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I think we can agree that most people who think buying motorcycle speakers is easy, have never actually taken the time to buy one since there’s a lot of factors you have to consider before choosing a product.

How can you be certain your favorite speaker is even compatible with your vehicle? Fortunately, we’ve prepared a detailed list of the 10 best motorcycle speakers, based on our analysis.

We hope that this review will help you find the best speakers for your motorcycle.

Our testing lasted for months, and we found that these 3 gave the best results.

Top Pick

If you’re looking for durable motorcycle speakers then this product is the right choice, as it has a weather-proof exterior and a built-in amplifier for enhanced music.

Runner Up

In case you want speakers that are easy to operate while riding your bike, then our runner-up is a solid choice thanks to its efficient user-friendly interface.

Also Great

These motorcycle speakers have an amplifier that gives you complete control over the audio. So, you won’t find a better option based on sound quality.


Now let’s get into the review of the top 10 best motorcycle speakers.

Best Motorcycle Speakers - Top 10 Reviews

1. Most Durable Motorcycle Speaker - Boss Audio Systems MCBK420B Motorcycle Bluetooth Speaker System Review

What makes Boss Audio Systems MCBK420B so durable is its high-quality weather-proof exterior.

We tested their exterior for a number of weather conditions like smoke, rain, humidity, heat, and the speakers gave us promising results for each. 

Its built-in amplifier also helps enhance the audio brilliantly, without giving off any sound distortion.

The FM radio was disappointing though, as we constantly had trouble getting a signal on it.

Best Motorcycle Speakers - Main Features of Boss Audio Systems MCBK420B Motorcycle Bluetooth Speaker System

  • 1. Bluetooth to wirelessly connect to your device.
  • 2. A Class-D Amplifier for audio enhancement.
  • 3. Weather-proof design for durability.
  • 4. A Volume Control feature that can be installed wherever you choose.

You should definitely check out this product if you’re after durability and good high-range music.

2. Most User-friendly Motorcycle Speaker - Boss Audio Systems MC470B Motorcycle Bluetooth Speaker System Review

These speakers come with a 3-year warranty which gives the user a huge benefit. On top of that, these speakers are simple to use even for first-time users. They also give the user the option to connect their devices through the auxiliary port.

The thing that we liked most was that these speakers are resistant to water. You can drive in the rain if you want, without the fear of short-circuiting the speakers. 

Another thing that we loved was that you can easily control the volume directly from the speakers.

Main Features of Boss Audio Systems MC470B Motorcycle Bluetooth Speaker System

  • 1. Controllable volume
  • 2. An auxiliary port is available
  • 3. Comes with a 3-year warranty
  • 4. Weatherproof

If you are looking for a product that is simple to use and comes with a warranty, then these speakers are perfect for you.

3. Best Motorcycle Speaker in Sound Quality - Pyle Motorcycle Two 3 Inch Speakers and Amplifier Sound System Review

As soon as we got our hands on these speakers, we knew we were in for a treat. Not only do these speakers have a stylish design that enhances your motorcycle’s decor. They also have a loud volume which improves your music listening experience.

These speakers are extremely versatile as they give you the option to listen to the FM radio. You can also use an auxiliary cord or Bluetooth to listen to your favorite music.

Another great thing about this product is that it includes mounting brackets and other accessories that make it easy to mount these speakers.

Main Features of Pyle Motorcycle Two 3 Inch Speakers and Amplifier Sound System

  • 1. Built-in FM radio
  • 2. 2.9 pounds in weight
  • 3. 13 x 5.4 x 5.4 inches dimensions
  • 4. 1-year warranty

These speakers are ideal for users that are looking for a loud and versatile product that has a stylish design.

4. Best High-range Motorcycle Speaker - Pyle PLMCA90 1200 Watts Motorcycle/ATV Amplifier with Dual Handle-Bar Mount Weather-proof Speakers Review

Without a doubt, these speakers have the best high-range that we have ever heard on any motorcycle speakers. This makes them ideal to listen to classical music or any other music that has high-range frequencies. 

Furthermore, the quality of the bass is wonderful. Plus, the customer service is fantastic as they will solve any issue that you are facing.

Finally, the installation process is seamless as the product comes with an instructions manual.

Main Features of Pyle PLMCA90 1200 Watts Motorcycle/ATV Amplifier with Dual Handle-Bar Mount Weather-proof Speakers

  • 1. 300 watts peak power
  • 2. Weighs 6.15 pounds
  • 3. 3 x 2.5 x 2.5 inches dimensions
  • 4. 1-year warranty

Do you want a speaker that has good bass and incredible high-range? If yes, then these speakers are made just for you.

5. Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Speaker - LEXIN LX-S3 Motorcycle Bluetooth speakers Review

The first thing that we noticed when testing these speakers was that the Bluetooth connectivity was extremely fast due to the 4.0 Bluetooth. Not only that, but these speakers are also resistant to water and humidity.

They also give the user the option to connect a USB to the speakers to listen to their favorite music.

On top of that, you will get clear audio even if you are going at fast speeds. 

