Onward Review VR – Full Breakdown, Detailed Buyers’ Guide, Pros & Cons

The idea of virtual reality (VR) has been around for a while. When it first became popular, there weren’t many other entertainment options, and admittance was difficult.

We will include some of the fantastic VR games that are currently accessible to almost any gaming genre enthusiast.

In this guide, we will check out the main features of the Onward VR game as well as some alternative games that you can find on the market. 

Onward VR

A tactical multiplayer shooter with a Mil-Sim pace called “Onward” is currently being created for virtual reality head-mounted displays. In online infantry battles, participants will employ cooperation, communication, and shooting prowess to accomplish goals. No skirmish will feel the same due to the changing time of day, weather impacts, and various surroundings and scenarios. Players will need to use their brains and combat prowess to live because there are few respawns, no HUDs, and no crosshairs.

Alternate #1 

Firewall Zero Hour

Firewall Zero Hour is an online squad VR shooter that is available on the PlayStation Store. If you have a group of buddies to play it with, it’s a ton of fun to pick up. There are several different game modes and a large selection of weaponry available.

Alternate #2 

Pavlov VR

Pavlov VR offers a classic approach to the FPS genre inside VR.  Many retro players will adore this, so if that appeals to you, you should pick up this game. It contains a wide range of traditional game modes, and the shooting is steadfastly realistic.

Quick Summary of the Main Product

“Onward” is a tactical multiplayer shooter being developed for virtual reality head-mounted displays with a Mil-Sim tempo. 

Participants in an online infantry fight will use teamwork, communication, and shooting prowess to achieve objectives. Due to the varying hours of the day, the effects of the weather, and the diverse environments and circumstances, no battle will feel the same. 

There aren’t many revives, no HUDs, and no crosshairs, so players will have to rely on their intelligence and fighting skills to survive.

Furthermore, Downpour has produced a huge selection of maps that can be utilized in solo, co-op, or PvP games, some of which have day/night variations. There are eleven maps altogether if you regard the day/night variations as separate maps.

Features and Benefits


The title’s audio effects and music are incredibly beautifully done. One wonderful feature is proximity chat, which allows you to communicate with your team more quickly when you’re close to them but forces you to use the shoulder-mounted radio when you’re alone.


The online multiplayer keeps pulling you back, and you will have an amazing experience. If you have a good team and gather with people who will take it seriously, you’ll find the replay value considerably higher here, but even if you played with “the plebs,” you still had a blast.

Parent’s Eye View 

The PEGI rating for Parent’s Eye View Onward on the Oculus Quest marketplace is 16 and older. It’s a game that offers a first-person perspective on combat, and while there aren’t any gore or blood effects, it still has the potential to have some negative consequences. 

Additionally, it is strongly dependent on multiplayer cooperation and PvP, so communication and teamwork are essential to survive.

Factors to Consider Before You Decide to Buy Onward VR


The price of the onward VR game is a little expensive as compared to its rivals, but it is incredibly fun, challenging, and exciting. It has a lot of content, which makes it worth the price.


Onward VR is simple and easy to play.

Fun Factor

It’s a lot of fun to play Onward VR with your pals. If they are good at the game, you will find the replay value very high.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Social Proof

We wanted to check out what type of experience others were having with Onward VR. Hence, we checked out some reviews on Steam to see what others thought of the game. 

Here’s what they had to say: 

Similar to Onward VR - Alternative (Recommendations)

#1: Best Console Alternative - Firewall Zero Hour Review

Firewall Zero Hour is worth taking into consideration if you own a Sony PlayStation 4 and want to play online squad multiplayer.

In the squad-based VR shooter Firewall Zero Hour, you’ll be fighting through chaotic battlefields right in the middle of the action. You can quickly discover a game on the PSN network thanks to matching that has been highly designed.

Additionally, the games make use of the PS VR Aim-Rifle controller to deliver enjoyable and accurate gunplay that is engaging.

The missions are super fun to do with buddies, and their intensity ramps up as you progress through the game. Your immersion in the world of battle is greatly influenced by the intensity.

People have been considering the possibility of entertaining VR shooters ever since VR was introduced, and Firewall Zero Hour is unquestionably a step in that direction.

If you have a PS4, a PS VR headset, and you like squad shooters, this is unquestionably a game you should get.

