I create new game modes in Contractors?

Simply head over to the custom game mode section and choose what sort of game mode you want to create. You can select from various maps, team sizes, and rules for your game mode. Moreover, you can also community-made game modes from here as well.

Is Contractors better than Pavlov VR?

Even though both games share the same core gameplay, they are quite unique in various aspects. Contractors has multiple game modes whereas Pavlov VR only has a set number of game modes. Other than that, Contractors also lets you create custom modes as well. 

How do I invite friends in Elite Dangerous?

In order to invite your friends, simply click on the Socials tab and it will open a new window for you. Here you can invite all your STEAM friends. Moreover, it also shows a list of all the nearby players that are currently playing. 

How do I invite friends in Contractors?

Simply select the Invite option on your HUD and it will prompt a new window. It will show all your online friends. If you want to invite a random player, simply walk up to them and click on their profile. It will open a mini menu with multiple options.

Which VR headset is most viable for VR games?

It comes to personal preference. Some people prefer lighter headsets even if it compromises the quality of output a bit. However, there are some base features you should keep in mind. The list includes refresh rate and compatibility.

Does Wipe Out VR come with a DLC?

As of now, Wipe Out VR is a standalone game. There are no DLCs available for it on the STEAM store. According to the developers, they have no plans to release a sequel for it. 

Wrapping Things Up

This brings us to the finish line of our review of Wipe Out VR. We hope this information proves to be useful for you. 

Wipe Out VR is a tower defense game that tests your strategic and archery skills. You can create various traps and take down incoming enemy waves. Moreover, you can select multiple unique skills to complete objectives. 

Which VR game is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below. 


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