Why are my Mobile Games Lagging? – Everything You Need to Know, FAQs, & More 

With technological advancements in mobile hardware, mobile games have gained a lot of traction in the past few years. You can play games in 2K/6FPS resolution. 

However, in some cases, these games can lag due to certain reasons. 

In this post, we’ll address various reasons why your mobile games lag. 

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7 Basic Reasons Why Mobile Games Lag

Lag is not a new concept when it comes to video games. You can experience it in online and offline games alike. 

More than often, the reasons behind lag are quite similar. It ranges from hardware compatibility to software updates. 

Let’s check these reasons out in detail. 

Screen Resolution

Mobile games often use a default resolution regardless of a phone’s display panel. This causes severe lag and screen tears in between frames. 

This can make your entire gaming experience enjoyable. You can remove this lag by changing the resolution to a lower setting. 

How can I change the screen resolution for my games?

There are two ways to change the resolution for mobile games. You can either go to phone settings and limit the resolution to 1080p or 2K. 

On the other hand, you can limit the resolution from the in-game settings. Both options work fine and can possibly remove the majority of the lag. 

Is there any other way to overcome display lag?

You can also try to lower the brightness of your phone. Some phones can have issues with higher brightness. 

Offline Mode

Mobile games with an online mode can also cause them to lag and perform poorly. This is mainly due to the consistent use of background data. 

It mostly happens for games that require constant sync with other services. If your game can be played offline, simply turn off the Wi-Fi. 

How will offline mode remove lag?

It will halt any and all background services related to your game. Any background data download will also be stopped. 

This can significantly reduce lag and increase the overall seamless performance of your mobile games. 

Background Apps

It is no surprise that people often leave multiple apps in the background. For day-to-day use, this doesn’t affect the phone’s performance. 

However, when you are playing a mobile game, it can reduce FPS and cause screen tears. Other than that, it also consumes a lot of RAM from your phone. 

How can I close background apps?

There are two ways to close background apps. You can close them manually with whatever method your phone provides. 

Either that or you can download a task killer app. It will terminate all and any background apps that aren’t currently in use. 


Lag can also be caused by using an older version of the software. It can either be your phone’s older software or the game itself. 

Either way, double-check that your phone and the game are updated. Once you do that, restart your phone and the game will considerably diminish signs of lag. 

How do updates help reduce the lag?

To put it simply, it streamlines the connection channels between the software and the hardware. Older versions don’t communicate efficiently which causes lag. 

Moreover, it further optimizes your game to run smoothly on your phone. In some cases, new updates are also specifically designed to lower performance for older versions. 

Resource Allocation

Another reason why your mobile games lag is due to poor resource allocation. This is mainly associated with your phone’s RAM. 

Every single app on your phone has a dedicated amount that it can use. Even if the apps aren’t active, that portion of the RAM is still in use to provide quick access. 

How can I channel all the resources to my mobile games? 

You can use anti-lag apps to boost the use of RAM for your mobile games. They simply take the unused RAM and allocate it to the game currently being played. 

This can significantly improve the performance of your mobile games. Moreover, it reduces the overall stress on your phone.

Power Saving Mode

This feature often slides under everyday use due to irrelevance. However, power saving mode can seriously hinder the performance of your mobile game. 

You can turn off the power-saving mode to remove limitations on your mobile game. This will increase the overall resources your mobile games can use. 

How does power saving mode affect mobile games?

It’s not just mobile games. Power saving mode limits the available resources like RAM to preserve battery life. 

This is why you need to make sure it is turned off before you start a mobile game. 


Lastly, we have lag issues caused by outdated hardware. It can be caused by an old processor chip, RAM, or even the display panel. 

The only fix for lag caused by old hardware is to upgrade it. If you want to play specific games, check the recommended requirements and select a phone accordingly. 

Is there any other way to fix hardware lag?

Another quick fix for hardware lag is to turn down the display settings of the game. It will significantly the overall performance and make the game playable. 

However, it is important to note that the game won’t provide the desired visuals. 

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Important Tips to Keep in Mind

Besides the aforementioned solutions, there are some basic things you need to implement. Let’s check them out.

Clean your cache regularly. It takes up a lot of RAM for files that aren’t necessary for mobile game performance. You can do that from the phone settings. 

Check game requirements. It is good practice to check the recommended specs for a game before you purchase it for your phone. 

Delete unwanted apps. Their cache data can take up a significant amount of RAM on your phone. 

Always play games at the maximum resolution of your phone. In some cases, playing on lower resolution can also cause lag. 

Check for overheating problems. Sometimes, lag can be caused due to your being above the optimal temperature. 

Get mobile phones with extra RAM. You should look out for phones that provide at least 8 GB of RAM. 

Wrapping Things Up…

This brings us to the end of our post on Why are my Mobile Games Lagging? We hope you can use this information to improve your mobile gaming experience. 

Gaming phones can give gaming PCs a run for their money. However, even in expensive phones, lag is a consistent issue. With the right steps, you can easily overcome this problem. 

Which gaming phone do you prefer for mobile games? Do let us know in the comments below. 


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