Factors to Consider Before You Decide to Buy Firewall Zero Hour

Price: We consider the cost of Firewall Zero Hour to be sufficiently justified. This is a result of the frequent patches and updates it receives. Although it’s not precisely inexpensive, the price is considerably less than full-retail AAA pricing.

User-friendliness: The user interfaces are simplified so you may spend as little time there as possible and go directly into the gameplay. The gameplay itself is simple to understand and easy to learn. Despite this, it is challenging to master.

Fun Factor: Playing Firewall Zero Hour with your friends is a lot of fun. That is the one catch with this game, though.

Even if you play it alone, it’s enjoyable, although you can get tired of it eventually. It’s unquestionably one of those games that is much more enjoyable when played with a group of people.

Best Console Alternative

The best console alternative is Firewall Zero Hour because it offers enjoyable gameplay dynamics, simplicity of usage, and an affordable price.

#2: Best Budget-Friendly Alternative - Pavlov VR Review

Gamers have been asking for a traditional FPS experience in VR for a long time. Pavlov VR is a title that hopes to fulfill those cravings with its classic guns and familiar gameplay. 

The makers of Pavlov VR designed the game with the community in mind and worked hard to build a devoted and consistent player base. That’s why they opted to create an FPS that is very familiar to old-school fans of the genre.

Within Pavlov VR, you get familiar game modes such as 

  • Team Deathmatch 
  • Search and Destroy 
  • King of the Hill 
  • Gun Game 

Additionally, the matchmaking has been carefully adjusted so that you won’t have to worry about waiting a long time between matches.

The guns are incredibly realistic and enjoyable to shoot, which makes the gunplay in and of itself very exciting. Furthermore, the sound design also enhances immersion because the firearms make really powerful and impactful sounds.

Which game controllers work with Pavlov VR?

It’s also important to note that VR controllers work perfectly with Pavlov VR. They allow for a wide variety of animations.

The game also includes holstering your weapon, reloading, pointing, and shooting. Additionally, you may access your weapon’s various stats using the controls.

Factors to Consider Before You Decide to Buy Pavlov VR

Price: Pavlov VR is relatively reasonably priced, making it accessible to the majority of buyers on Steam. We believe that this product is a great deal when you consider how affordable it is and the amount of value you receive for the money.

User-friendliness: Old-school lovers of the genre shouldn’t have any trouble following the gameplay, which is very self-explanatory. However, it will undoubtedly take some time for you to become accustomed to all the guns and their various recoil patterns.

Fun factor: Pavlov VR is super fun to play. However, it must be stated that it’s a lot more fun with friends than it is alone.

Best Budget-Friendly Alternative

The best budget-friendly alternative is Pavlov VR, due to its affordable pricing, convenient online multiplayer, and enjoyable game features.

Buyer’s Guide

onward review vr

In this section, we’ll go through the things you need to consider as you search for the VR game.

There are many factors to consider, and oftentimes, consumers don’t think about these factors and end up with a game that does not satisfy their needs. 


It’s important to consider the price because you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a single game.

There are several pricey VR games available, but they are unquestionably worth the steep price. This can be due to their big collection or often updated library.

However, you should exercise caution while buying low-cost VR games. This is because it’s possible for a low-cost VR game to be both badly made and have no content.

We strongly suggest reading the reviews of the games you intend to buy before making a purchase. You can use this information to decide if the purchases are beneficial or not.

You might want to have a peek at some of the many enjoyable free VR games and applications available.


Games need to be simple to use on both traditional and virtual reality (VR) devices.

If you think navigating through glitchy or odd user interfaces in regular games is annoying, just wait until you play them in virtual reality. It not only annoys you more, but it also keeps you from exercising.

You need a device that is easy to hold, operate, and utilize. To learn more about how user-friendly virtual reality games are, look for online reviews of them.

Fun Factor

Of course, participants must also like the game. That’s the main reason why everyone plays games, right?

A VR game is not fun if it has dull gameplay, a weak story, or even just poor controls. It’ll seem like a waste of time and energy.

Reading reviews will help you determine whether a game has engaging gameplay that will maintain your interest throughout.

The fact that enjoyment is a personal experience needs to be highlighted once more. It’s possible that you don’t enjoy something that most others do. We again advise you to examine demos and gaming videos to see for yourself.

