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The world of games has constantly evolved over the years. New technologies and trends are introduced and integrated into the industry to improve the experience. 

One such technology is VR technology or Virtual Reality technology. VR tech involves the use of a VR headset, a VR app or a VR software to take the user to virtual reality environments.

Therefore, we have created the following guide to help you know the top VR companies. With the help of these factors, you will be able to know what sets these VR gaming companies apart. So, without further ado, let’s get right into it.



If you want to buy from a company that produces VR equipment with maneuverability and power, then we would definitely recommend Oculus due to their modern and immersive VR content. They are responsible for the creation and popularization of the VR platforms.

Runner Up


If you want to buy from a company that produces diverse products and various types of virtual reality technology then we would definitely recommend Microsoft due to their different lines of products and applications. They allow their users to go through both augmented reality and vr experiences and experiment with mixed reality.

Also Great


If you want to buy from a company that has laid the foundation for many VR apps as well as mobile games through the use of their advanced development engine, then we definitely recommend Unity due to their well-established recognition in the gaming industry. They have collaborated with numerous names and content makers in order to create innovative VR content. 

Now that we have looked at our top 3 VR tech companies, let us discuss the alternatives and some of their features in detail.

Best VR Company- Top 7 Reviews

#1: Best All-Around VR Company - Oculus Review

Oculus, led by a famous gaming visionary of id software John Carmack and his team, might be the most well-known VR company out of the top virtual reality companies.

Oculus is the creator of Oculus Quest, a VR headset that was released in 2016 which was the year of HTC Vive and Playstation VR and quickly made a name for itself.

This company also brought something new to the market in 2019. It made a headset that was wireless and required no PC to function.

We recommend you to buy from this company if you want a wireless headset that allows exceptional maneuverability and accessibility. 

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Pursue Oculus

Titles Released: Oculus has released multiple titles over the years. These titles include Bogo, Dead and Buried II etc. This shows how much work the company has put in over the years.

Revenue: Recently there has been a greater push toward VR and most importantly Metaverse tech due to which the company has earned over $1 million in revenue.

Industry: The company functions solely in the virtual reality industry. This means that it has its all resources invested in the virtual reality hardware and software for the gamers to use.

Reviews: Overall, Oculus has had positive reviews for its products. There were some limitations with Quest which were later improved by Facebook. The Quest was even a better version.

Collaborations: Oculus has multiple collaborations and partnerships. It has worked alongside the likes of Lenovo and Microsoft. The company partnered with Samsung to release Samsung Gear.

Best All-Around VR Company

The best all-around VR company is the Oculus because it is responsible for the introduction of wireless headset with freedom of movement and no requirement of a PC to function. The high-quality modern headsets are responsible for the VR hype and are regarded as one of the best.

#2: Best Diverse VR Company - Microsoft Review

Microsoft is one of the big tech companies known for the production of various product lines and softwares. Mixed reality is one of the product lines it has produced.

The company has focused on both virtual and augmented reality content, and is responsible for the Microsoft HoloLens.

With the help of Microsoft’s products, the users can take advantage of augmented reality applications and virtual reality headsets to experiment with mixed reality content.

We recommend that you buy the Microsoft products if you want to create your own AR VR experiences and avail the high quality VR design the company has released for you.

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Pursue Microsoft

Titles Released: Over 60 titles have been released for the Microsoft Mixed Reality line. The titles include Arizona Sunshine, Space Pirate Trainer etc.

Revenue: Overall the launch of Mixed Reality headsets in 2016 by Microsoft has been quite successful. With this, the development peaked, and by 2021 the revenue came close to $22 billion.

Industry: Microsoft has developed numerous titles in the computer stream, which has allowed it to venture further into the mixed reality area. This can be used for educational purposes and more.

Reviews: Majority agree that the Microsoft HoloLens helps bridge the gap between augmented reality and virtual reality and is easy to set up. However, it can be hard to use.

Collaborations: The development and progression of the Metaverse has ushered many companies to expand. Microsoft has announced a collaboration with Qualcomm to do just that.

Best Diverse VR Company

The best diverse VR company is Microsoft because it allows the users to experience both virtual reality and augmented reality through its mixed reality products. The users have much more freedom to experiment with the game engine and complex layouts.

