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Saints and Sinners is a top-grade addition of adventure for The Walking Dead fans. It includes action, horror, and war that will uplift your gaming experience. 

We were thrilled by its realistic gameplay along with the upgraded combating techniques and the perfectly suited music.

You wouldn’t really understand the dynamics of this game until you actually play it. To help you out with that, here’s our review of the zombie VR game!  

The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners

The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners can be an anxiety-inducing game for someone who has not been exposed to extreme zombie content before.

This VR game is full of zombie killing, deadly weapons, and long yet thrilling missions. We’re convinced that the designers of this game made this game with the fact that they wanted to make every player really upset in a very frustrating way.

However, this game can give you a top-notch VR experience with its captivating environmental visuals, action-packed combat with powerful weapons, and music that compliments every situation. 

Alternate #1 

Propagation VR

Propagation VR game is a combination of survival horror and combat shooting. The game begins with you being caught in an unwanted tram station surrounded by deadly zombies. Although the game duration is not much, it will not fail to keep you hooked with extreme fear. We were impressed with how this game provides you the choice of multiple modes to play in. If you are into games that involve violence, horror, and zombies, you might consider playing this. 

Alternate #2 

Contagion VR: Outbreak 

Contagion VR Outbreak is a PSVR zombie end times game that involves surviving a zombie apocalypse along with multiple characters. The gameplay is all about fighting and killing zombies. We tried this game and were thrilled with its adventurous locations and overall environment. You might enjoy playing this game if you are a fan of horror-violence with interesting environmental visuals. 

Quick Summary of the Main Product

What’s It Like When Playing?

Saints and Sinners is a game filled with violence and interesting turns. It’s an interesting arrangement of different exciting elements and NPC responses that makes all of its levels truly fun.

You will find yourself trapped in a turf battle of zombie-plagued New Orleans with the number of zombies constantly increasing. Therefore, it increases the horror level too. 

Your combating skills would be put on a test when you encounter the zombies because killing a zombie is not like killing any other gaming character. 

Moreover, the VR foundations involved in this game truly impressed our team. The zombie attacks, surrounding visuals, and deadly combat weapons will give you a thrilling VR experience. 

What’s It About?

Saints and Sinners VR game is all about survival from zombies in the most deadly ways. The gameplay involves traveling players from one crafting station to another in order to survive.

Moreover, the weapons and other combat skills make it an intense and realistic VR experience. Our team enjoyed the interactivity between the characters and the scary audio-visual dynamics.

Features and Benefits


The game is filled with horror violence where you will find a pack of deadly brain-eating zombies and your only job is survival. 

However, killing the zombies is not as easy as it sounds. The game requires you to stay focused and keep your combat weapons ready at all times.

It features multiple complex missions, highly-equipped weapons like axes, shotguns, and machine guns along with non-hostile characters. 

Moreover, it includes a wristwatch on your arm that lets you know when to leave before the arrival of zombies. This can work as a survival tactic if you know how to use it wisely.


Saints and Sinners revolves around a particular storyline that provides you an understanding of what routes to follow, however, it can still be very challenging because you have to stay alive.

What might be said about zombie killing? If you’re not a decent shooter, you’ll be under a huge zombie attack and there’s gonna be a lot, so buckle up!

Furthermore, you need to keep an eye out, in light of the fact that there are three kinds of zombies, including a basic zombie.

This game provides you with a combination of complex yet adventurous missions with a captivating environment and top-notch graphics. 

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners


The game is based on a couple of key components: you really want to rummage for essential supplies and look for really valuable things to help you all through your progressive developments across the guide.

A couple of plug sheets back at your base present you with recipes that you can research and afterward create by pressing a solo ‘form’ button.


Although the game might come out as a bit pricey, the features and gameplay make it worth every penny. The in-game material science, intelligent menus, sharp time mechanics, and magnificent controls join to make an astounding VR experience.


The game’s sound plan is perfect. Zombies outwardly thrash around when they notice you, however they likewise emit various commotions that ought to hold you back from keeping your head on a turn.

Steady groaning gives you a decent peruse of their general position, and more forceful groaning implies they’ve seen you and are coming towards you. Likewise, there are a couple of levels that involve audio effects you can hear when a zombie is keen on following you.


Saints and Sinners offer up a fair piece of comfort choices that ought to keep most players blissful, as it incorporates snap and smooth turning movement.

Variable FOV blinders help keep forward and turn development agreeable as a default however can be flipped off in the settings menu.


We were impressed by the overall graphics of the game. Regions like the burial ground tomb and the neglected secondary school have a really dark climate, improved by incredible lighting impacts and chilling sound tones.

The climate, a fictionalized New Orléans desolated by floods (possible in view of the outcome of Storm Katrina), has the dim and dirty detail expected to make way for the player.

Pros and Cons

Social Proof

Many individuals said that regardless of its minor issues like generally exhausting conditions and a dreary mission design, the overall gameplay is definitely worth trying.

Moreover, according to some reviews, the shooting mechanics feel weighty, and the scuffle is very brutal in the perfect ways.

Some gamers appreciated the intensity of missions and the wide variety of weapons that uplift your combat game.

Below are some reviews for you to read.

social proof
social proof

Similar to The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners - Recommendations

#1: Best Immersive VR Game - Propagation VR Review

Propagation VR is a survival game that involves a horror environment and lots of shooting. You will find yourself surviving a zombie apocalypse with different terrifying missions.

We had the most thrilling experience while playing it because of the cinematic environment and realistic handling of deadly weapons.