This will help you figure out, without a doubt, whether a game will offer you a fulfilling and fun experience or not. 


Compatibility is essential for virtual reality games. Some games cannot be played without a specific type of headset, while others can.

As a result, you must pick a game that is compatible with your computer or other hardware.

Most newly released games no longer work on other platforms and exclusively support the Oculus Meta 2. Make sure a game is compatible with your computer or device before spending any money on it.

By visiting websites that list which games are compatible with which hardware, such as Steam and the Oculus Shop, you may be able to save time and money.


Many games offer distinctive characteristics to entice players and establish themselves in the gaming industry.

As a result, some video games provide a large variety of unique gameplay options, but others continue to provide single-player story modes. Everyone can provide something special and great.

With some games, players can enjoy the best of both worlds by playing in both single-player and multiplayer modes.

Furthermore, some games offer a selection of game modes, such as multiplayer, survival, and competitiveness.

From several game genres, including both traditional story modes and cutting-edge gameplay, you can choose the one that most appeals to you.

System Requirement 

Each game has unique in-game elements that set it apart from its rivals. However, each game has a certain set of system requirements that must be met to use such capabilities.

You can only use games that are specifically made for your mobile VR device.

As a result, you should limit your spending to games with excellent visuals and hardware support. The VR experience will be ruined by the constant lag.

Games come with a wide variety of storage options, some of which demand more RAM or storage than others. Choose a game that is compatible with your hardware to get the most out of it.


When buying a virtual reality game, this is an important factor to take into account. You should enjoy the genre you choose. If you like a little bit of terror, watch a horror virtual reality experience since it will make you afraid as soon as you enter virtual reality.

If you are easily terrified, explore options that are fascinating rather than dangerous. Pick your favorite genre from the many options available, which range from racing to adventure.

Software Update

VR game performance is always dependent on the greatest software. If a game has the most recent update, you can play it uninterrupted.

Furthermore, you can only enjoy a multiplayer game if there are no glitches.

Software manufacturers and developers often continue to maintain a game after it has been released. Most adjustments are either hardly noticeable or have no impact at all.

These developers are better at resolving technical issues, which helps them avoid crashes. On the other hand, some updates are more thorough and come with fresh options that will improve your experience.

Consequently, you should purchase the most recent iteration of your game to avoid issues.

Motion Sickness and Nausea

VR game mobility can be quite odd and unpleasant when it is not well-polished.

Therefore, they might make the vast majority of people queasy and ill.

You might get nausea from other games since you lack expertise with them. Playing these games frequently causes motion sickness, but it soon goes away as your eyes adjust to the unusual surroundings.

Lastly, certain video games are so well designed that you never even think about getting motion sickness while playing them

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

Can VR harm your eyes?

Although using VR with the incorrect settings might occasionally lead to eye fatigue, this is not always the case.

Wearing a VR headset that does not support your optimal IPD can make you feel lightheaded and strain your eyes (Inter-pupillary distance).

The distance between your eyes and the screens of the VR headset is known as the inter-pupillary distance. Men have an average IPD of 63 mm, whereas women have an average IPD of 61 mm.

How long should I play VR games simultaneously?

A maximum of 30 minutes should be spent using VR before taking a 15-minute rest. The longer you play VR, the more likely you are to experience vertigo, motion sickness, and eye strain.

Can virtual reality make you ill?

The risk of getting hurt when utilizing VR and running into real-world objects is the most obvious one. However, worries about more subtle negative health effects are starting to surface.

Several people complain of having headaches, eye strain, vertigo, and nausea after utilizing the headsets.

Do video games for virtual reality entail a cost?

Virtual reality games can range widely in price, from being free to up to $60. To incentivize gamers to try out independent games and games created by smaller studios, lower prices may be provided.

However, it is more likely that the games produced by major corporations will cost more money.

Wrapping Things Up

That concludes our review of Onward VR with its pros, cons, buyer’s guide, and other alternatives. 

This charming gem is the perfect choice if you’re looking for a tactical and strategic VR shooter. If you play with friends or a group that is taking it partly seriously, you’ll have a much better experience. Moreover, it offers the user an immersive experience.

What do you think of Onward VR? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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