#3: Best Creative VR Company - Unity Review

When it comes to VR solutions and softwares, Unity is one of the most preferred and reputable companies out there right now. This is because of their powerful game engine.

Unity has grown in the industry and even beyond it because it has started to collaborate with various automakers and filmmakers who implement the softwares in films such as music films.

However, it still remains powerful in the VR community as it uses its virtual reality imaging as a prototyping tool to make softwares that are used in most of the prevalent VR content today.

Much of the company’s creations standout. One of those creations is Coco VR. Therefore, we recommend Unity to you if you want to go for high quality VR softwares or animations.

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Pursue Unity

Titles Released: Most, if not all, VR games are developed in the Unity engine. Some of the top VR games are Fruit Ninja VR, Job Simulator, Beat Saber etc. and most of these have won awards.

Revenue: Unity has experienced an increase in the revenues recorded in 2020 by 44% in 2022. It went from $772.4 million to $1.1 billion, which shows how well Unity has been doing lately.

Industry: The 3D engine developed by Unity has been a breakthrough because of which most games and VR games are developed with the help of this engine, regardless of their genre.

Reviews: Every review released online supports how well the 2D and 3D engines of Unity work. They agree that it is well suited for virtual reality as well as AR development.

Collaborations: Due to Unity’s popular development engine, the company has been able to collaborate with big names on multiple projects. This includes names like Sony Interactive and more.

Best Creative VR Company

The best creative VR Company is Unity because of its exceptional 3D animations and softwares that are compatible with virtual reality. The company has laid the groundwork for most of the mobile games out there and most of the VR or AR experiences. These AR experiences have led the company to also collaborate with names outside the gaming industry.

#4: Best High-Profile VR Company - Google Review

Possibly one of the biggest names on our list, Google has also cemented itself as a big name in the virtual reality industry with products such as Google Glass, apart from its popular search engine.

Google arrived on the VR platform with the release of Google Cardboard. This was a $15 VR headset that was made out of cardboard and quickly became popular.

The VR headset was designed to be put over your smartphones or any other smart devices to allow you to use the apps and games. With this, Google released Google Daydream.

Even though Google Daydream got discontinued after it had lost support from some applications, we recommend Google to you due to its reputation and its ease of use.

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Pursue Google

Titles Released: Back in 2016, more than 30 titles were announced for the Daydream View headset, and even though it didn’t work out, many titles are playable on the Google Cardboard.

Revenue: When the Google Cardboard was introduced, it had earned quite a lot and continued to earn a lot up until its sales ended. The software, however, is still present and holds potential.

Industry: Google is already a well-established name in the market due to its innovative ideas and creations. With the help of Daydream, they built the VR platform into its Android OS.

Reviews: Most users of the Daydream View headset have claimed that it is easy to use and comfortable to wear. They also support the design of the remote and its functionality.

Collaborations: One of the more popular collaborations by Google was with The Times to provide all the subscribers with a Google Cardboard. Many collaborations followed until the discontinuation.

Best High-Profile VR Company

The best high-profile VR company is Google because of the recognition it has built for itself and its VR products such as the Google Cardboard and Google Daydream. The headsets allow you to attach your smart device to it and use any apps in virtual reality, which means that it is much easier to experience the VR environment.

#5: Best Stylish VR Company - HTC Vive Review

HTC Vive joined the VR market in 2016, alongside the Oculus and Playstation headsets. However, it quickly became popular due to its modern and stylish look.

This VR headset gives off a cyberpunk vibe and pays homage to all games in this genre through its appearance. It also enhances this experience with the help of room sensors and handheld devices.

Furthermore, HTC Vive has partnered with one of the biggest game developers on the platform, Valve. This has allowed them to make the headset much more stronger and robust.

We recommend the HTC Vive to you if you want a VR headset that has a much more stylish appearance but robustness as well and allows you to move around your space more freely.

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Pursue HTC Vive

Titles Released: There are many VR titles that have been released for the HTC Vive and most of them have been popular. Such titles include Serious Sam VR, Gorn etc.

Revenue: After the release of VIVERSE, HTC Vive was able to boost its earnings despite the setbacks. The sales were boosted to $185.2 million as reported by the company recently.

Industry: The HTC Vive has functioned in the gaming industry only and has partnered with Valve to create the headset used for the virtual reality experience.