Main Features of LEXIN LX-S3 Motorcycle Bluetooth speakers

  • 1. Waterproof
  • 2. Bluetooth v4.0
  • 3. 3.55 pounds weight
  • 4. 9 x 7.8 x 5.5 inches dimensions

Have you ever wanted a speaker that has clear audio and is resistant to water? Worry not because these speakers have you covered.

6. Best Motorcycle Speaker in Amplified Audio - Planet Audio Bluetooth, Weatherproof Speaker And Amplifier Sound System Review

We love the elegant design of these speakers. It not only is pleasing to look at, but it also enhances the overall decor of your motorcycle. Plus, these speakers have absolutely no sound distortion which is really impressive.

If that’s not enough, you are guaranteed to get a great quality of mid-range frequency. 

Lastly, these are some of the most durable speakers that we have ever seen. They are suitable for harsh conditions such as heavy rainfall, high temperatures or even snowfall.

Main Features of Planet Audio Bluetooth, Weatherproof Speaker And Amplifier Sound System

  • 1. Weighs 7.8 pounds
  • 2. 4.5 x 3 x 1.5 inches dimensions
  • 3. The amplifier is also waterproof
  • 4. 4-channel amplifier

These speakers have an elegant design and no sound distortion. If you find these features attractive, then keep your eyes on this product. 

7. Best Full-range Motorcycle Speaker - GoHawk TJ4-Q 1000W 4 Channel Amplifier 4" Full Range Waterproof Bluetooth Motorcycle Stereo Speakers Review

Calling these the best full-range motorcycle speakers is not an exaggeration. You can listen to all types of music on these speakers and it will sound just as good as the previous one. On top of that, the bass quality is phenomenal.

We loved the quality of the FM radio on these speakers. The quality is further enhanced due to the long antenna that catches the signals easily.

The LCD display on top of the speakers makes it convenient for the user to see the volume.

Main Features of GoHawk TJ4-Q 1000W 4 Channel Amplifier 4" Full Range Waterproof Bluetooth Motorcycle Stereo Speakers

  • 1. 1000 watts peak power
  • 2. 7.46 pounds weight
  • 3. 5 x 4 x 5 inches dimensions
  • 4. LCD display

Not only are these speakers loud, but they also have good sound quality. If these features interest you, then look out for this product.

8. Best Portable Motorcycle Speaker - Motorcycle Aluminium Bullet Shape Waterproof Heavy Duty Wireless Bluetooth Stereo System Review

Since these speakers are light in weight, you will not feel any difference while moving your handlebar. Not only that, you can even charge your mobile phone due to the USB charging port built-in to these speakers.

We love that you can rotate these speakers in any direction. You can adjust the angle that is the most convenient for you.  

The Bluetooth works for up to 30 feet distance. This means that you can listen to music even if you are standing away from your motorcycle.

Main Features of Motorcycle Aluminium Bullet Shape Waterproof Heavy Duty Wireless Bluetooth Stereo System

  • 1. 5.75 pounds weight
  • 2. 14.2 x 10.2 x 4.6 inches dimensions
  • 3. USB charging port
  • 4. 800 watts maximum power

If you want a speaker that is lightweight and is rotatable, then you should look out for these speakers.

9. Most Stylish Motorcycle Speaker - Shark 600 Watt Motorcycle Boat Snowmobile Audio System, Waterproof Stylish Speakers Review

Due to their compact design, you can easily attach them to the handlebar of your motorcycle. On top of that, they come with a wireless remote which allows you to conveniently change the music and volume.

The thing that surprised us most was the versatility of these speakers. Not only do you have the option to use a USB, but you can also even use an SD card to listen to music.

Finally, these speakers come with a 1-year warranty that allows you to replace them in case of a fault. 

Main Features of Shark 600 Watt Motorcycle Boat Snowmobile Audio System

  • 1. 600 watts powerful amplifier
  • 2. USB/SD card input
  • 3. Weighs 4.45 pounds
  • 4. 11.3 x 5.3 x 4.9 inches dimensions

These speakers are a must-have for users that want a versatile product that comes with a warranty.

10. Best Motorcycle Speaker in Bass - Kicker 42PSC652 6.5" 2-Way Speakers (2ohm) Review

We were really excited to test these speakers because they had tons of positive reviews. Our team was amazed at the exceptional quality of bass that these speakers delivered. Plus, they have great surround sound due to the rubber butyl woofer.  

Furthermore, these speakers are compatible with the majority of motorcycles so you do not have to worry about getting the correct mounting brackets.

They also have long wires which makes the installation process simpler. 

Main Features of Kicker 42PSC652 6.5" 2-Way Speakers

  • 1. 3.05 pounds weight
  • 2. 15.9 x 9.4 x 4.3 inches dimensions
  • 3. Titanium tweeter
  • 4. Polypropylene woofer

Simple installation, good surround sound, and great bass. If you are looking for these features, then go for this product.

Buyer’s Guide 

How much does Bluetooth affect a motorcycle speaker’s performance?

