How to Play Game on TV – In-Depth Guide, FAQs and More

If you are tired of playing games on the small screen of your mobile phone or PC, you can try out playing them on your TV instead. The screen is bigger and you can play with your friends and family as well.

Moreover, there are a lot of similar and new options of games you can check out. Whether you own an Apple TV or Android Smart TV, playing games on either isn’t a problem.

If you recently bought a Smart TV and want to start playing, this article has everything to help you get started.

Quick Summary

In this article, we will cover:

  • How to play games on android TV?
  • How to play games on apple TV?
  • Frequently Asked Questions 

So without further discussion, let’s get right into it.

How to Play Games On Android TV?

To get started, you will need to set up your Android TV device, unless you have an in-built Android TV. Next, you should log in with your Google Account to access the google play store. If you don’t already have an account, you can create a new one as well.

How to Download a Game?

Once you have signed up, you can go to the home screen. Here you open the Play Games app and select Games. Doing this will present you with a bunch of games you can choose from. 

When you have decided what game you want to play, you can click on ‘Get’ to start downloading if the game is free. If the selected game is paid, you can follow the prompts on the screen to purchase it. 

How to Start Playing?

With the games either downloaded or purchased, you can start playing on your TV. For this, go back to your home screen, and scroll down to games. 

Here you can choose from your games and start playing. If the game requires it, you can use a gamepad compatible with your device to enjoy playing. 

How to Play Games on Apple TV?

If you own a fourth-generation Apple TV, you can easily set it up and start playing. For this, you first need to sign up with your Apple ID on the TV.  After that’s done, you can go to the App Store and browse for games that you might find interesting.

Like google’s play games app, some games on apple TV are paid as well. However, you can still find free options if you look for them. Once you have decided what games to play, you can click on ‘Get’ to start the download.

While there are some pretty good free games out there, the paid ones come with higher quality content that makes the gaming experience more enjoyable. 


Some games may require a controller to play. If that’s the case for the game you selected, you can navigate around the game using a wireless game controller. If the game is compatible, you can also use the Siri Remote to control the game.


Alternatively, you can use airplay to connect your devices to your Apple TV and play games on the television. However, make sure that the devices are connected to the same wifi. 

Using the Siri remote, turn on airplay in settings to make your TV discoverable. Once you connect your iOS device to the TV, you will be able to mirror games from your Mac, iPad, and iPhone onto your TV.

How to Play Steam Games on TV?

To play games from Steam, you will need a PC. If you already own a PC and are trying to figure out how to play steam games on your 50-inch TV screen, keep reading to find out.

If your PC and gaming setup is in the same room as your TV, you can connect both using an HDMI cable. 

Another option is using Steam Link, this can be used for your Samsung Smart TVs. The feature can be used to play games on any of your devices as you can stream games using the steam link.

Now you can play your favorite games on a bigger screen.

How to Play Steam Games on TV?

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you play games on TV?

You can play video games on your TV by connecting your PC to it using an HDMI cable or using the wireless option. You can also cast games from desktop to TV by using Chromecast. 

Can you play games on any TV?

This depends on the type of television you own. If you have a Smart TV- absolutely yes. Many people who own different types of TVs ask this question. However, no matter what type of Smart TV you own, you can play video games on it.

You will have access to different games however depending on whether you are playing on an android or apple TV.

Can you play console games on a smart TV?

Playing console games on a smart TV is extremely easy. First, you should launch the Xbox One app on your TV. Log into your account if you already have one or sign up if you are a new user. Lastly, you can connect our controller to the TV and start gaming.

Do you need a smart TV for gaming?

While a Smart TV is not necessary for gaming, it is still a fun add-on to have. You can stream your regular games on a bigger screen. Additionally, playing with your friends together is also a fun way to pass time. 

What are good TV settings for gaming?

Here are a few settings to have that make the gaming experience more enjoyable:

  • 4K Resolution
  • Noise Reduction
  • Game Mode
  • Black Light

How can I play mobile games on my TV?

You will need 2 things to start playing games on your TV. Firstly, your mobile device should be ‘Miracast’ enabled. Next, you should own a wireless adapter, for example, SteamBeam Mini2. If you have these 2 already, you can get started whenever you want.

How do you download games on a TV?

You can browse games on the Google PlayStore or App Store if you have an Apple TV. From here you either purchase a game or download it if it’s free.


With that, the article comes to an end. We made sure to include all the information you need as a beginner looking to play games on a Smart TV. Whether you own an Apple TV or have an Android Smart TV, playing games on your television has never been easier.

You can follow this detailed guide to set up your TVs and start gaming. You can play on it if you are bored with your PC or play with your friends.

Have you tried playing games on your TV? Share your thoughts or any questions that you might have in the comments below.


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