Reviews: Most people prefer the HTC Vive because it provides one of the sharpest and clearest visuals in the VR community. They also prefer it because it is comfortable to wear.

Collaborations: HTC Vive and the Valve Corporation have come together in partnership to produce the headsets. Valve is a well-established name, which has attracted much attention.

Best Stylish VR Company

The best stylish VR company is HTC Vive because of the modern and robust headsets it produces. Its collaboration with Valve also continues to aid its progression. The headsets come with sensors that could be installed in the room and handheld devices. Therefore, you can move around the room much more freely and openly.

#6: Best Small VR Company - WorldViz Review

Not all virtual reality apps and solutions are reserved for gaming only. Some virtual reality applications are implemented for teaching and awareness programs as well. 

This is where WorldViz comes in. WorldViz might be a small company but what they have accomplished is nothing small. Their clientele list includes big names, and for good reason.

WorldViz has made many VR apps for schools and educational institutions to provide them with VR experiences. Some of the apps they provide include safety training and architecture apps.

We recommend WorldViz to you if you want to take advantage of its various projection software and simulations in order to further learn and develop your understanding.

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Pursue WorldViz

Titles Released: WorldViz hasn’t released proper titles for its virtual reality space. However, it provides software or simulations to allow collaboration and spaces for users to work together.

Revenue: The company has had decent revenues over the years it has operated. The estimated annual revenue of the company has remained between $5 million to $25 million.

Industry: This company works in the educational area of the virtual reality world. It has used its virtual reality software to provide training and awareness in various institutions.

Reviews: Overall, WorldViz has had positive reviews. Most of the users have complimented the experience due to its user-friendly interface and visuals of the simulations.

Collaborations: Many big names have collaborated with WorldViz due to its collaborative VR software. These names include Microsoft, Lenovo, Oculus etc. All of them have benefited from the experience.

Best Small VR Company

The best small VR Company is WorldViz because of its softwares and applications made for safety training and education purposes in institutions. The hardware and software developed by this company are preferred by big companies such as Lenovo, Nokia etc. and will potentially change the architecture industry in the future.

#7: Best Affordable VR Company - Samsung Review

Many well-established tech companies have made the move into the virtual reality industry and Samsung is one of those companies as it uses its technology to create VR content.

Samsung made the move onto the scene with the release of Samsung Gear VR. This VR headset quickly became popular because it was made in collaboration with Oculus.

What sets this headset apart is that it is used for your smartphones. This means that to use it, you slip your phone right into it and experience all the apps in virtual reality.

The design and functionality of the headset make it an affordable purchase as it lies in a much cheaper range. Therefore, we recommend it if you want to avoid any costly purchases on such a thing.

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Pursue Samsung

Titles Released: A number of titles have been released for the Samsung Gear and these titles include Temple Run VR, James’s Legacy: The Prologue etc. These require a Samsung phone.

Revenue: Overall, Samsung has successfully capitalized on its virtual reality venture. Even Though discontinued, the Gear propelled the revenue growth for the company in the VR space.

Industry: Samsung has developed itself as a big name in the electronics industry and has made a good move into the virtual reality industry as well through Samsung Gear VR.

Reviews: Most reviews claim that the Samsung Gear is good for purchase if you have a Samsung phone to match. It is also comfortable and the controllers improve the interactivity.

Collaborations: The core collaboration for Samsung in the VR industry has been with the Oculus VR, which allowed it to manufacture the Gear headset and Samsung still has more plans.

Best Affordable VR Company

The best affordable VR company is Samsung because it provides high-quality VR experiences and options at mid-range which people that are casual gamers can choose. The Samsung Gear VR is made specifically for smartphones and makes it easier for most people to experience virtual reality, which shows that Samsung has greater potential in the industry.

Buyers’ Guide

best vr company

We understand that it can be difficult to choose the best VR company due to the various features each VR company can have.

There are certain factors you can consider in order to make that choice easier and we have pointed out these factors for you.

So without wasting any time, let’s get right into it.

Titles Released

It is important for a customer to know all the products a company has released, let alone a VR company. You should know the titles that are released by the company or for the company.

Virtual reality companies release various titles that are supported by their headsets or softwares. Therefore, it is important that you know which titles are compatible with you headsets.

Knowledge of the titles released by the company of your choice is also important as you can decide which of the titles suits you and your gameplay style more.