There are 4 difficulty modes available in the game that include normal, hard, nightmare, and impossible. Moreover, you change the settings of the game according to your style and comfort. 

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Propagation VR

Gameplay: It is a short game that can be finished in 30 minutes, yet it’s totally stacked from beginning to end with overpowering tension and fear.

Pricing: It is entirely reasonable given the way that there is just a single guide, yet four different advanced settings to browse.

Immersion: Very much like Brookhaven, Propagation VR is a ghastly game with practically no fake development. You’re secured, and you can move to the extent that your true space permits, which makes it very alarming.

Comfort: As mentioned earlier, the game comes with four different modes. You can choose the mode according to your gaming skills and collection of weapons. Moreover, the settings of the game can also be altered to your comfort. 

Graphics: The visuals are surely dazzling and the graphics are insanely scary. The shooting and slashing of zombies can give you an intense and realistic VR experience. 

Best Immersive VR Game

The best immersive VR game is Propagation VR because the visuals convey a great deal of the heaviness of this game, and the voice acting isn’t bad. However, it can get unconventional on occasion.

#2: Best Horror VR Game - Contagion VR: Outbreak Review

Contagion VR: Outbreak runs on a conventional game strategy, that is, killing zombies and experiencing a couple of survivor situations.

 It’s a first-individual shooter game where players will utilize firearms, heavy weapons, and different instruments to get rid of the zombies.

We were impressed by the range of firearms and weapons available in the game store. This will make your combat game strong as you move on to complex missions. 

There are many situations for players to appreciate, and they change in both narrating techniques and quality. The game is fun, giving a good measure of opportunity to the players.

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Contagion VR: Outbreak 

Gameplay: The ongoing interaction comprises addressing riddles and killing zombies. There are 4 distinct levels to play, and 3 of them have their own one-of-a-kind stories, conditions, and riddles. 

Pricing: The price is considerably high compared to other VR games available in the market.

Immersion: Discussing immersion, the conditions, and the character plan unquestionably makes a good showing of removing players from the game. The surfaces are sloppy and, in some cases, out and out terrible. This is particularly observable in open-air conditions.

Comfort: Propagation VR: Outbreak uses motion controllers fully backed up by the 3D Rudder. Players are given different control and comfort choices that simplify the game and are natural. 

Graphics: The illustrations were very great. We saw no fogginess while playing. However, a portion of the surfaces can be somewhat lousy. There is likewise a great deal of pop-in with the vast majority of the items in the game. However, most players have said that this did not irritate them.

Best Horror VR Game

The best horror VR game is Contagion VR: Outbreak because it is a pleasant PSVR title that will work well for players assuming they are frantic for an engaging shooter. 

Buyer’s Guide

saints and sinners


VR gaming is the term used to portray another age of PC games with computer-generated reality (VR) innovation that gives players a genuinely vivid, first-individual viewpoint of game activity.

VR games can be played on independent frameworks, specific game control centers, or utilizing progressed PCs and laptops that can drive the main VR headsets like Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.


The pricing of VR games depends on the number of features and upgrades the game will provide. Someone who is familiar with VR games must know that this gaming platform is not necessarily cheap. 

However, there are many organizations that create their own games and enhance their games to be better by selling them at a lower price.


Immersion basically involves the inclusion of high-quality graphics that uplift your entire gaming experience. It is done in such a way that it disconnects the player from the actual environment, making the artificial environment real and convincing. 

An immersive VR game will allow you to fully indulge in the game without keeping track of the actual reality around you. 


In the event that involves frequent player movement past the limits of their ongoing neighborhood climate, a squint mode is an extraordinary method that allows the players to debase the experience to their own comfort level.

What do we mean by squint mode? Basically, it is the end of camera development liveliness magically transporting the player quickly starting with one spot and then onto the next.


Graphics play a vital role in the overall gameplay of VR games. The stronger graphics are, the more convincing a game would be. It includes the overall surroundings, climatic atmosphere, and the characters involved. 

Moreover, precise movements and lighting are a must all while making the game run like butter.

Motion Controllers

As they are utilized to control and can follow hand movements while being played, movement regulators are a fundamental part of computer games.

You can play any kind of game assuming you have controllers to play the game. Pretty much every game requires a controller while certain games are likewise viable with console controllers or PC gamepads it is prescribed to you to purchase a game that exists in your means.


For computer-generated reality games, compatibility is key with the appropriate gadgets as specific games must be played on a couple of explicit headsets.

Nowadays games are viable with a couple of famous headsets and keeping in mind that they might be viable with different headsets they don’t create a similar outcome. 

System Requirements

Each game has its in-assembled highlights, which make it stand apart when contrasted with the remainder of the system. However, to run those particular elements, your gadget should have the option to deal with the essential tech prerequisites.

For games to work well, you really want to have sufficient RAM and capacity. You shouldn’t buy a game that consumes more RAM or capacity than your system can hold. 

Multiple Modes

A few games give an expansive role and modes on what to do in the game, while others keep up with the standard format of a single-player story mode

The game’s regular single mode can weaken the VR experience. The game graphics or the general game speed might end up as a problem eventually. However, the more game modes, the better your experience will be. 

Wrapping Things Up

You’ll have to kill zombies whilst also trying to get into your network UI and consistently make sure you don’t die and become a zombie.

Regardless of a few specialized hesitations, The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners praises the Walking Dead name: a unique case in the constantly updating series.

It has made its way in stone by setting itself to be the best immersive horror experience to date. It won’t sell headsets but it is a big reason why people buy VR headsets.

Let us know your thoughts down below.


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