The majority of the speakers nowadays have an excellent quality of Bluetooth. What this means is that you will not notice any difference in the sound quality of the speakers. Before that, connecting to Bluetooth would lower the quality of sound but not anymore. You can easily connect your devices such as an iPod or your mobile phone with the speakers and listen to music wirelessly. As a matter of fact, due to the latest technology of Bluetooth, the overall quality of the speakers enhances and improves your experience. 

What does the IP rating mean?

IP rating stands for Ingress Protection Rating. This rating is used to protect the equipment when it is sealed. All companies must meet a level of sealing effectiveness to ensure that their products will not get damaged due to dust or other unwanted particles when they are being shipped. If a company violates this rating, they can get fined as the equipment inside is not well protected. There are different IP ratings for waterproof products as compared to products that are not marine certified.  

What does mirror integration mount do?

Having a mirror integration mount can be a really beneficial thing to have. The mirror integration mount is made popular by JBL speakers since they mostly use this technology. If a speaker has mirror integration mounting brackets, it means that you can mount them on any handlebar without any issues. This makes your speakers universally compatible, making it convenient to install the speakers. Also, the speakers that have this feature are shaped like a mirror so that the speakers will not look out of place when attached to the handlebar.

What are maximum amplifier speakers?

Maximum amplifier speakers refer to the speakers that use all of the amplifier’s maximum power. In other words, if your speakers are 8 ohms and you have a 4-ohm amplifier, you can attach two speakers to that amplifier before it reaches its maximum power. Normally, we recommend that you have an amplifier that is at least twice as powerful as the speakers.  

What are weatherproof speakers?

Weatherproof speakers are a must-have for any user that wants to attach speakers to their motorcycle. A weatherproof speaker is tightly packed so that no moisture can penetrate them. These speakers are resistant to water and humidity. With that being said, being water-resistant does not mean that they are completely waterproof. They can resist water to an extent but if an excessive amount of water penetrates the speaker, it will stop working. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

best motorcycle speakers

Is the amp weatherproof in Boss MCBK420B?

Both the speaker and the amplifier are weatherproofed in the Boss MCBK420B. With that being said, the speakers and amplifiers can resist water and humidity to an extent. If an excess amount of water interacts with these speakers, they will stop working so be cautious about that. 

Does the power cable in Pyle Motorcycle Speakers have a fuse?

The power cable that arrives with the Pyle Motorcycle Speakers does not have a built-in fuse attached to it. However, you can easily attach an external one to the cable. We have done the same thing and we would suggest that you do the same. 

Can you add an amp to LEXIN LX-S3 to make them louder?

Unfortunately, you cannot add an amplifier to the LEXIN LX-S3 to make them louder. If you feel like these speakers are not loud enough, we suggest that you get a Bluetooth helmet and listen through that to get clear audio while riding your motorcycle.

Does Planet Audio Bluetooth Speaker have a control to adjust the volume or change songs?

Since these are Bluetooth speakers, you can control the volume and skip songs using your Bluetooth device. You can connect your mobile phone or iPod to the speaker. Other than that, you cannot directly control the volume through the speaker.

What does the mirror hole mount in GoHawk TJ4-Q do?

You can attach a mounting bracket to the mirror hole in order to make the speaker more sturdy. If you do not want to use the mirror mounting hole then you do not have to, it’s optional for users that want to ensure that their speaker will not fall off.

Does the Motorcycle Aluminium Stereo System have ignition wires so it isn’t constantly on?

The Motorcycle Aluminium Stereo System has ignition wires that make sure that the speakers turn off when not in use. They even have a light that indicates whether the speakers are turned on or off. However, when a Bluetooth device is attached, the light is permanently off.

Do Kicker 42PSC652 come with black grills?

The Kick 42PSC652 speakers are a good choice for any user that is planning to listen to music while riding a motorcycle. The good news is that these speakers do come with black grills which make these speakers durable and make them look elegant.

Are all motorcycle speakers waterproof?

Motorcycle speakers are waterproof due to a number of reasons. The first one being that if it rains, it will fall on your speaker system. the same case with humidity. If you are thinking of getting car speakers for your motorcycle, make sure that they are resistant to water.

How do I install motorcycle handlebar speakers?

The first thing that you need to do is to make sure that you find a system that is compatible with your motorcycle. Attach the speaker system to your motorcycle as per the instructions and connect the wires accordingly. This might seem complicated, but it is a simple thing to do.

Can I listen to music while driving my bike with motorcycle speakers?

If you are driving, you should take safety precautions when listening to music. Make sure that you have a stereo speaker system attached to your motorcycle that has a Bluetooth connection feature. Then, you should get a helmet that can connect via Bluetooth and listen to music.

Wrapping Things Up 

Although motorcycle speakers are an acquired taste, nobody can deny their unique & enjoyable music experience.

Our favorite product today is Boss Audio Systems MCBK420B, due to its durable weather-proof design and consistent amplified sound.

And that’s the end of our review, let us know which motorcycle speaker you’ll be installing in your bike.

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