The sales of a company determine the success of a company in most cases. Profitability is determined by the revenue a company has earned, which is a positive sign for most.

A company makes sales, and therefore revenue when a steady stream of customers approaches the company. If you think the company has earned decent revenue, it makes the purchase reliable.


Some companies might be focused on a particular genre of products or they might try to tap multiple industries at the same time. The industry of the company determines its focus.

If the company works primarily in the virtual industry, you understand that all its resources are dedicated to VR products or anything related. This makes it much more reliable to purchase from them.


As is the case with any products and their companies, reviews or any form of feedback show how well they have been received by the target customers. Good ratings show how well they are received.

You need to look at the reviews for a VR company before you make the purchase so that you can make a more reliable and fruitful decision. It is better to stay away from companies with poor reviews.


As companies grow and develop, collaborations with other names and companies are imminent. Many companies enter into partnerships with each other to work on various projects.

With the help of the knowledge about these collaborations and partnerships, you can come across other names in the same field and can spend your money on more reliable projects.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is virtual reality and how it works?

This is a technology that uses simulation and various softwares to create an immersive 3D environment. The user who goes through the experience and engages his senses is also able to further control it.

What is the main purpose of virtual reality?

Virtual Reality was created with the goal to provide the humans with a virtual environment where they could interact with a computer and various simulations. 

The interaction is supposed to be similar to the interactions carried out in the real world, such as the use of letters, spoken languages etc.

What are the 3 types of VR?

Virtual Reality can be divided into 3 main categories. The first is non-immersive VR, in which you cannot directly interact with a virtual environment but through a computer screen. The second is semi-immersive VR, which is partially virtual. 

The last is fully-immersive, which takes the user into the virtual environment and provides him with the complete interaction with the environment.

Who invented virtual reality?

The first ever headset created for virtual reality was back in 1968. This was created by an American scientist of computer called Ivan Sutherland, along with his student, Bob Sproull.

Is virtual reality safe?

Objects seen in the virtual environment do not actually exist in the real world. However, many people forget about this and try to sit on them, stand on them or use them for support. This can result in some major injuries to them.

People can trip, run into walls or strike them and collide with furniture or any other objects. Therefore, you should clear the area before you use your headset.

Can VR damage your eyes?

Currently, there is no evidence to claim that VR damages the vision of the children or any people that use the technology.

However, since the virtual reality technology is relatively new and not much research has been done on the short-term or long-term effects on the health of the users, it is better to take the necessary precautions.

Most manufacturers recommend that the system not be used by children younger than 12 years.

Will virtual reality change the world?

The answer to this is ‘most likely’. This is because it uses advanced, immersive technology and can put you in various simulations. These simulations may tackle different genres or themes such as war, abuse, and neglect, which can be used to solve such issues.

 Users see directly from the eyes of the subject which makes them much more aware of these problems. In this way, the world can possibly change as more people come up with solutions to such problems.

Does virtual reality have a future?

One of the technologies that is projected to have the highest potential growth is Virtual Reality. It is forecasted to grow and multiply over the years and reach billions of euros.

What are the positives of virtual reality?

Virtual reality allows you to experience the world in a newer and better way. With the help of the technology, you enter into a world with much greater freedom that the real world may not offer. 

You might be able to travel to environments or places far beyond your own from just your own room. 

You might also be able to bring your imaginations to life through virtual creations and art made by you. This way, you get a greater rush of joy and excitement as you become enriched with new experiences.

Is VR still growing?

The virtual reality industry is projected to grow and expand at a fast pace. It is projected to grow to more than 12 billion dollars by 2024. The growth of this industry can be because of its aim, which is to create a sensory experience for the users.

Final Verdict

Out of the top virtual reality companies we have looked at in detail, we have come to the conclusion that Oculus is the best virtual reality company.

Even Though Microsoft is known for its diverse range of products and its high-quality VR applications as well as its mixed reality product line, it lacks the same immersiveness.

The same goes for Unity. Unity works well to provide software for VR and 3D animation that even goes well with mobile phones. However, it is yet to make a name in the VR industry.

On the other hand, Oculus has definitely made a name for itself as it has produced 4 of the top-notch headsets popular in the industry at the moment.

Furthermore, the Oculus Quest and its wireless version has aided the users to move much more freely and enjoy the VR experience more conveniently. This makes Oculus our top pick.


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